Sunday, March 18, 2012

Conde Nast 2012 Traveller’s Gold List

The recently unveiled Conde Nast Traveller’s Gold List for 2012 featured, as expected, multiple listings for different Four Seasons hotels and resorts from around the world, in nearly every category. Some of these spots are obvious, such as the George V in Paris, and others, like the Maldives being featured for their superb cuisine was an unexpected, yet awesome accolade. Here are the highlights, and the fabulous Four Seasons hotels that were noted.

Best Rooms
Away from the continuous buzz of the Bangkok metropolitan scene, the Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai is an ultra-exclusive retreat. It sits on 20 acres of lush gardens, in the Mae Rim Valley, right outside of the acual city of Chiang Mai. 98 residences, quaint villas, and pavilions make up the room offerings. It is a haven of traditional Thailand, with it’s private residences styled after Thai and Burmese Buddhist temples. Gleaming teak floors, an abundance of Thai decorative pieces and art, gabled buttresses, and warm fireplaces create an ambiance like no other, and these are the impressive features that have landed this gorgeous Thai sanctuary on the 2012 Gold List!

What once was a Renaissance palazzo, is now one of the most luxurious and beautiful hotels in all of Florence. It also doesn’t hurt that this magnificent property is set on the largest private garden (comprised of 11 acres) in all of the famed city. The hotel’s 11 “specialty suites” are the standout feature, and they are nothing shy of extreme decadence, and over the top opulence. The walls and ceilings are painted with exquisite frescoes, and decorated with authentic silk tapestries, period antique furnishings, distinctive architectural detailing, and artisan-made Italian chandeliers create the most lavish of interiors. With these kinds of rooms overlooking the splendor of the vast Florentine gardens, can you imagine a more beautiful place to stay?

What is Sydney’s most glamorous, and posh hotel, is also known for it's elegant, contemporary design. Even with the exquisite views of Sydney Harbour, and all of the style this place exudes, it is still the phenomenal level of service that really pleases it’s guests. Whether child or adult, everyone who stays here is treated with utmost care and attention. The entire Four Seasons brand holds it’s name to a level of service that is unmatched, even in an industry that is known for breaking the barriers of attention to detail. In Sydney, this is no exception!

A Parisian gem, a palace on the Champs-Elysees, the George V was built in 1928. Now under the stewardship of Four Seasons, this legendary establishment has only become more amazing. Over a quarter of the 244 guestrooms are suites, and many of them feature lovely furnished, private terraces. The service is every bit as perfect you would expect, and the concierge at George V is world-famous for their efficiency. If you lose something there during your stay, do not be surprised to have your item returned weeks later when it turns up.

Still fresh from 2011’s reopening, this magnificent London landmark provides the utter definition of excellence in service. While it was closed, the hotel received a brilliant makeover from designer Pierre-Yves Rochon, who exemplified the traditional British style with every modern amenity. The entire body of staff is adored for their personable demeanor, unobtrusive willingness to please, and desire to be exceedingly accommodating.

While it’s usually the tropical climate, warm waters, remote locale, and surf breaks that lure visitors to the Maldives, this resort of thatched hut villas on the water is also revered for it’s cuisine. The four restaurants here offer a paradisiacal array of options in Asian, Indian, Italian, and fresh seafood cuisines that are guaranteed to be among the best hotel dining choices, anywhere. And of course, there are plenty of other things to indulge in here when your appetite has been satiated; the resort’s spa, aquatic adventures, the private 39-metre catamaran, and painting classes can keep your vacation very full!

Leisure Facilities:
Enjoying the winter paradise of Vail, where you can swim outdoors even in a blizzard, and emerge from the warm water to have a warmed bathrobe awaiting you. This is the result of what happens when the service of Four Seasons merges with the excitement of Vail. The resort overlooks Vail Mountain, and guests receive special privileges for all of their skiing desires at the slopes. And for when you start to feel the chill at the end of your ride down the mountain, you can expect hot chocolate and muffins courtesy of the resort. Sounds real nice, if you ask me!

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