Thursday, March 29, 2012

Four Seasons Toronto

Four Seasons Toronto is set to open for summer 2012! The 55-story tower will hold 259 stunning guest rooms, with 42 suites, and immeasurable luxury. It will be everything you’d expect from Four Seasons in terms of sumptuous comfort, casual elegance, and the finest in décor.  No amenity is spared, and the degree of service is entirely unmatched in the industry, even among the very best hotels in Toronto. The new home of the Four Seasons Toronto will be in the exciting and exclusive Yorkville district, the same area the current hotel resides. This neighborhood is adored for it’s vibrant atmosphere, with the city’s best shopping and restaurants; and certainly the most perfect locale for the Four Seasons.

The new hotel will feature the distinctive modern style synonymous with the Four Seasons brand, and gorgeous details will be found entirely throughout the entire building. Many rooms and suites feature incredible views of the city, gazing onto the tree-lined streets of the Rosedale neighborhood, from the vantage point of floor-to-ceiling windows. The furnishings are exceptionally comfortable, and modern art is featured extensively. The marble bathrooms are standard in every room and suite, and they all have luxurious deep soaking tubs, with separate walk-in showers for uncompromised versatility.

The Spa at the Four Seasons Toronto is going to be mind blowing! It is set to be the most expansive luxury hotel spa in the entire city, with 16 treatment rooms, saunas, and a private couple’s retreat room. Designed to be an escape from the urban landscape just outside the hotel’s doors, this warm sanctuary exudes the most tranquil energy. The spa merges with a full-service salon, as well as a top of the line fitness center and stunning yoga studio. The views from the fitness center are spectacular, and it happens to have a sun-drenched indoor swimming pool, a whirlpool, and an outdoor terrace for every guest’s ultimate enjoyment.

Only the finest culinary artistry would be suitable for a hotel of this magnitude, and that’s exactly what has been executed under the guidance of the famed restaurateur, Daniel Boulud. A Michelin-starred master of classical French cuisine, as well as contemporary international fare, Café Boulud will present a diverse exploration in fine dining, food and wine pairings, and a passion for the finest ingredients and service alike. All the while, the atmosphere will be a casually elegant, relaxed affair.

Currently a Yorkville staple, with the impending move, you can only expect the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto to be even better! In this world-class city sitting on the edge of Lake Ontario, the Four Seasons has always been the prime hotel for business and vacationing visitors. After outgrowing the original property, it became time for a new location, a new design, a new building, and an altogether newer, modern feel.

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Settimana della Cultura

When it comes to culture and art history, few destinations can rival the impact of Florence, Italy. This beautiful region in the Italian countryside is where the Renaissance art and architecture movement emerged. Fully aware of this, Florence is hosting Cultural Week, or Settimana della Cultura, in celebration of the region’s rich heritage. The event runs from April 14 through the 22nd, and the best part is that it’s entirely free! Springtime in Italy is utterly breathtaking, and enjoying all of the cultural events while staying at one of best hotels in Florence set the tone  for one incredible experience.
There certainly is no better time than right now for visiting the gorgeous and historical city of Florence. In a city so renowned for it’s artistic legacy, being able to enjoy it all during this lovely time of year is simply wonderful! The city’s famed array of culture will be on full display, and for visitors it will be a thorough immersion in art, history, and all of Florence’s vast treasures. The free admittance applies to all State Museums, as well as numerous exclusive attractions that are rarely ever available for public viewing. Palazzo Pitti, which was originally the home of the Medicis and the Medici Chapels are so worth a visit. Also included in the special events are the Boboli Gardens, the Uffizi and Academia Galleries, the Museo di San Marco, and the National Museum of Bargello. There will also be guided tours, innovative exhibitions, and a variety of classical music concerts.

No matter what brings you to Florence, it would be impossible to not be in awe of the magnificent hotels this world-class city holds. Here are the best spots to stay in when you visit:

Perfectly placed in Florence’s most sought after district, this exclusive hotel is perfectly placed for full enjoyment of all the cultural events. It is literally walking distance from everything! The hotel sits along the Arno River, and is across from the Ponte Vecchio This intimate spot is owned by the Salvatore Ferragamo family, and is comprised of only 44 apartment suites.

