Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mandarn Oriental Hotels

Delight is the underlying concept of the Mandarin Oriental hotels. They aim to please their guests in unique, elegant ways, without pretenses. All the while, the focus remains on carrying the essence of the Orient in all of their resorts and hotels worldwide. A favorite among celebrities, the guest-centered philosophy, hospitality, and service make staying at any Mandarin Oriental exceptionally delightful.

Behind the refined, distinctively exotic brand lies a beautifully interesting history. The very first Mandarin Oreintal hotel opened in 1963, in Hong Kong, with the intent of surpassing all other Asian hotels in luxury, service, and the ability to please. They set the bar so high, and earned the well deserving reputation of being among the best hotels on the continent at the time. This was definitely not an easy accomplishment, as every major city, from Tokyo to Singapore has always been known for having exceptional hotels. With this foundation, the goal was to expand throughout Asia, bringing their gracious hospitality, and immeasurable style to every destination. In 1974, the Mandarin group acquired The Oriental, Bangkok’s most prestigious hotel, which was then considered to be one of the finest in the world. A resort with a long history, it was also Thailand’s very first hotel. This gave the company the benefit of having two flagship properties, and thus came the merging of the names into the “Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group.”

With hotels throughout North America, Europe, and all over Asia, Mandarin Oriental Hotels are known and loved for their legendary opulence. Every location is carefully selected, to ensure the proper amount of glamour, exclusivity, the optimum facilities, and the highest level of luxury that can be offered, to surpass their competition. While many luxury hotels are so hung up on extravagance that they boarder on the verge of being stiff, Mandarin Oriental aims to keep every resort and hotel exciting, in ways you will not find elsewhere. The energy is meant to be lively, and offer a sense of joy and warmth; the ultimate getaway. They are among only a handful of hoteliers that have mastered the art of service, beauty, and distinction in every destination they put down roots. An industry leader, Mandarin Oriental is committed to being the very best in the world. Visually appealing, these hotels take full advantage of excellent architecture, innovative design, and always house exquisite works of original art. Creativity is evident, as is the inherent effort of style that goes into each hotel. Sophistication is obvious at every turn, and the essence of decadent, graceful detailing make each of their hotels a pleasure to behold.

With a name synonymous with perfection, their guests are often inclined to travel just for the elegantly exotic atmosphere, bestowing to all, the best life has to offer. This commitment to excellence extends into the sumptuous spas, and world-class restaurants, leading the way for optimal pleasure and enjoyment. Mandarin Oriental hotels in and of themselves are destinations.

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