Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Five Star Treatment at Five Star Hotels

These days, luxury hotels are all about lavishing their most loyal guests with sweet extras. However,, there is usually a corersponding price to pay most of the time for the extras. One way to score these perks is to earn status in the elite programs offerred by certain brands -but this takes work & money.
Some chains attempt to lure you in with the promise of benefits if you stay as many as 75, or 100 nights a year. But, if you aren’t a business traveler, who really spends that many nights in hotels yearly? Other hotel brands are less stringent, and offer rewards programs to guests who stay a minimum of four visits per year, totaling a minimum of 10 nights. Either way, there are requirements to be met in order to receive these elite privileges.

And then comes the question of what these “rewards” actually entitle you to. Is unlimited fitness center usage, at all of a particular brand’s hotels really that big of a deal? Some chains also advertise their rewards misleadingly, granting “free Wi-Fi, late check-ins, and free breakfasts” to those as part of  a paid membership. 

But, the game changer is WhataHotel.com where everyone gets elite status with a simple booking virtually every time one chooses to stay at a property from the WhataHotel! collection.

Whether you travel on a constant basis, or just a few times a year, booking your hotel stay with WhataHotel! is the easiest way to receive elite status at a luxury hotel. You won’t have to spend anything extra, purchase any membership, or go out of your way whatsoever! Whether you’re traveling domestically in the US, or venturing from continent to continent, we offer Exclusive Complimentary Perks in hundreds of cities across the globe, at all of the best hotels in the world. There is nothing needed to qualify, just simply booking your reservation at one of the properties we highlight as offering perks is all it takes.

While other companies are touting their exclusive offerings to prospective members, we offer these fabulous perks on most of the hotels in our collection to anyone who books across our site. With established, personal relationships with five-star hoteliers and brands we can give you access to privileged status that even memberships cannot buy. For instance, as “Preferred Partners” with Four Seasons Hotels, we offer exclusive treatment at any of their properties, anywhere in the world when you book through us. Depending on the resort or hotel, some of the perks we offer include free nights, lofty spa and dining credits, and luxurious upgrades.

So, if you want star treatment at 5 star hotels, without it costing you more, do it with us!

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