What could be more appropriate for visiting Florence in pursuit of culture, than to stay in an 18th century palace? Not far removed from it’s noble roots, the Grand Hotel Villa Medici has been converted into a stunning luxury hotel. Located in the historical sector of the city, you will have perfect access to all the excitement. Many of the suites and rooms have beautiful terraces and captivating panoramic views of the city; the perfect setting for romance. The grounds are exquisitely manicured with gardens, and the hotel is precisely located to offer guests horseback riding, golf, and tennis accommodations within the immediate area.

The Four Seasons Hotel Florence is total glamour, elegant surroundings, and the finest service imaginable. It is one of the absolute greatest hotels in the world, and a stay here will be unforgettable. You will be lavished with only the best here, where history is literally merged with modern sensibility.

And, if you follow our blog, you know that by booking luxury hotel stays across our site, one always gets an edge with the Exclusive Complimentary Perks that only we provide when guests opt to stay at one of the 750 hotels in our luxury collection!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Don't follow the Pope to Cuba

With all of the hype about the Pope doing a Latin American tour, and including Cuba on the agenda, it really struck a negative cord with many, especially the Cuban exiles and descendants that exist outside of the communist regime.
Cuba is a humanitarian, social, and economic dilemma, for the United States, and the rest of the world. While it is beautiful, and holds so much historical value, it just isn’t a very nice place. Consider how for years Amnesty International has been on their case for imprisoning noncriminal, peaceful citizens with outspoken beliefs that contradict the socialist administration. Yes, Cuba is a Catholic nation, but the Pope should not be inviting visitors. The Pope traveling to Cuba in some ways “gives legitimacy to the dictatorship,” Cuban-American congresswoman, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen recently said, and it is true. When Pope John Paul II held Mass in Havana, in 1998, he gave the people a shrouded message of hope, but nothing has changed, obviously. Many activists feel that the Catholic Church as no place in encouraging leisure travel, instead they should be using their persuasion to do more in terms of human rights. Their involvement in playing the travel agent in arranging trips is an insult to plenty. The Church shouldn’t be supporting the intolerant, communist dictatorship on any level, even if their aim is to inspire change. The repression of the Cuban government is beyond archaic for a Western nation, and the repression of it’s people, their lack of basic freedoms, and their lack of rights should not be mingled with the Church. The visiting Pope, and the arrangements for other travelers only makes light of the injustices, while the citizens of Cuba continue to be violated by a totalitarian government.

There has been a lot of buzz around traveling to Cuba, in general, as of late. Sadly, it is just one of those places not to be ventured into? WhataHotel! doesn’t feature Cuba as a worthy destination for many reasons. Even with all the amazing history Cuba holds, if you are a US citizen, you’ll be venturing into a place where you aren’t exactly wanted. If you are a Cuban exile, you aren’t exactly even welcomed back to your homeland. If you have views that differ from what their government stands for, don’t even think about voicing them.
 For those who are seeking a luxurious, exotic, and somewhat different version of the Caribbean, there are so many other, viable options. The area offers many amazing destinations worth visiting; just have a look at some of the best hotels in the Caribbean! . And, if you really want to see the Pope, venture to the Vatican and stay in one of the best hotels in Rome!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trip Reviews

When it comes to advertising, nothing can beat word of mouth. Do you ever peruse through reviews of companies, or products before you buy something, or sign up for something? As a company, doesn’t it say something if clients are boasting about  how impressed they are with ones services?  If you are looking for information on a company, do you ever scope out they're posting on their Facebook page or to see what their customers are saying? Testimonials are worth their weight in gold, and for companies conducting business on the internet, they can really mean the world.

Most people don’t want to be the first to buy something, or to try something. There are all the what-if's to be concerned about. Testimonials let the customer know that there is written proof from other clients who came away from the experience or the transaction with good results. When it comes to staying in the world's best five-star hotels , those who are looking for luxury still want to best values and the most bang for their buck. is all about delivering excellent valuesby giving their guests exclusive complimentary perks that give their clients and advantage over clients who may ave booked the same five star hotel elsewhere. And from the things our clients have to say, you'd know it right off the bat.

