Sunday, February 26, 2012

Four Seasons Miami

When you think of Miami, do images of blazing sunshine, awesome beaches, and exuberant nightlife come to mind? While these are some of the city’s best features, exploring beyond the usual parameters of Miami, like venturing into the Design District, Coco Walk, Vizcaya, and Key Biscayne, can offer a taste of Miami’s signature blend of history, shopping, art, and culture. The Four Seasons Miami is perfectly situated to allow easy access to all of these attractions, and it makes the ideal hotel for business or pleasure. And the best part? It has freshly emerged from an exhilarating makeover, and is one of Miami’s best hotels. In fact, it is the only one in the area that can boast a AAA Five Diamond ranking. Here is a look at this flawless marvel!    

A multi-million dollar rejuvenation that spread throughout the entire hotel covered every one of the 221 guestrooms, suites, and social areas. Four Seasons represents the ultimate in sophistication, modern luxury, well-appointed furnishings, thoughtful design, and insurmountable elegance. The Four Seasons Miami is all of these things, and reflects the local art deco history, with further European infusions. The building itself is an architectural showpiece in the Miami skyline, a towering column of granite and glass.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the renovation is the opening of the much-hyped Edge, Steak and Bar restaurant. An innovative steakhouse, you can expect a varied assortment of cuts of meat, and intricately designed proportions, contrary to the ordinary overload typically associated with steakhouse fare. Think gourmet Miami and modern. On board with the current socially responsible times, Edge will feature a sustainable “farm-to-table” philosophy with a supreme level of quality and, focus on locally sourced produce, as well as seafood.

The design team behind the restaurant’s makeover is the New York firm, Avroko, who oversaw the fabulous new digs. The aim was to keep a very local vibe, with luxury and comfort intertwined, striking an obvious balance between posh and natural elements. One of the most standout features is the outdoor terrace, offering a two-acre poolside patio area. The practical indoor/ outdoor design allows guests to enjoy the warmth and beauty of Miami in an elegant setting. Landscaped to perfection, with protection from a trellis canopy, the atmosphere is contemporary, yet still warm and intimate. The gorgeous views of Biscayne Bay and the dazzling downtown skyline also create distinctive ambiance, making Edge, Steak and Bar one of Miami’s most intriguing dining destinations.

When this grand hotel opened in 2003, it set the standard for what Miami’s Brickell scene would come to be known for: a stylish, edgy, sophisticated lifestyle center in the downtown area. The Four Seasons brand is known for their ability to sense trends, and know what guests are going to want before they even want them, and with their Miami property, that is exactly where the history lays. Fast forward nine years later, and as expected, this hotel is ahead of it’s time yet again with it’s latest renovation. Reserve your booking with for an edge above the competition, and to receive wonderful Exclusive Complimentary Perks!

Top Palm Beach Resorts

Are you considering a trip to Palm Beach in the near future? Florida’s most exclusive island is the perfect getaway spot, with plenty of sun, palm trees, great beaches, and amazing shopping for any traveler’s pleasure. Here is a look at the best hotels in Palm Beach.

A luxurious base from which you can enjoy all of Palm Beach, this soothing resort will surround you in elegance and all that is graceful. With attentive service, an oceanfront setting, and exquisite dining, any discerning traveler will be ultimately satisfied here. A landmark of sophistication in Palm Beach, for 20 years this palatial property has been a symbol of unmatched comfort, and timeless style. Whether you venture beyond the resort’s immense comforts, or choose to stay and immerse yourself in all the pampering of the spa, the indulgences of the beach, or the attention you will be lavished with during your entire stay, there is no where better to do it all than from the Ritz-Carlton!

Elegant simplicity, a gorgeous environment, and the warm shores of the Atlantic await you at the Four Seasons Palm Beach. Guests often leave with just one word to describe their stay, “perfection.” Close to all of Palm Beach’s attractions, especially the Worth Avenue and City Place shopping centers, this makes for a getaway very well spent. Sophisticated without feeling stuffy, refined without being overdone, and intimate yet spacious, you can enjoy the beachfront calmness in laidback comfort. When you get tired of the crystal waters of the beach, retire to the hotel to unwind in blissful serenity at the highly acclaimed spa. Currently, if you book from now through December 16, 2012, you can take advantage of the “Preferred Partner Spa Retreat” package which will offer a $150 spa credit per room; which is an absolutely wonderful perk to your vacation! Every room is designed with a chic beach house esthetic, with it’s own private, furnished terrace. In line with Four Seasons signature dedication to providing the ultimate in service, for families, ever aspect of their vacation can be accommodated. From cribs, to the full-day kid’s program, to the arrangement of babysitting services, whatever your request, it can be met.

One of the most legendary oceanfront resorts in all of the United States; the Breakers Palm Beach is renowned for it’s superiority. Generations of travelers have come to Breakers for the sophisticated glamour, and continuously updated offerings. Upon 140 sprawling acres, this resort was created with stunning Italian-Renaissance styling, and recently underwent an $80 million renovation. All aspects of the design here are modern, fresh, and elegant, with many references to the area’s rich heritage. Every possible luxury Palm Beach holds awaits you here. The level of attention is exemplary, and the staff is dedicated to providing the most intuitive, passionate service to every guest. Very much a destination resort, you never have to leave the premises during your entire stay in Palm Beach to experience the fullness of it. With nine gourmet-dining options, immense opportunities for outdoor recreation, and every modern amenity a resort of this magnitude can offer, you must experience it to truly understand!

