Sunday, February 5, 2012

Experiential Travel

Traveling with a purpose can inspire some of the most memorable journeys. Sometimes, traveling just to veg-out in five-star splendor is exactly the remedy for stressful times, but other times call for travel that fulfilsl some kind of inner need. Here are some of the top destinations for quenching your thirst for experience, without sacrificing any bit of comfort when you resort back to your hotel..

Easter Island
Need to get away from it all? How about venturing the most remote place on earth for some exploration? Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island, is the adventure for all adventurers. While you can get down and dirty doing things like hiking, biking, boating, and surfing there, the island is known for the mysterious, and humbling Moai. All over Rapa Nui, the Moai are found by the hundreds. They are the remaining evidence of an ancient culture, however they offer little clues as to how they were actually used, what their meaning was, and what happened to the civilization that was responsible for their existence. Nonetheless, these incredible works of historical art draw fascinated visitors every year, from every corner of the world. The local culture is also equally impressive, and people leave refreshed, and at peace for having experienced it all.

Lovers of myth, magic, and history will be enchanted with the beauty Ireland beholds. Even with the greatly modern, busy pace of everyday life in this ancient land, the wisdom and traditions dating back centuries still prevail here. Throughout the Emerald Isle there is an abundance of sacred sites, such as stone circles and sacred wells. The evidence of the Druids still remains, and in this land of fairies, the spiritual past has left a wondrous imprint on the culture, making it an amazing destination for divine soul-searching, and keeping you in touch with your spirit.

The Grand Canyon
America’s most beloved natural national landmark, the Grand Canyon is a spectacle of a sight just by air. The experience is even more intense when you can witness it, and feel it’s energy by being there. Anyone who has ever rafted the whitewater of the Colorado River, as it rushes through the Canyon, has come off the experience changed. Your adrenaline will be flowing, and this exhilarating thrill of a journey will satisfy every sense. It is one thing to travel to the Grand Canyon, and view the site. It is a totally different trip to take it in by raft!

Indian Tiger Safari
Very few places in the world offer the chance for witnessing tigers in the wild, and for anyone who is mesmerized by the majestic, larger than life felines, it is a fantasy waiting to happen. This classic adventure has tantalized many as a definite ‘bucket list’ experience, when it was so prominently described by Rudyard Kipling in the “Jungle Book.” A new twist on the journey is to enjoy it by way of chartered plane, rather than the old-fashioned driving tours, which were known to be full of hassles and inconveniences. A winged safari consists of private, chartered flights, and they are currently touring through Corbett National Park and Bandhavgarh National Park. Corbett holds the highest population of wild tigers anywhere on earth, and in certain designated areas, the park actually permits walking. Touring India from the sky is an experience that cannot be compared to!
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