As far as referrals and reviews in the world of travel go, sites such as Trip Advisor are essential to a travel business these days. It is always a nice a gesture, and so wonderful for us to stumble upon a client’s referral, in which they detail how satisfied they were with our service on an important booking. To our clientele, we are known and relied upon for delivering top notch values at the most luxurious five-star hotels throughout the world. Past clients are always delighted with  exclusive compliemntary  perks they received just for placing a booking with us, plus they value how our firmly established relationships with these hoteliers gives them what we call "an insider's access" because of the star treatment they receive when in residence, having been booked by WhataHotel!

Plenty of our clients find that staying in the loop even after their trips have ended by “Liking” us on Facebook proves highly beneficial. Keeping in touch is always nice, and on our Facebook page, you can communicate with likeminded people who have also used our excellent services with great results. Got a quick question, or just want to leave a quick piece of feedback, then our Facebook page is a great place to do so.

Personally, I love to talk and I love to write, so for me, giving feedback is something I always do. When I buy something online, I usually will write a review - good or bad. I feel if others can benefit from my experience, then it takes only a couple of minutes to pass on my impressions. Booking a vacation is no different, and in today’s landscape, it can almost be daunting to many who are planning a trip online. It doesn’t seem so personal anymore with all the clicking around one does to snag what they hope will be the best deal. Wouldn’t you take someone’s word if they felt happy and satisfied, recommending a particular company? I definitely would consider their experiences espeically now that most sites automatically do their very best to show genuine revews because who could you really ever have all the  insight on everthing with all that's out there for just about any trip of any kind?

Top Hotel Suites

Would it comes as a surprise to know that all four of the most expensive hotel suites in the United States America happen to be in New York City? Not at all for this is a city that is known to be expensive in general because it's so amazing in general. So here are the priciest, yet most alluring Hotel suites in the USA that we can confidently say are simply the best of the best when it comes to select suites at the best hotels New York, has to offer right now!

$35,000 A Night
What more could you expect from the brilliant mind of Ty Warner, than an equally brilliant take on savoring Manhattan? His creative genius set forth an unprecedented way to display the city to guests who are willing to indulge. With design details like pearl-inlay walls, and fabrics of Thai silk, woven with 22-carat gold, your stay will give you a very different view of Manhattan. Cathedral ceilings that soar to 25 feet, with floor to ceiling windows, glass balconies, nine rooms, and the absolute finest, 360 degree views of New York City all within a single, stunning penthouse. Does anything more need to be said?

The Royal Plaza Suite, The Plaza Hotel, New York City
$30,000 A Night
With the kind of opulence you generally only read about, you’d really have to see this suite to believe it. It’s legendary reputation heralds an equally legendary amount of detail within the suite itself. The décor is museum-worthy, and upon entering it would seem you are surrounded by history, in the era of Louis XV’s royal court, which is what inspired every aspect of the design. The 4,490 square foot suite carries an impressive array of period antiques, and the decadent aura that came along with everything "Louis XV," but don’t let that fool you. Every possible modern, technological amenity awaits you, including an advanced gourmet kitchen equipped with a personal chef. And then there are the magnificent views overlooking Central Park and Fifth Avenue, a personal library, and frivolous yet marvelous detailing like the 24-carat golden faucets in all three bathrooms! So, if you’ve got money to burn, and a desire to feel like royalty, this is the place to do it!

The President Suite, The St. Regis, New York
$22,000 A Night
A luxurious, and intimate retreat, you’d never feel the commotion that awaits outside of the hotel when you stay in the Presidential Suite of the St. Regis New York. With views gazing onto Fifth Avenue, you can enjoy the sites of the city without ever leaving this elegant sanctuary! The antique fireplace and gorgeous walnut-appointed library invite quiet relaxation and calmness. Every whim will be attended to by the attention of the suite’s 24-hour-a-day, English-trained butlers. 