Adored for it’s polished resort scene, Palm Beach is a five-star destination. This South Florida gem is a longtime favorite destination for those flocking in from the north. With some of the most beautiful, lavish, and serene resorts on American beachfront property, it’s obvious to see why! 

The Seychelles

The Seychelles are anything but your ordinary cluster of resort islands. This gorgeous string of 115 in the Indian Ocean seem to be constantly talked about, and for those on the hunt for exclusive, remote, paradise-like islands, it goes as no surprise why vacationing here is a top choice amongst honeymooners and eco-tourists alike. There may not be anywhere on earth as both seductively beautiful, and indulgently tranquil for those looking to escape the everyday.

While there are plenty of tropical locales all over the world, with white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and the relaxed atmosphere of island life, the Seychelles stand out with the benefit of being so remote, visitors can truly experience the calmness of isolation, the authentic discovery that awaits without hordes of tourists, and an untouched purity so hard to find in most other places. The essence of luxury is also plentiful here, and while you can enjoy your entire stay from the comfort of your five-star suite, sipping champagne and gazing at the ocean views, this collection of islands offers immense opportunities to explore the unique natural environment.

The waters of the Indian Ocean provide visitors excellent diving, with exquisite reefs teeming with wildlife. Bearing witness to the giant tortoises in their native habitat is an incredible experience, and can only be done in so few places throughout the world. The rainforest jungles on the islands also provide stellar excursion opportunities for travelers who want to venture on hiking or bird watching tours. The Seychelles are world leaders for their efforts in environmental conservation, and are considered one of the most sustainable tourist destinations. The idea is quality over quantity, and as a destination, they are not interested in drawing massive destructive crowds. Protecting the biodiversity is of major importance, and there are laws in place that guarantee to the nation’s citizens that their environment will be protected.

Cultivated resorts are perfectly situated throughout the nation of islands, and offer elegantly blissful sanctuaries. The Seychelles’ best resorts understand that those who travel to this archipelago most often come seeking unadulterated luxury, and you will be sure to find it in abundance!

Banyan Tree Seychelles, located in picturesque Intendance Bay, offers guests panoramic views of the stunning surroundings. Imagine the lapping waves of the Indian Ocean, and the hilly landscape covered in tropical forests, all from your private veranda with it’s own infinity pool.

Four Seasons Seychelles is a magnificent collection of tree-house villas set into the granite cliffs, overlooking the turquoise ocean waters. For an escape, exit your hillside retreat amidst the jungle vegetation and walk lazily barefoot onto the awaiting coast, proudly heralded as one of the single best beaches in the world. This resort embodies sophisticated sustainability, with an unmatched level of service that begins from the moment you arrive in Customs. Everything you ever dreamed paradise could be will be challenged after you stay here!

The Seychelles consistently top lists of the best beaches in the world, the best islands in the world, and the best tropical resorts in the world. With all the beauty, luxuries, and seclusion, combined with all the effort placed in maintaining the pure essence of what these islands hold, makes them among the finest vacation spots in the world.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Five Star Treatment at Five Star Hotels

These days, luxury hotels are all about lavishing their most loyal guests with sweet extras. However,, there is usually a corersponding price to pay most of the time for the extras. One way to score these perks is to earn status in the elite programs offerred by certain brands -but this takes work & money.
Some chains attempt to lure you in with the promise of benefits if you stay as many as 75, or 100 nights a year. But, if you aren’t a business traveler, who really spends that many nights in hotels yearly? Other hotel brands are less stringent, and offer rewards programs to guests who stay a minimum of four visits per year, totaling a minimum of 10 nights. Either way, there are requirements to be met in order to receive these elite privileges.

And then comes the question of what these “rewards” actually entitle you to. Is unlimited fitness center usage, at all of a particular brand’s hotels really that big of a deal? Some chains also advertise their rewards misleadingly, granting “free Wi-Fi, late check-ins, and free breakfasts” to those as part of  a paid membership. 

But, the game changer is where everyone gets elite status with a simple booking virtually every time one chooses to stay at a property from the WhataHotel! collection.

Whether you travel on a constant basis, or just a few times a year, booking your hotel stay with WhataHotel! is the easiest way to receive elite status at a luxury hotel. You won’t have to spend anything extra, purchase any membership, or go out of your way whatsoever! Whether you’re traveling domestically in the US, or venturing from continent to continent, we offer Exclusive Complimentary Perks in hundreds of cities across the globe, at all of the best hotels in the world. There is nothing needed to qualify, just simply booking your reservation at one of the properties we highlight as offering perks is all it takes.

While other companies are touting their exclusive offerings to prospective members, we offer these fabulous perks on most of the hotels in our collection to anyone who books across our site. With established, personal relationships with five-star hoteliers and brands we can give you access to privileged status that even memberships cannot buy. For instance, as “Preferred Partners” with Four Seasons Hotels, we offer exclusive treatment at any of their properties, anywhere in the world when you book through us. Depending on the resort or hotel, some of the perks we offer include free nights, lofty spa and dining credits, and luxurious upgrades.

