Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Plaza Hotel New York

Are you a technology-loving individual, or just someone who likes to stay hooked up to their iPod. There's nothing worse than checking into a hotel and finding your hook-up options sub-par, and The Plaza Hotel New York has been working on their offerings for an optimal customer experience from day one.

Plaza Hotel General Manager Shane Krige, a fan of new technology like the iPad, took current options and blended them with an interactive customer experience, or ICE, plus in-room environmental controls. The new technology allows hotel guests to control 30 different service areas, starting with in-room dining and zipping all the way to valet service. Not only is it convenient for the customer to use, but it is advantageous for the hotel's operations and procedures.

“That was the home run in this,” Krige said, “to have it be fully integrated into our systems and to offer the guest such a range of capabilities.”

The Plaza Hotel is quick to point out that their new iPad/ICE combination has not been devised to cut costs (although it does, for those interested). It is super-efficient, yes, but it is also able to improve service and help streamline supply-and-demand for food and services, for example.

“And for our guests,” Krige added, “it means that when you arrive at JFK airport, you can use your iPhone to engage the system, check in, and order lunch for your arrival. The ‘personal touch’ it gives us is just astonishing. And the Intelity platform for running a hotel is just superb. But for us, it’s really about improving our guest experience and service.”

If you're a foodie or someone who just likes to move fast, then the ICE technology combination should work for you. The Plaza Hotel has developed a new standard for luxury hotels, and guest service will be taken to new levels, thanks to Krige's interest. You'll get up-to-the-minute special offerings from the hotel restaurant, access to announcements, and service details to your heart's content. Who would complain about better service? If you don't have an iPad, you might want to consider getting one just so that you can check into The Plaza and see what the fuss is about! After all, they were already offering Exclusive Complimentary Perks, so it's a win-win situation for you.

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