The Presidential Suite, Mandarin Oriental New York
$18,000 A Night
On the 53rd floor, this suite is simply impeccable. The décor features modern styling, with exquisite Oriental details such as authentic hand-woven rugs and silk paneled walls. Every lavish detail offers a treat for the senses, and the panoramic views of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline are utterly breathtaking. To further intoxicate the senses, no technological detail was spared, and the entire suite is fitted fully with Bang & Olufsen entertainment equipment. This suite offers indulgence of the highest order! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Best Hotels for High-Rollers

The thrill of gambling lures many to travel, and there are some destinations that do it better than all the rest. The South of France, the Caribbean, and of course, Las Vegas are loved for their glitzy casinos set in the most luxurious of hotels. So we fgured we'd highlight some of the best hotels for high rollers although they are located off the actual casino premises:

Luxury casino hotels do not get more exclusive than this one. A getaway from the bustle of Vegas, on the Strip yet totally removed, the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas presents a hotel within a hotel. Located inside of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, on the 35-39th floors of the tower, this tranquil luxurious diversion offers just the type of serenity and first-class service to calm the sensory overload. This hotel was designed to be a restful oasis from all the action, yet it only takes a simple elevator’s ride to release you into the frenzied circuit of Las Vegas action. Eloquently placed at the south end of the Strip, there is access to every possible attraction, every possible amenity, and serves as a gate to all the excitement of the Mandalay Bay!

While Nice isn’t distinctly a casino destination, and the Palais de la Mediterranee does not have it’s own casino, it sits in very close proximity to Monaco, where you can indulge in all the gambling action possible. This grand luxury monument is one of the most opulent places to stay in all of the South of France, and will have you lavished in luxury during your entire visit. While many hotels in the area are somewhat limited in their offerings, Palais de la Mediterranee holds nothing back, and serves as a luxurious gateway to both the pristine Alps, as well as the French Riviera. With terraces that gaze out onto the Cote d’Azur, and a masterfully designed pool that is both indoor and outdoor you can enjoy the distinct beauty of the surroundings directly within the hotel. There is no end to the elegance here, and for maximum casino enjoyment; it is the perfect place to stay just away from the commotion!

Nassau and Paradise Island’s premier resort and casino, The Cove offers even the most insatiable traveler an endless stream of exhilaration. The casino is the largest and finest you will find in all of the Caribbean, and is a feast for the senses. The vibrant atmosphere is both innovative and inviting. Sculptures by legendary glass artist, Dale Chihuly adorn the interior, and they add a remarkable dimension to the casino’s décor. 750 slot machines, 80 different game tables, racing and sports bookings, and a variety of different tournaments and events keep the excitement here nonstop. Enjoy the stunning beaches by day, and hit the outrageous casino for fantastic gaming by night, and you will have one awesome vacation in Paradise!

When planning your casino vacation, booking your reservation with us will assure you Exclusive Complimentary Perks at any of these fabulous hotels, providing you with privileges you will not get from anyone else!

Conde Nast 2012 Traveller’s Gold List

The recently unveiled Conde Nast Traveller’s Gold List for 2012 featured, as expected, multiple listings for different Four Seasons hotels and resorts from around the world, in nearly every category. Some of these spots are obvious, such as the George V in Paris, and others, like the Maldives being featured for their superb cuisine was an unexpected, yet awesome accolade. Here are the highlights, and the fabulous Four Seasons hotels that were noted.

Best Rooms
Away from the continuous buzz of the Bangkok metropolitan scene, the Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai is an ultra-exclusive retreat. It sits on 20 acres of lush gardens, in the Mae Rim Valley, right outside of the acual city of Chiang Mai. 98 residences, quaint villas, and pavilions make up the room offerings. It is a haven of traditional Thailand, with it’s private residences styled after Thai and Burmese Buddhist temples. Gleaming teak floors, an abundance of Thai decorative pieces and art, gabled buttresses, and warm fireplaces create an ambiance like no other, and these are the impressive features that have landed this gorgeous Thai sanctuary on the 2012 Gold List!

What once was a Renaissance palazzo, is now one of the most luxurious and beautiful hotels in all of Florence. It also doesn’t hurt that this magnificent property is set on the largest private garden (comprised of 11 acres) in all of the famed city. The hotel’s 11 “specialty suites” are the standout feature, and they are nothing shy of extreme decadence, and over the top opulence. The walls and ceilings are painted with exquisite frescoes, and decorated with authentic silk tapestries, period antique furnishings, distinctive architectural detailing, and artisan-made Italian chandeliers create the most lavish of interiors. With these kinds of rooms overlooking the splendor of the vast Florentine gardens, can you imagine a more beautiful place to stay?