So, if you want star treatment at 5 star hotels, without it costing you more, do it with us!

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Best hotels in Bali

For many, when they think of Bali, immediately thoughts of fantastic waves, glorious beaches, and brilliant sunsets come to mind. Surfers have trekked to Balinese shores since the 1960’s in search of the perfect wave, without obnoxious crowds. For many, those dreams were realized here, and many of these soul surfers had no reason to leave after experiencing the fantastic breaks that are known to swell above 10ft all year long, paired with the idyllic culture that is unlike anywhere else in the world.

Even if you have never surfed, on a visit to Bali it is definitely worth the experience to hit up one of the local surf shacks for private lessons. If less active pursuits are more your thing, laying back on the beach and savoring the famous Indo sunsets cannot be missed. The colors are ablaze as the sun dips below the horizon, and this spectacle is one of Bali’s signature treasures. Locals will happily debate the best spot to view the sunset, and luckily there are many places that offer great views.

Ubud is like Bali’s “East Village,” where all the hip culture is happening, with art galleries, exquisite Balinese crafts, and all varieties of Indonesian artisan treasures. Excellent craftsman with wood, you will be amazed by the gorgeous carved statues, and wooden jewelry the area is known for. Other excellent pieces to bring home are the celebrated sarongs and batik textiles. Seminyak is Bali’s trendy, high-end quarter, and is also the hottest spot for glitzy nightlife. Fun restaurants and bars line the streets, with atmospheres that are as much about being seen as they are about the cool art and design they house.

One adventurous way to take in all of Bali’s beauty at eye-level is to do it on two wheels. Bicycle tours are becoming increasingly popular because of the convenience, the gentler environmental impact, and the thrill of it. Biking the back roads while viewing the rice terraces, coffee plantations, the lovely natural surroundings, while getting to know the locals, will put you directly into the culture, allowing you to experience it in a more authentic, less touristy way.

Catering to international visitors, Bali offers plenty of great cuisine. Whether it’s traditional fare you’re going after, or something a little different, the scene on Jalan Raya Sanggingan, a trendy street north of Ubud, is bustling with extraordinary dining. Traditional Japanese food is fused with local Indonesian delicacies at Minami, while the very best French-Asian fusion is at Mozaic. Totally out of the ordinary is Café Havana, in Ubud. Here you will find Cuban culture thriving in the South Pacific, complete with distinctive cocktails, live salsa musicians, dance lessons, and plenty of Cuban kitsch.

There is nowhere in all of Indonesia as friendly towards travelers as Bali. If you are going, the best hotels in Bali will add one more layer of depth to your trip with gracious hospitality, beautiful surroundings, and rejuvenating relaxation. If you want your stay to be a blissful retreat, stay at the Como Shambhala Estate, where the science of holistic wellness is combined with the spiritual beauty of the Balinese culture. The Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan offers the very best in service, amenities, and relaxation tucked into the jungle. While the St. Regis Bali offers a glamorous “home away from home” atmosphere, with very decadent services, and very indulgent dining options.

An exotic hotspot that draws an international clientele, Bali offers sun-drenched beaches, sizzling nightlife, artistic hideouts, unbelievable fashion, and a whole lot of culture. Whether you are in Bali, or the neighboring outskirts like Ubud, Kuta, or Seminyak, this Indonesian paradise lures visitors with it’s promise of excitement!

Best hotels in Chicago

When the great fire obliterated Chicago’s downtown in 1871, it left a wasteland of ashes from which a phoenix of modern architecture would rise. Chicago has been the playground for such visionaries as Louis Sullivan, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Frank Gehry, and of course, Frank Lloyd Wright, who is still considered America’s greatest architect. Visiting Chicago can be like a tour modern American architecture, as museums, restaurants, and hotels are all included in the roster. No matter where you go in this city, you will be faced with history and the thought-provoking beauty of human ability.

Architectural Dining: Architect, Paul Schlesser, designed The Publican restaurant’s interior to present interiors as well crafted as the cuisine. The Signature Lounge, located on the 96th floor of the John Hancock Center holds perhaps the very best restaurant views in the entire city, making it the perfect spot for evening drinks. Some of Chicago’s very best dining will be found at RIA, a highly revered establishment that boasts two Michelin stars. All about hometown pride, their chocolate pudding’s design pays homage to Frank Lloyd Wright in it’s organically dynamic display!

Must-See Structures: Lincoln Park, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Chicago Temple, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House, the Monadnock Building, and the Museum of Science and Industry offer historical architecture and opportunities for exploration both inside and out.

The best hotels in Chicago were created with the understanding that in order to hold your own in this town, the architecture would have to be striking. You can expect museum-worthy collections of fine art, world-class décor, award-winning dining, legendary architecture, and impeccable service. If you’re planning a visit, can you think of anything more perfect than receiving Exclusive Complimentary Perks on your hotel reservation? Here are the best digs in Chicago:

The Peninsula Chicago is one of the city’s premier hotels for business or vacationing. Every suite and guestroom is tailored to meet the needs of the modern traveler, with such amenities as luxurious, marble bathrooms fit with separate showers, deep tubs with TV’s, and hands-free telephones. A state-of-the-art electronic-control system can be found in every room allowing guests to control every aspect of the features with the mere push of a button. Free high-speed internet access, and oversized executive desks offer additional touches for the business traveler. This hotel is right in the middle of everything, in the center of Magnificent Mile. It is a short walk to the remarkable Water Tower, one of the city’s most celebrated architectural landmarks. The Peninsula Chicago is also near all of the city’s most important attractions, for business and entertainment. It is utter Chicago perfection!

