Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Seychelles

The Seychelles are anything but your ordinary cluster of resort islands. This gorgeous string of 115 in the Indian Ocean seem to be constantly talked about, and for those on the hunt for exclusive, remote, paradise-like islands, it goes as no surprise why vacationing here is a top choice amongst honeymooners and eco-tourists alike. There may not be anywhere on earth as both seductively beautiful, and indulgently tranquil for those looking to escape the everyday.

While there are plenty of tropical locales all over the world, with white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and the relaxed atmosphere of island life, the Seychelles stand out with the benefit of being so remote, visitors can truly experience the calmness of isolation, the authentic discovery that awaits without hordes of tourists, and an untouched purity so hard to find in most other places. The essence of luxury is also plentiful here, and while you can enjoy your entire stay from the comfort of your five-star suite, sipping champagne and gazing at the ocean views, this collection of islands offers immense opportunities to explore the unique natural environment.

The waters of the Indian Ocean provide visitors excellent diving, with exquisite reefs teeming with wildlife. Bearing witness to the giant tortoises in their native habitat is an incredible experience, and can only be done in so few places throughout the world. The rainforest jungles on the islands also provide stellar excursion opportunities for travelers who want to venture on hiking or bird watching tours. The Seychelles are world leaders for their efforts in environmental conservation, and are considered one of the most sustainable tourist destinations. The idea is quality over quantity, and as a destination, they are not interested in drawing massive destructive crowds. Protecting the biodiversity is of major importance, and there are laws in place that guarantee to the nation’s citizens that their environment will be protected.

Cultivated resorts are perfectly situated throughout the nation of islands, and offer elegantly blissful sanctuaries. The Seychelles’ best resorts understand that those who travel to this archipelago most often come seeking unadulterated luxury, and you will be sure to find it in abundance!

Banyan Tree Seychelles, located in picturesque Intendance Bay, offers guests panoramic views of the stunning surroundings. Imagine the lapping waves of the Indian Ocean, and the hilly landscape covered in tropical forests, all from your private veranda with it’s own infinity pool.

Four Seasons Seychelles is a magnificent collection of tree-house villas set into the granite cliffs, overlooking the turquoise ocean waters. For an escape, exit your hillside retreat amidst the jungle vegetation and walk lazily barefoot onto the awaiting coast, proudly heralded as one of the single best beaches in the world. This resort embodies sophisticated sustainability, with an unmatched level of service that begins from the moment you arrive in Customs. Everything you ever dreamed paradise could be will be challenged after you stay here!

The Seychelles consistently top lists of the best beaches in the world, the best islands in the world, and the best tropical resorts in the world. With all the beauty, luxuries, and seclusion, combined with all the effort placed in maintaining the pure essence of what these islands hold, makes them among the finest vacation spots in the world.

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