Sunday, February 12, 2012

Among the hotels in Paris for Valentines

If there is one thing Paris knows, it is romance. Strolls along the Seine, cafes on the Champs-Elysees, and taking in a show at the Moulin Rouge can really set the mood before you head back to the luxury of your Parisian suite. It’s a seductive, beautiful, glamorous, and intimate city that is the absolute essence of passion. Here is how to enjoy a Valentine’s Day in the City of Light!

Enjoying all the sites can make for a fun, charming, lighthearted trip. Paris' iconic Eiffel Tower is symbolic of the city no matter where you go. Rising high into the skyline, when evening falls, the tower becomes illuminated by 20,000 sparkling lights for ten magical moments every night. On a romantic Parisian getaway, it is an absolute must-see! Even if you’ve been to Paris many times, the thrill of a being on a boat on the Seine, as the sun sets, is an experience that never gets old. As you journey beneath the 37 bridges over the majestic river, the calm enchantment is intoxicating.

You should plan your stay at one of the best hotels in Paris , where the essence of luxury can be a focal point of your Valentine’s Day celebration. It should be located right off the Champs-Elysees, and be the embodiment of French allure. Your suite should make you feel like royalty, and provide the ultimate retreat for lavish escapism, with exceptional service. The incomparable Four Seasons George V can offer all of this and more. It is a landmark of sophistication and French culture. Upon your entrance, you enter into a time long since passed, a time where everything was opulent, and beautifully decadent. Restored period tapestries, some dating to the 18th century, can be found throughout the hotel. Many rooms and suites of the hotel possess some of the best private terraces Paris can offer, with sweeping views of the city. Distinctly classically Parisian, you will not find modern minimalism, or cold streamlined simplicity anywhere here. Every element marks a gorgeous heritage, from the architecture- both interior as well as exterior, to all of the fine décor details, like the exquisite antiques in every suite. The luxury you will be surrounded by will make your Valentine’s Day one loaded with romance.

Sipping champagne in the hotel’s gorgeous cocktail lounge, serenaded by the sounds of live piano jazz, lit by the glowing ambiance of candlelight and antique chandeliers, and a view that gazes out onto the garden cannot be a more picturesque way to savor the best of Paris! At any of the hotel’s restaurants, not only will you dine amongst Paris’ mot fashionable personalities, in atmospheres filled with fine art and an overload of style, but the food is pretty amazing as well. Within it’s first year of opening, Le Cinq, which serves classic French fare, was awarded two Michelin stars. Suffice it to say, George V’s restaurants are famously chic, and provide the perfect setting for an amorous feast.

Somewhat of an obvious choice, spending Valentine’s Day in Paris is not a groundbreaking idea. A city very well known for it’s ability to put a mesmerizing spell on anyone who wanders in, the love vibe is all-consuming here!

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