If gazing at architectural marvels is not enough for you, and sleeping in one is on your agenda; the fabulous Swissotel Chicago will satiate the desire. Overloaded with grandeur, sophisticated style, and luxurious amenities, everything about this hotel caters to the discerning traveler. Designed by one of Chicago’s most noted architects, Harry Weese, this triangular structure is comprised of all glass, and displays the most stellar views from Navy Pier to Millennium Park. The panoramic views of the city’s skyline are also pretty spectacular.

Freshly unveiled from a $50 million renovation, the towering Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park is brimming with style, art, and luxury. Your stay here is meant to be so much more than a night in a hotel; the aim is for you to experience a lifestyle of exclusive comfort, service like never before, and the integrity of the new “PURE” rooms and suites. Offered only by the Fairmont brand, this symbol of sheer purity accommodates guests with allergen sensitivities for the most enjoyable hotel stay imaginable.

As one would expect of Four Seasons, their Chicago property welcomes visitors with open arms into their world of refined comfort and supreme luxury. Perfectly situated in the center of everything, a short walk to the fashionable North Michigan Avenue Shops, and just minutes from the financial district, this landmark appeals to guests across the board, for business or pleasure. Upon entrance, you will be greeted with unparalleled elegance, modern décor, gorgeous views, Michelin-starred dining, and lavishing amenities. The guestrooms were artfully styled and designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon, who brings his signature crisp, French elegance. Pretty much everything you’d expect from the Four Seasons brand!

For those who marvel at the human accomplishment in architecture, Chicago is a haven. Since the advent of the skyscraper, and to the present, Chicago is town of brilliant structures. No matter what the building, chances are there was a lot of design, and thought behind it, no matter how large or small. For visitors, this focus on artistic building design is inescapable, permeating the city to it’s core.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Four Seasons Costa Rica

Costa Rica covers just a minute stretch of land, a Central American isthmus between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The name “Costa Rica” translates as “rich coast,” and it could not possess a more fitting name, as it holds 5% of all the earth’s biodiversity. Considered the greenest nation in the world, it’s leadership in sustainability and eco-tourism are exemplar, and models for the rest of the world. Interestingly as well, Costa Rica is also one of the happiest nations on earth. Nearly all of Costa Rica’s accommodations are along the lines of eco-tourism, and even among the best hotels in Costa Rica none can touch the sheer splendor that the Four Seasons Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo delivers.

Guests are in awe of the resort’s architecture, which is built elegantly into the landscape, and paints the perfect setting to enjoy the surrounding environment. Designed to capture Costa Rica’s distinctive flavors, using native, sustainable materials, art, and furnishings. Many rooms boast stunning views, with private verandas and terraces that are elegantly furnished. The Canopy Suites have outstanding views overlooking the canopy of the jungle, as well as those that gaze onto the Pacific Ocean. Even more luxurious are the Private Residences, which offer the most sumptuous accommodations in a home-like setting, with every comfort, and the signature detailed service only Four Seasons can present. Outdoor showers, and infinity pools add to the decadence for a tranquil and mind-blowing Costa Rican vacation.

The warm sunsets on golden beaches, the magnificent cloud forest teeming with exotic animals, and all the immense opportunities for getting in touch with the vast natural richness are what Costa Rica is loved for. Visitors come for the beauty, culture, and all the exploration prospects to be found throughout the land. Horseback riding is popular throughout the country, and is especially beloved in the Guanacaste region, which is home to many sprawling cattle ranches and it’s own unique cowboy culture. The Monteverde Cloud Forest is one of Costa Rica’s most famous treasures, and is one if the area’s must-see sites. An enormous amount of the nation’s flora, fauna, and wildlife can be found here, luring in visitors with the possibility of spotting the four native monkey species, five cat species, bird watching amidst 400 different species, and 420 different wildly-growing orchids. Zip lining Witch’s Rock is the ultimate, and most storied expedition for getting totally immersed in the jungle, and witnessing all of it’s glory. Along the coasts, Costa Rica’s infamous surf breaks, legendary sport fishing, and gorgeous reefs offer plenty of thrills in the water.

Whether you travel during the high season or during the green season, booking across our site,, entitles you to Exclusive Complimentary Perks at this, and all Four Seasons properties.Visiting this country that draws in eco-tourists in droves does not mean you have to camp out to experience the essence of it. In fact, enjoying your stay from a stunning resort, where every amenity awaits you, and every luxury is within arms reach is the modern way to enjoy eco-adventure. The Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo makes this Central American jungle paradise the ultimate destination. Whatever your fantasies of Costa Rica are like, this resort will do an excellent job of meeting them, perhaps even surpassing them.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Las Ventanas

Cabo San Lucas is one of Mexico’s most spot. In a country of immense beauty, with a climate that borders on perfection and holds some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches, it is no surprise why so many people love to visit. The nation’s crown jewel of beach towns has to be the one and only Cabo San Lucas, located on the furthest tip of the Baja Peninsula. Resting on the verging point of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, one resort stands out among the crowd, and captivates all who stay there. Las Ventanas al Paraiso, a Rosewood Resort, beckons as ‘a window to paradise.”