What is Sydney’s most glamorous, and posh hotel, is also known for it's elegant, contemporary design. Even with the exquisite views of Sydney Harbour, and all of the style this place exudes, it is still the phenomenal level of service that really pleases it’s guests. Whether child or adult, everyone who stays here is treated with utmost care and attention. The entire Four Seasons brand holds it’s name to a level of service that is unmatched, even in an industry that is known for breaking the barriers of attention to detail. In Sydney, this is no exception!

A Parisian gem, a palace on the Champs-Elysees, the George V was built in 1928. Now under the stewardship of Four Seasons, this legendary establishment has only become more amazing. Over a quarter of the 244 guestrooms are suites, and many of them feature lovely furnished, private terraces. The service is every bit as perfect you would expect, and the concierge at George V is world-famous for their efficiency. If you lose something there during your stay, do not be surprised to have your item returned weeks later when it turns up.

Still fresh from 2011’s reopening, this magnificent London landmark provides the utter definition of excellence in service. While it was closed, the hotel received a brilliant makeover from designer Pierre-Yves Rochon, who exemplified the traditional British style with every modern amenity. The entire body of staff is adored for their personable demeanor, unobtrusive willingness to please, and desire to be exceedingly accommodating.

While it’s usually the tropical climate, warm waters, remote locale, and surf breaks that lure visitors to the Maldives, this resort of thatched hut villas on the water is also revered for it’s cuisine. The four restaurants here offer a paradisiacal array of options in Asian, Indian, Italian, and fresh seafood cuisines that are guaranteed to be among the best hotel dining choices, anywhere. And of course, there are plenty of other things to indulge in here when your appetite has been satiated; the resort’s spa, aquatic adventures, the private 39-metre catamaran, and painting classes can keep your vacation very full!

Leisure Facilities:
Enjoying the winter paradise of Vail, where you can swim outdoors even in a blizzard, and emerge from the warm water to have a warmed bathrobe awaiting you. This is the result of what happens when the service of Four Seasons merges with the excitement of Vail. The resort overlooks Vail Mountain, and guests receive special privileges for all of their skiing desires at the slopes. And for when you start to feel the chill at the end of your ride down the mountain, you can expect hot chocolate and muffins courtesy of the resort. Sounds real nice, if you ask me!

Best Teton Village Resort

While Jackson Hole, Wyoming is world famous for all the action on the white powder in winter, as the landscape blossoms, so do the possibilities of things to do. The diverse wildlife and natural settings draw thousands in yearly, regardless of what the weather brings. Usually spring still provides a nice place to ski, but being able to river raft, hike through the green woods, go fly fishing, and canoeing with warmer temperatures can be pretty amazing, too. Just as the setting provides ample opportunities year round for viewing wildlife, spring offers the once-in-a-lifetime chance for seeing animals and their young. Having two National Parks on opposite ends of the valley makes Jackson Hole one of the prime natural spectacles in all of North America.

Staying at the Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole is the perfect place to call home while you are in Wyoming. A relaxing haven, where you will be indulged with excellent service, and incomparable vistas. Drink in the mountain air, and savor the views of the Tetons, jaggedly jutting above the forested landscape. The resort is idyllically located in Teton Village to offer the best access to every attraction in the area. While the resort caters beautifully to travelers all throughout the year, and in all weather conditions, it is especially pleasing during the year’s warmer months. Being able to enjoy the balconies and terraces most of the suites and guestrooms have, with their teak furnishings and views of the village, in total comfort, is an absolute pleasure! Relaxing and unwinding in these extremely comfortable surroundings is the perfect way to end your days of nonstop outdoor thrills! This is by far, the absolute best of the best resorts in Jackson Hole!

