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Don’t be mistaken by it’s laid back vibe, Oahu is an unbelievably rich cultural explosion! Every expert on the local scene has got their fair share of favorite places to find amazing art, food, design, fashion, and spots for viewing the vast natural resources; ranging from endangered sea turtles, to stargazing in Waimea Valley.
A fusion of culture, breath-taking sites, and one very cool place to spend a vacation, "the gathering place" as Oahu is known,will make you want to never leave!

Honlulu, the capital of the Hawaiian Islands whcih is on he sooutheastern shore of Oahu beckons beach-lovers, adventurers, surfers, and those in search of the idyllic island life. Honlulu boasts one of the most famous beaches in the world: Waikiki Beach. Here, on any given day the presence of true Hawaiian life occurs simultaneously alongside the mass of visitors that flock to the area. The exceptional Waimea Bay has tantalized surfers for decades with it’s larger-than-life breaks. The waves can soar up to 50 feet from the right winter storms, however the bay is generally smooth, calm, and waveless during the summer months. The East Shore is filled with gorgeous jungles and pristine spots along the coast. The calm waters are perfect for outrigger canoeing, and the freediving is incredible. If you have no fear, have yourself a plunge off “da Big Rock,” which is a massive rock formation that juts into the bay.

While some of the best hotels in Honolulu can promise luxury, striking views, and the warm Hawaiian spirit, the place to stay is Halekulani. With a name that translates as “House Befitting Heaven,” you will feel just that when you enter the lobby. This luxurious, palatial resort spreads across five acres of beachfront splendor. It has been a Waikiki staple for almost 100 years. Nearly a century of exquisite service, benevolent hospitality, and well-appointed décor, it is the embodiment of island luxury. All the while it carries an understated grace, an elegance that speaks for itself, without ever being ostentatious.

If you like to eat, that’s a very good thing in Honlulu. There is an abundance of good food to be found in this city, and from morning til night, you will be a very well-fed vacationer! The Polynesian food is a total staple, and you’ll find tons of places that do it right. In this climate, where the volcanic soil makes for fantastic produce, you will be savoring a whole lot of it. The spot “Town,” is loved for being classically Hawaiian, serving only locally sourced foods, and awesome cocktails in a relaxed setting. The menu is ever changing, so you can always expect something exciting. For breakfast, a fave among surfers is “Café Haleiwa,” where the omelets are unbelievable. No trip to Oahu would be right without a visit to Haleiwa Joe’s. A hipster joint that gets packed nightly, with locals, surfers, and tourists, it features Hawaiian-fusion cuisine, and very elaborate cocktails. Japanese cuisine courtesy of “Nobu” and “Morimoto” add some sophistication, and make excellent use of all the fresh, locally caught seafood, as well as the area’s Japanese heritage.

The Polynesian Cultural Center will deliver a feast for the eyes in everything imaginably Polynesian. You can experience the classic luau, where you will be served poi, kalua pua’a, and poke as you delight in the live entertainment of classic hula dancers and Samoan fire-knife dancing.

A beach-side haven, with luxurious hotels and picturesque sites at every turn, Honlulu is simply paradise, in every sense of the word. You will find local art everywhere, and with surroundings this gorgeous it goes as no surprise that people are continuously inspired here.

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