The list of awards is long, and Las Ventanas is considered one of the Mexico’s most exclusive resorts, and at the top of Cabo San Lucas best hotels. It is the only resort in all of Cabo to be awarded AAA 5 Diamond status. Like any property Ty Warner puts his name to, this beachside resort is fabulous. It is the ultimate for enjoying the culture of the surrounding city, or immersing yourself in the utter calm of bliss at the holistic spa. Every aspect, even the slightest detail of this majestic resort has been cultivated to pamper guests with personal attention and service like nowhere else. Sophisticated, but never uptight, it is the epitome of hospitality. While paradise never comes without a price, you will be entitled to the special privileges of Exclusive Complimentary Perks by reserving your stay through our site. 

Five different restaurants cater to discerning travelers, while offering the finest in regional gourmet cuisine, and the signature fusion of “Baja-Mediterranean,” by executive chef Fabrice Guisset. A great emphasis is placed on sourcing the freshest, finest organic local, as well as exotic produce for exquisite flavors. La Cava, Las Ventana’s exclusive and beautiful wine cellar holds 3,500 bottles of wine, and can provide an exceptionally intimate dining experience upon special request.

The resort’s décor was done with utmost precision, striking the fine balance of luxurious, comfortable, and yet still relaxed. The feeling is modern, with a gorgeous blend of traditionally local, and historical Mediterranean influences. This is a running theme all throughout the resort, and will be found in such details as the headboards that were created by hand inlaying pebbles, and hand-carved cedar doors. The subtle touches of authentic Mexican culture, such as the luxurious, intricate Otomi textiles used on the tables in the restaurants add an elegant and magnificent touch. Marble showers, and local limestone floors will be found in every suite.

When venturing beyond the paradisiacal resort, the opportunities for adventurous exploration await you in abundance. The resort’s concierge is pleased to arrange excursions such as desert tours, horseback riding, deep sea and sport fishing, snorkeling, Scuba diving, kayaking, windsurfing, and during the winter months from December through March, whale-watching tours. For more tame exploits on the stunning Sea of Cortez, or up the Pacific, the resort owns three gorgeous yachts, which can be chartered. 

In a sea of tourist hot spots and resorts, many can seem alluring, with the promise of luxury and a vacation like no other. Boasting their spas, magnificent views, exceptional dining, and access to all the amazing recreation Cabo San Lucas can lavish you with are on the agendas of anyone visiting, but there is no resort than can do it like Las Ventanas al Paraiso.

Among the hotels in Paris for Valentines

If there is one thing Paris knows, it is romance. Strolls along the Seine, cafes on the Champs-Elysees, and taking in a show at the Moulin Rouge can really set the mood before you head back to the luxury of your Parisian suite. It’s a seductive, beautiful, glamorous, and intimate city that is the absolute essence of passion. Here is how to enjoy a Valentine’s Day in the City of Light!

Enjoying all the sites can make for a fun, charming, lighthearted trip. Paris' iconic Eiffel Tower is symbolic of the city no matter where you go. Rising high into the skyline, when evening falls, the tower becomes illuminated by 20,000 sparkling lights for ten magical moments every night. On a romantic Parisian getaway, it is an absolute must-see! Even if you’ve been to Paris many times, the thrill of a being on a boat on the Seine, as the sun sets, is an experience that never gets old. As you journey beneath the 37 bridges over the majestic river, the calm enchantment is intoxicating.

You should plan your stay at one of the best hotels in Paris , where the essence of luxury can be a focal point of your Valentine’s Day celebration. It should be located right off the Champs-Elysees, and be the embodiment of French allure. Your suite should make you feel like royalty, and provide the ultimate retreat for lavish escapism, with exceptional service. The incomparable Four Seasons George V can offer all of this and more. It is a landmark of sophistication and French culture. Upon your entrance, you enter into a time long since passed, a time where everything was opulent, and beautifully decadent. Restored period tapestries, some dating to the 18th century, can be found throughout the hotel. Many rooms and suites of the hotel possess some of the best private terraces Paris can offer, with sweeping views of the city. Distinctly classically Parisian, you will not find modern minimalism, or cold streamlined simplicity anywhere here. Every element marks a gorgeous heritage, from the architecture- both interior as well as exterior, to all of the fine décor details, like the exquisite antiques in every suite. The luxury you will be surrounded by will make your Valentine’s Day one loaded with romance.

Sipping champagne in the hotel’s gorgeous cocktail lounge, serenaded by the sounds of live piano jazz, lit by the glowing ambiance of candlelight and antique chandeliers, and a view that gazes out onto the garden cannot be a more picturesque way to savor the best of Paris! At any of the hotel’s restaurants, not only will you dine amongst Paris’ mot fashionable personalities, in atmospheres filled with fine art and an overload of style, but the food is pretty amazing as well. Within it’s first year of opening, Le Cinq, which serves classic French fare, was awarded two Michelin stars. Suffice it to say, George V’s restaurants are famously chic, and provide the perfect setting for an amorous feast.

