Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentine's Day Getaways

The world is filled with seductive spots that will make celebrating Valentine's spectacular. Most certainly you can stay locally, wherever you may be, and book in the most luxurious hotel in your city, for a more laid back, stay-cation type of celebration. If that’s up your alley, be sure to check out our collection of the best hotels in the world. However, if you’re not aiming low-key, and want to really set off the fireworks for the occasion, here are some premier destinations for love. Booking your reservations with us, at any of these properties will ensure an even sweeter Valentine's Day getaway because of our Exclusive Complimentary Perks!

San Francisco is a prime spot for romantic endeavors. There is always plenty to do and see, and there is no end to the extraordinary places to eat. With some incredibly intimate boutique hotels that will definitely up the charm, such as the brilliantly elegant Clift, this town promises an exciting trip for V-Day. Clift manages to capture all of San Francisco’s artistic roots and timeless edginess within a single hotel, with it’s famous design elements orchestrated by the one and only Philippe Starck, and it’s equally impressive collection of modern furniture pieces from the likes of Dali, Marguerite, and William Sawaya.  For the most opulent, brazenly luxurious way to savor the city by the bay, head to the Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco. The level of service, and the attention to detail will satisfy even the hardest to please. An added bonus is that you really cannot beat those Bay Area sunsets on the coast!

Step into another time and state of mind with your loved one in Edinburgh. There is more than enough history to keep the city magical, with the elegant architecture of castles in the distance. All the while it is a beaming, culturally-rich metropolis offering any modern amenity you could dream of. The Royal Mile is an excellent place to amble down slowly, drinking in the sites. The Balmoral Edinburgh by Rocco Forte is a stylish, five-star hotel that will have you in the city’s hot seat during your entire stay. A leading example of European luxury, a Valentine’s Day spent here will be unforgettable!

The entire nation of France just exudes romance, cliché or not! If you’re looking for cozy, and a destination that makes staying in all the more alluring, the magic of the French Countryside awaits you in Provence. Stay at the Four Seasons Resort Provence, where you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous views of the rolling hills, sip delectable wines, have the opportunity to play golf at one of finest golf courses in France, and enjoy the exceptional spa facilities which are renowned as some of the best in Europe. Make it the perfect Valentine’s Day treat by reserving one of the exclusive VIP couple’s suites at the spa!

With less than a month to plan, get booked, and go, Valentine’s Day is creeping quickly upon us! Have you got your romantic vacation booked yet? 

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