Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fashion Week New York Hotels

Fashion Week in New York City takes fashion as far as it goes. Everyone is there to be seen, and will be wearing their most stylish, most chic getups. It is no doubt a very clamorous, glamorous scene abound with celebrities for all the big shows, cameras flashing, paparazzi following the celebs, and when they aren’t striding down the runway- models will be everywhere. Fashion Week NYC will be February 9-16, so get booking your lux hotel stay now!

This week will be devoted to the Fall 2012 collections. Hailed by some to be the best and biggest of the major global fashion weeks, New York’s fashion week is not to be missed by anyone who works in the industry, is a fashion insider, or anyone who is even moderately obsessed with style. In this single week, expect more than 250 different events focused on fashion, with 70 of the biggest, most important shows happening at the famous and lovely Lincoln Center. Two times a year, all of New York City gets overtaken by this tidal wave of upcoming trends and style, and you can be sure that in the following months you will be wearing what you saw there! More than 100,000 people flock to the city for each of the twice-annual Fashion Weeks, and it has such a hard-hitting impact, that the press coverage alone coming in spans more than 30 different countries- that is how important of an event this is!

Most of the fashion shows are held at Lincoln Center, however there are a few which are not. If you are looking to attend any of the shows, hopefully you are special enough to have received an invitation. Otherwise, good luck getting in! If you are there just for the scene, there will be plenty of other events where you can still enjoy the action!

Everything about Fashion Week is nonstop action. Expect to be on the go, and getting very little sleep. The least you can afford yourself is to book a room in a very nice hotel, so that when you do crash, you can do it properly in luxury with Whatahotel.com! You may even want to book an extra night just to recuperate because of the Exclusive Complimentary Perks! The Gramercy Park Hotel is an obvious choice for anyone with a fashion inclination as the hotel is overwhelmingly stylish. The Carlyle is another classic choice, where the ambiance is definitively “New York” and the elegance is a staple. When it comes to relaxation, service, and comfort no one does it better than the Four Seasons Hotel New York. Their spa is the perfect place to unwind after the whirlwind! Here's our entire line-up of  luxury hotels in New York .

Oh the dizzying tizzy of non-stop runways, the fabulous new clothes we will be dying to get our hands on, and those decadent after-parties! New York is a city that rakes in nearly $40 billion yearly in fashion sales. No need to say that it has cemented it’s international importance as a fashion capital, and Fashion Week is like it’s royal parade!

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