Somewhat of an obvious choice, spending Valentine’s Day in Paris is not a groundbreaking idea. A city very well known for it’s ability to put a mesmerizing spell on anyone who wanders in, the love vibe is all-consuming here!

Waldorf Astoria Naples

It’s the kind of destination you go to for true relaxation, where the peace pretty much envelops you, and the pace will slow you down to a deliberate kind of leisure. When life gets hectic, and you need to get away from your chaotic schedules and responsibilities, Florida’s Gulf coast can be the perfect escape.

Naples in particular presents a prime scene for vacationers. With excellent fine dining establishments that feature plenty of freshly caught seafood, fantastic shopping, premier golf courses, and very easy access to enjoying all of the wonders of sparkling freshwater springs, and the Everglades. The beaches on the Gulf of Mexico are cherished for their crystal clearness, and for being exceptionally calm, with enormous amounts of opportunities for seashell hunting, also known as “shelling.” There is no better way to end your day than by taking in a magnificent sunset on the water, as the sky’s brilliant colors signal the sun’s exit.

Among the top Naples resorts is the Waldorf Astoria Naples. A modern eco resort that forfeits no luxury, it is considered Southwest Florida’s best kept secret. The staff is highly revered for their impeccable service. This gem is considered a destination all on it’s own, and it makes an unbelievable place to stay. The signature kids program will keep families delighted, and their children well entertained. The Golden Door Spa is renowned for it’s serene Japanese influence, providing guests a sanctuary where they will be surrounded by Zen tranquility. Featuring an indoor-outdoor “spa village,” enclosed with lush gardens, it is the perfect rejuvenating accent for your vacation! As a hotel that has partnered with us to offer Exclusive Complimentary Perks, booking your reservation through our site will give the advantage of additional luxuries and acknowledgment.

Balancing amenities, amidst all of the natural surroundings allows guests to luxuriate in the environment of total relaxation. With 23 acres of waterfront land, three miles of pristine beaches, and connecting to a mangrove estuary and nature preserve spanning an additional 200 acres, the opportunities for recreation are endless. All of these natural resources make enjoying kayaking, boating, sport fishing, and bird watching very accessible, and keep visitors fully in tune with their surroundings in exhilarating, exciting ways. The resort also offers guests access to the brilliant Naples Grand Golf Course, a stunning 18-hole course designed by golf architect, Rees Jones. In addition to all of these amazing outdoors offerings, the gorgeous 15 Har-Tru tennis complex makes the Waldorf Astoria Naples one of the very best resorts in the US for tennis, as well as in the world. The resort has three impressive pools, and whirlpools with beautiful private cabanas that allow guests to enjoy the luxury without feeling crowded, even within a resort. And then there is the uber-fun 100-foot waterslide, Mangrove Mountain, for both kids and big kids alike!

The Waldorf Astoria Naples is located in the heart of the town, and offers guests a very short distance to all of the best shopping. Restaurants, galleries, and unique shops sit on beautiful tree-lined streets. The Waterside Shops offer world class shopping in a serene, and polished atmosphere.

The entire seaboard of Southwest Florida offers visitors sleepy charm, gorgeous beaches, a subtropical climate, and a whole lot of outdoor action that calls to visitors from all over the world. Despite the occasional hurricane, you can really unwind here!

Mandarn Oriental Hotels

Delight is the underlying concept of the Mandarin Oriental hotels. They aim to please their guests in unique, elegant ways, without pretenses. All the while, the focus remains on carrying the essence of the Orient in all of their resorts and hotels worldwide. A favorite among celebrities, the guest-centered philosophy, hospitality, and service make staying at any Mandarin Oriental exceptionally delightful.

Behind the refined, distinctively exotic brand lies a beautifully interesting history. The very first Mandarin Oreintal hotel opened in 1963, in Hong Kong, with the intent of surpassing all other Asian hotels in luxury, service, and the ability to please. They set the bar so high, and earned the well deserving reputation of being among the best hotels on the continent at the time. This was definitely not an easy accomplishment, as every major city, from Tokyo to Singapore has always been known for having exceptional hotels. With this foundation, the goal was to expand throughout Asia, bringing their gracious hospitality, and immeasurable style to every destination. In 1974, the Mandarin group acquired The Oriental, Bangkok’s most prestigious hotel, which was then considered to be one of the finest in the world. A resort with a long history, it was also Thailand’s very first hotel. This gave the company the benefit of having two flagship properties, and thus came the merging of the names into the “Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group.”

With hotels throughout North America, Europe, and all over Asia, Mandarin Oriental Hotels are known and loved for their legendary opulence. Every location is carefully selected, to ensure the proper amount of glamour, exclusivity, the optimum facilities, and the highest level of luxury that can be offered, to surpass their competition. While many luxury hotels are so hung up on extravagance that they boarder on the verge of being stiff, Mandarin Oriental aims to keep every resort and hotel exciting, in ways you will not find elsewhere. The energy is meant to be lively, and offer a sense of joy and warmth; the ultimate getaway. They are among only a handful of hoteliers that have mastered the art of service, beauty, and distinction in every destination they put down roots. An industry leader, Mandarin Oriental is committed to being the very best in the world. Visually appealing, these hotels take full advantage of excellent architecture, innovative design, and always house exquisite works of original art. Creativity is evident, as is the inherent effort of style that goes into each hotel. Sophistication is obvious at every turn, and the essence of decadent, graceful detailing make each of their hotels a pleasure to behold.