Spring and summer stays here are especially attractive, with the fantastic itineraries eloquently orchestrated to feature all of the area’s finest offerings. If you are up to the challenge, your days can be spent immersed in the thick of adventure through the land, or in luxurious serenity, in the heavenly bliss of the resort itself. Does the thought of starting your day with a hot air balloon ride and toast of champagne sound appealing? How about following the adventure with a hike through Grand Teton National Park, and then paragliding over Teton Village? This is just a mere sampling of the sorts of adventures, overloaded with beauty, that await you. When the daytime fun comes to a close, there are plenty of amazing restaurants, both within the resort, as well as the neighboring areas, where you can indulge in amazing classic, American Western fare.

The Four Seasons Resort’s concierge can arrange nearly any activity you wish to experience, and they will do so with the most gracious service. The in-house guides and naturalists can provide exceptional insight into the different ecosystems and remarkably diverse natural surroundings. With the free range to explore both Yellowstone National Park, and Grand Teton National Park at your leisure, it can be hard to schedule in a whole host of activities, but if that’s your thing, the staff will gladly assist! Suffice it to say, spring and summer stays at the Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole are nothing shy of magnificent, and may be just the kind rush you need!

Geneva Auto Show

The 82nd Geneva Auto Show is currently going on right now, and if the most cutting edge automobiles are your thing, it’s not something to be missed! Collectors of these modern marvels come from all corners of the globe to see the newest, most exciting advancements happening with cars. It is the world’s largest, and grandest auto show of the entire year. As far as vehicles go, it’s when concepts become unveiled, cars of the future get introduced, debuts happen, and production cars are featured. The highlights include excellent offerings from innovators such as Bentley, Porsche, and Lamborghini, always keeping things electrifying, and their connoisseurs titillated.  

Lamoborghini debuted their Aventador J, an unprecedented sports car of epic power and engineering dynamics. This beauty is not a prototype, and not a concept; it’s fully complete, and only one was created. It has also already been sold, for the unimaginable price of 2.1 million Euros. Based on an earlier model, every possible feature was tweaked to ensure the lightest weight, including a soft, supple fabric known as “carbonskin” used for the seats. With a maximum capable speed of 186 miles per hour, 700 horsepower, a 6.5-liter V12 engine, designed without a roof or windshield. There is no climate control, and definitely no need for a navigational system, this car is not about bells and whistles by any means. For those who crave speed and power, it is the ultimate grownup toy.       

Bugatti debuted their stunning Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, emphasizing it’s capacity for intense speeds, as the word “vitesse” is speed in French. This car boasts incredible speeds that can hit 267 miles per hour, among the fastest of any autos around. It is a convertible stealth with 1,200-horsepower, and a mind blowing  8.0 liter, quad-turbocharged W16 engine. In short, it is extremely powerful and built for speed. If you are in the market for such a machine, the price has not yet been listed, but is expected to estimate around $2 million!

Bentley’s freshly unveiled SUV, the EXP 9 F is what SUV dreams are made of. Designed to out-perform, out-speed, and simply outdo any other SUV available, it carries distinctly Bentley features. The signature front grille and round headlamps are Bentley design mainstays. The W12 engine is a 6.0-liter, with twin-turbocharged, also available is the 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine version. Another option is a hybrid drivetrain available on the 8-speed AWD models. And, as expected with all Bentley vehicles, the gorgeous details continue inside as well. Diamond-quilted leather mimicking traditional British hunting jackets, floor mats of wool and silk, and a rear champagne cooler that holds glasses, beneath the armrest are just a few of the touches that keep the luxury at the highest level. Definitely not your ordinary SUV!

If you’re headed to Geneva to check out the auto show, you’ll need a place to stay just as fitting. As luxurious as the automobiles, book at any of these fabulous hotels for Exclusive Complimentary Perks, that will make your trip even more privileged. Here are the best hotels in Geneva:

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Italian Riviera

Italy’s wealth of stunning coastline offers picturesque seaside fantasy, with pastel-colored cottages, the aquamarine waters of the Mediterranean, endless scenes of boats on the water, the magnificence of jagged hills that plummet to the sea, and the abundance of savory fresh seafood. The sleepy charm and laidback lifestyle make this destination perfect for a honeymoon or a romantic vacation with the one you love. While Italy holds so many unique places to visit, the Mediterranean coast is simply magical, and like none other anywhere on earth. Here are the country’s best seaside towns, as well as their best resorts, many of which make up Italy’s best hotels, all of which will be opening for the upcoming season within the next month! Get busy reserving your stay to take advantage of all the Exclusive Complimentary Perks!

