Saturday, January 28, 2012

Four Seasons Koh Samui

Trendy, glitzy, and getting hotter all the time, Koh Samui has this charming ability to lure in tourists that range from idealistic, soul- searching backpackers, to the luxury-seeking jetsetters. What once was a hippie paradise, is now an island of lavish relaxation. On the Gulf of Siam, Koh Samui is waiting to wrap you up in it’s glory!

This fab island has upstaged the appeal of Phuket, and entices those in need of an exotic, polished, island getaway. Perhaps the most magnificent among all of the Thai islands, you can still experience the distinctive culture while immersed in the necessary creature comforts.

If you are planning a trip to this stunning island, staying at the Four Seasons Koh Samui is a must! As one of the best hotels in Thailand, the standards of perfection are very high. Totally out of the way, the meditative calmness here will put any traveler at ease. Hillside villas in the traditional Thai style are quaintly set into the landscape of lush gardens, many with stunning views overlooking the tranquil waters of the Gulf of Siam. Every villa features chic modern-island décor, rich with Thai influences, and opulent private infinity pools. Be prepared, for when the Four Seasons signature attention to detail is met with gracious Thai hospitality, the results are impeccable!

As far as food goes, there really is no need to mention how awesome local Thai cuisine is. Not far from Malaysia, there is an unmistakable influence of Indonesia in Koh Samui’s culinary offerings, whether you are eating at a food shack or are feasting five-star. The dining choices at the Four Seasons are fully representative of the area, and their fine establishment, “Lan Tania” brings both Thai and Italian specialties to the table. Dining here, you can savor your meal as well as spectacular sunsets on the Gulf of Siam. An amazing place to eat, it’s a wise idea to make reservations ahead of time!

Another reason the Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui is the ultimate spot for the luxury-seeking traveler is that you will be pampered here, like nowhere else. What's more, since WhataHotel! is owned by Lorraien Travel which is a Preferred Partner of the Four Seasons brand, placing bookings at any Four Seasons Hotel & Resort has its advantages because WhataHotel! guests get Exclusive Complimentary Perks at all Four Seasons properties. In short, you will be viewed as privileged, and it is a very nice thing!

Thailand has a dual reputation. On one hand, it’s known for being a wild, raucous destination where the parties can go on for days. Yet on the other, it is a place of vast serenity, with the spiritual notions nearly everywhere you go in the entire country. The hot, tropical climate makes it a favorite destination among Europeans, as well as Asians who reside in more northern regions. While the mainland may be bustling with it’s energetic pulse, the scene on Koh Sumai is anything but!

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