With a name synonymous with perfection, their guests are often inclined to travel just for the elegantly exotic atmosphere, bestowing to all, the best life has to offer. This commitment to excellence extends into the sumptuous spas, and world-class restaurants, leading the way for optimal pleasure and enjoyment. Mandarin Oriental hotels in and of themselves are destinations.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Experiential Travel

Traveling with a purpose can inspire some of the most memorable journeys. Sometimes, traveling just to veg-out in five-star splendor is exactly the remedy for stressful times, but other times call for travel that fulfilsl some kind of inner need. Here are some of the top destinations for quenching your thirst for experience, without sacrificing any bit of comfort when you resort back to your hotel..

Easter Island
Need to get away from it all? How about venturing the most remote place on earth for some exploration? Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island, is the adventure for all adventurers. While you can get down and dirty doing things like hiking, biking, boating, and surfing there, the island is known for the mysterious, and humbling Moai. All over Rapa Nui, the Moai are found by the hundreds. They are the remaining evidence of an ancient culture, however they offer little clues as to how they were actually used, what their meaning was, and what happened to the civilization that was responsible for their existence. Nonetheless, these incredible works of historical art draw fascinated visitors every year, from every corner of the world. The local culture is also equally impressive, and people leave refreshed, and at peace for having experienced it all.

Lovers of myth, magic, and history will be enchanted with the beauty Ireland beholds. Even with the greatly modern, busy pace of everyday life in this ancient land, the wisdom and traditions dating back centuries still prevail here. Throughout the Emerald Isle there is an abundance of sacred sites, such as stone circles and sacred wells. The evidence of the Druids still remains, and in this land of fairies, the spiritual past has left a wondrous imprint on the culture, making it an amazing destination for divine soul-searching, and keeping you in touch with your spirit.

The Grand Canyon
America’s most beloved natural national landmark, the Grand Canyon is a spectacle of a sight just by air. The experience is even more intense when you can witness it, and feel it’s energy by being there. Anyone who has ever rafted the whitewater of the Colorado River, as it rushes through the Canyon, has come off the experience changed. Your adrenaline will be flowing, and this exhilarating thrill of a journey will satisfy every sense. It is one thing to travel to the Grand Canyon, and view the site. It is a totally different trip to take it in by raft!

Indian Tiger Safari
Very few places in the world offer the chance for witnessing tigers in the wild, and for anyone who is mesmerized by the majestic, larger than life felines, it is a fantasy waiting to happen. This classic adventure has tantalized many as a definite ‘bucket list’ experience, when it was so prominently described by Rudyard Kipling in the “Jungle Book.” A new twist on the journey is to enjoy it by way of chartered plane, rather than the old-fashioned driving tours, which were known to be full of hassles and inconveniences. A winged safari consists of private, chartered flights, and they are currently touring through Corbett National Park and Bandhavgarh National Park. Corbett holds the highest population of wild tigers anywhere on earth, and in certain designated areas, the park actually permits walking. Touring India from the sky is an experience that cannot be compared to!
Where to stay: The Taj Mahal New Delhi

Even in faraway places, you can be sure that we have the best hotels, and they're lavish enough for any luxury connoisseur. By reserving your stay through our site, you also enjoy the privileges of our Exclusive Complimentary Perkswhich give you added value over any other site.

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Top Golf Resorts

If you golf, you know the pleasures of taking vacations that cater to your love of the sport. Wherever there is a beautiful destination, with nice weather, and great views, chances are, there will be a golf course nearby to take advantage. If the spot is exceptionally lovely, the five-star hoteliers will definitely have their offerings, where you can golf in total luxury. Here are some of the greatest and most gorgeous golf resorts:

As one of the premier golf resorts in the world, it is the dream of any golf aficionado to one day stay and play there. In beautiful Southern California, the Lodge at Torrey Pines gazes out onto the Pacific Ocean, and nearly every room and suite feature golf course or ocean views. The architecture of the lodge was done in the classic, local Craftsman-style of the early 1900’s. With custom-made furnishings, textiles, and carpets, the elegance is superb, and lends an obvious sense of uniqueness to the resort. When the fun on the course winds down, the two restaurants on the property feature signature California cuisine, artfully created by award-winning chef, Jeff Jackson. This resort is a AAA 5 Diamond Award winner, and rests next to the 18th green of the stunning Torrey Pines Golf Course. SoCal golfing at it’s finest!