Portofino is perhaps one of the most famous of Italy’s towns on the Mediterranean. It is hugely popular with locals as well as tourists, and is home to an amazing half-moon shaped harbor. It is said that this quaint fishing village was discovered by the Romans, and named it for the dolphins they saw in the sea nearby. Staying at the Hotel Splendido & Splendido Mare is a must when you are in Portofino, as you will be lavished in Italian luxury from the moment you enter; the name says it all. It is by far, the most exclusive of all the hotels in the area, and features exceptional views of the Bay of Portofino. Splendido Mare was created as an extension of the original property, Hotel Splendido, and is just a five-minute walk away. Nearly every room features views of the harbor as well as the glorious Castle of San Giorgio. Right on time for prime booking, the hotel will be opening for season on March 30.

Positano has been a favorite spot of celebrities for beachside frolicking for decades. The glamour is simply in the air here, with sophisticated decadence at every turn. Sitting in the Bay of Positano, on the gorgeous Amalfi Coast, Le Sirenuse is adored the world over as one of the finest places to stay. Consistently awarded for it’s level of quality and excellent service, it is at once a marvel of Italian elegance and modern luxury. Historically, Positano was a port town that dates back to the medieval era, and thankfully through the centuries, it has lost none of it’s charm. Le Sirenuse opens for the season on April 6.

A discussion of Italy’s brilliant coastline would be lonesome if it were not for a mention of the island of Capri, even if it is off the mainland. When visiting, there is no better hotel to feel entirely one with the surroundings than at the Capri Palace Hotel & Spa. It is located in Capri’s most desirable, and exclusive area on the island, Anacapri. The views are some of Italy’s finest, as they look over the stunning Bay of Naples, and the neighboring islands Procida and Ischia. This hotel holds the elegance of ancient Italian trademarks, with architectural details such as columns, strategically placed arches, and massive vaulted ceilings; it literally is a palace. Known to take exceptional care of their guests’ every whim, the hotel has available for excursions two exquisite yachts, and will happily arrange helicopter airport transfers. The opening for season will be on April 4.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Four Seasons Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is a destination adored by nature and outdoor enthusiasts alike. It is a scenic valley amidst the majestic Tetons, so whether you participate in any of the active endeavors available, or just want to sit back and sightsee; there is no end to the beauty. The Snake River winds through the valley, and merges with several other rivers and streams. At the western end of the valley are the famed Tetons, sharply jutting into the sky. At the mountains’ base you will find several glacial lakes, the largest being Jackson Lake. Skiing is an obvious attraction, but other local favorites are hiking, biking, river rafting, kayaking, fly fishing, and snow boarding. Anytime of year is gorgeous here, despite winter being the most desired season. If you travel towards the beginning spring, as it is approaching quickly right now, you will be mesmerized at the icy landscape coming to life. Being able to visit two storied national parks, Yellowstone and Grand Teton, on a single visit is enough to tell what a rich area this is with things to do and see.

One of the country’s best places to witness animals in their natural habitat, many come for the chance to see them roaming freely in the parks. This offers professionals as well as amateurs the ability to capture incredible nature photography shots. As for wildlife, it is perfectly normal to find moose ambling by anywhere in the valley. Mule deer, elk, pronghorn antelope, bison, black bear, and grizzly bear make their home in the Grand Teton National Park, so catching a glimpse of any of these species is very possible at any moment. Depending on the time of year, the vast population of avian residents creates a magical cacophony of birdsong.

While Jackson Hole's best hotels promise luxury and adventure, no matter what is on your agenda, the only place to stay is the Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole. The perfect blend of supreme luxury, inimitable local charm, and rustic elegance create an atmosphere unlike any other ski lodge. Matching the area’s open sense of freedom, this resort is spacious with an intimate feel. Entirely done in a lodge-style, it embraces many beautiful characteristics of the American West. It is the ideal place for anyone seeking adventure without sacrificing even the most minute of comforts, with total ski-in/ski-out access, exceptional restaurants, an enormous, heated outdoor pool, three outdoor whirlpools designed in the likeness of hot springs, and a full service spa. Not only is this the most incredible resort in all of Teton Village, you will receive Exclusive Complimentary Perks when you book your reservation across our site, an advantage you will not receive from anyone else. 

Nearly every guestroom and suite has a furnished, private balcony or terrace, and many of them gaze directly over the gorgeous Teton Village. While the décor takes full advantage of the area’s rustic heritage, with an abundance of leather furniture, dark wood, natural stone, and local artisan touches, you will still feel at home with all of the technological features such as high-speed internet, flat-screened TV’s, and DVD players.

Could there be any more perfect of a mountain retreat than enjoying all of this stunning area and the Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole? Book now for spring, and you will be able to experience all of the offerings as the mountains come alive! And with the service you will receive at the resort, the distinct attention of the Four Seasons brand that is nothing short of perfection, you will leave utterly refreshed!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Where to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

March 17th usually calls for festive, alcohol-fueled revelry, celebrating all that comes from Ireland, and putting on your emerald best. Most notably including shamrocks and beer, corned beef and cabbage, and partying till the sun comes up! Whether it’s in Dublin, celebrating local-style, or in American cities where the diaspora go all out: it will be fun! Here are the best things to do, places to stay for St.Patrick's Day this year. Keep in mind, that when you book your hotel reservation through us, you will receive Exclusive Complimentary Perks without having to do anything special!

What to Do: The South Side St. Patrick’s Day Parade is one of the biggest events Chicago holds annually. During the past two years, the parade as on hiatus, and for 2012 it is back. The Chicago River always gets dyed green for the festivities, and is definitely a fun thing to check out. And most of all, what would St. Patty’s Day be without a few rounds at an authentic Irish Pub? Celtic Crossings, D4 Irish Pub and Café, and Johnny O’Hagan’s are local Irish favorites. A celebration of the area’s Irish heritage, this is one holiday where the whole city goes all out, no matter their ancestors came from.

Where to Stay: Park Hyatt Chicago, recently declared one of the 20 best hotels in the world, this hotel is perfectly located on Magnificent Mile and has the most sensuous ambiance! 
The Sofitel Chicago Water Tower is a downtown beauty. A 32-storey glass and steel prism is one of Chicago’s finest places to spend the night.
For business of entertainment, the Four Seasons Hotel Chicago is an ever-inviting landmark of sophistication.

New York
What to Do: Celebrate the occasion with New York’s proud Irish folk at gatherings all over the city. Surprisingly, plenty of Irish people travel to the States to party on St. Patrick’s Day, and New York is an incredibly fun place to be for it. The entire city literally turns exuberantly green for one day a year. Most inhabitants get decked out in green regalia, and you will see an abundance of green bouquets, green bagels and beer, green water fountains, and of course, the Empire State Building donning the hue of ‘Emerald Isle.’ The Irish have been in New York for centuries, and there are Irish pubs in every borough to prove it. Then there is the old faithful St. Patrick’s Day parade, which is the nation’s oldest, since 1762. After the parade, at Pier Sixty, there will be a St. Patrick’s Parade Gala, with fireworks. For those who want an even more authentic, more traditional take on the holiday, head to St. Patrick’s Cathedral for services.

Where to Stay: The Blakely, New York, a boutique gem in midtown.
A timeless classic and always amazing, The Plaza is a New York landmark.
The Trump SoHo New York, is an intimate, edgy downtown hotel with stellar views.

Ironically, in it’s native land, St. Patrick’s Day was customarily not a celebration of Ireland with widespread green-colored drunkenness; it was a church holiday. In more recent years, however, seeing the possibilities for celebration, Dublin does the holiday right with a massive parade, plenty of children’s activities, and different festivals held throughout the city. There is a major emphasis on Irish traditions, a week-long craft beer festival, historical events, architecture tours, and plenty of events centered on good old St. Patrick himself! 

Where to Stay: The most exclusive, intimate hotel in Ireland’s capitol is the Four Seasons Hotel Dublin. The Westbury Hotel is one of Dublin’s best, and it sits perfectly within the city to savor everything.
A boutique hotel with a major emphasis on design, the Fitzwilliam Hotel is a luxurious marvel in the heart of Dublin.