As the birthplace of golf, it is only fitting that Scotland would know exactly how to create the ultimate golf resort. The Gleneagles Hotel of Perthshire was created to appeal to the most discriminating of connoisseurs, and is among the “Great Golf Resorts of the World” list. As a AAA Five Red Star resort, the property is favorite among professional golfers and luxury-lusting travelers alike. In 2005, Gleneagles held the G8 world leaders summit, and is set to host the 2014 Ryder Cup tournament. In addition to the three 18-hole courses, guests can enjoy a wealth of Scottish culture here. The Equestrian Centre, The Gleneagles Shooting and Fishing School, The Club and Spa, The Golf Academy, The British School of Falconry, tennis courts, fitness facilities, swimming pools both indoors and out, and off-roading are just a small sampling of the activities to be found, in addition to the world-class golfing, on this 850 acre Scottish estate!

The finest offerings of the Caribbean, the Half Moon resort displays everything you could dream of relishing in. Whether you come as a family, or strictly to enjoy the golf and serenity, you will be taken care of here. The par-72 golf course was designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr., and has been the recipient of many awards. Also for your benefit, you can hone your skills or even learn the art of golf at the Caribbean’s only David Leadbetter Golf Academy, located on the property. The two crescent-shaped beaches, abundance of aquatic activities, including a dolphin lagoon where adults and children can meet and play with dolphins, cannot be challenged in terms of amazingness! 

The Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita is one of the most spectacular destinations for golf. When legendary golf maverick Jack Nicklaus puts his name to designing a hole, it is guaranteed to be spectacular. But what can be said of the hole he considers as his very best? Nothing short of brilliantly breath-taking! In his words of description, the “Tail of the Whale” 3B hole of Punta Mita has surroundings so beautiful it may be difficult to concentrate on playing. This is the only green in the world that sits on a natural island in the ocean. With eight holes right on the water, the astounding ocean views are endless on this peninsula. The course was designed to challenge the golfer’s every ability. A trip here will never be forgotten!

When you book a luxurious golf vacation at any of these amazing resorts through our site, you will be amazed at all of the Exclusive Complimentary Perks! You can golf nearly anywhere, but nothing can compare to playing golf in with the backdrops some of these golf resorts offer. With a beautiful environment, the game is just that much more exciting and satisfying. Luxury hoteliers have this completely figured out, boasting phenomenal golf courses in many of the world’s most beautiful places.

Four Seasons Hotels are always cooking something special

In any major city in the US, any restaurant inside a  Four Seasons Hotel is always considered extraordinary. You can expect to be served the best when dining at any of their restaurants, lounges, or bars. Here are some of their top options in some very popular destinations atateside. Whether you are in Beverly Hills, Washington DC, Chicago, or Denver, visiting these hotels for the excellent dining is no joke!

Four Seasons Hotel Denver
In a state known for their ranches, the food is superb in all of Denver. At the Four Seasons, they expand on this, and offer a truly Colorado-type experience, done to gourmet perfection. At Edge Restaurant, you can enjoy the best local ranch, as well as artisan offerings, grilled on the only wood-burning grill in the city. Celebrating the essence of farm-to-table freshness and purity, in the most glamorous setting imaginable. While you dine, savor one of the 200 different wine selections, and enjoy the finest eating in the midwest! It really is as amazing as it sounds!
Also check out the hotel’s Edge Bar, and Level 3 Bar.

Four Seasons Hotel Washington DC
When in Washington DC, guests of the Four Seasons, as well as those who simply come to dine, are overwhelmingly pleased with what awaits at Bourbon Steak. A sophisticated steakhouse, with a wood-burning grill, designed to accommodate the DC lifestyle, as well as give travelers a taste of the nation. This restaurant is at once luxurious and modern, with gorgeous interiors and equally delectable dining. Expect the finest cuisine, organic beef, fresh seafood, and a seasonal emphasis for optimal flavors. At any given time you can expect to be seated among high-powered politicians and celebrities here. Reservations are always recommended, as this spot gets packed for both lunches and dinner!

Beverly Wilshire, Four Seasons Beverly Hills
More than just a restaurant, CUT at the Beverly Wilshire is a landmark. A masterpiece by two legends: the cuisine, orchestrated by Wolfgang Puck, and the elegantly avant garde space was designed by Richard Meier. With outstanding food that ranks as some of the best in all of Los Angeles, Wolfgang Puck has outdone himself yet again: imagine the classic American steakhouse creatively redone with his signature flair. The high-profile atmosphere beckons A-listers as a place to see and be seen. CUT is quite the experience for hotel guests as well as those just there to savor it all the same! As one of LA’s premier places for the finest of dining, you will enjoy the people watching as much as the gourmet eats!

Four Seasons Hotel Chicago
Set to open in February 2012, the Four Seasons Hotel Chicago will be bringing guests a gorgeous example of regional gourmet dining. Heading in the intelligent direction of farm-to-table, with the exceptional leadership of executive chef, Kevin Hickey. Well-known in the culinary world, Hickey has lead the current establishment at the Four Seasons Chicago to the awards of two consecutive Michelin star ratings. There is an enormous amount of hype around the opening of this restaurant, and it is expected to be outstanding. If Chicago is going to be on your radar in the coming months, you know where to go!

Along the same lines as their exquisite hotels, the Four Seasons brand never falters in their showcase of anything: service, amenities, style, and dining. Always ahead of the curve, and always a leader, their restaurants are guaranteed to be among the finest in any city where they are precisely located. The grander the city is, you can bet the grander the restaurant will be.