Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Italian Riviera

Italy’s wealth of stunning coastline offers picturesque seaside fantasy, with pastel-colored cottages, the aquamarine waters of the Mediterranean, endless scenes of boats on the water, the magnificence of jagged hills that plummet to the sea, and the abundance of savory fresh seafood. The sleepy charm and laidback lifestyle make this destination perfect for a honeymoon or a romantic vacation with the one you love. While Italy holds so many unique places to visit, the Mediterranean coast is simply magical, and like none other anywhere on earth. Here are the country’s best seaside towns, as well as their best resorts, many of which make up Italy’s best hotels, all of which will be opening for the upcoming season within the next month! Get busy reserving your stay to take advantage of all the Exclusive Complimentary Perks!

Portofino is perhaps one of the most famous of Italy’s towns on the Mediterranean. It is hugely popular with locals as well as tourists, and is home to an amazing half-moon shaped harbor. It is said that this quaint fishing village was discovered by the Romans, and named it for the dolphins they saw in the sea nearby. Staying at the Hotel Splendido & Splendido Mare is a must when you are in Portofino, as you will be lavished in Italian luxury from the moment you enter; the name says it all. It is by far, the most exclusive of all the hotels in the area, and features exceptional views of the Bay of Portofino. Splendido Mare was created as an extension of the original property, Hotel Splendido, and is just a five-minute walk away. Nearly every room features views of the harbor as well as the glorious Castle of San Giorgio. Right on time for prime booking, the hotel will be opening for season on March 30.

Positano has been a favorite spot of celebrities for beachside frolicking for decades. The glamour is simply in the air here, with sophisticated decadence at every turn. Sitting in the Bay of Positano, on the gorgeous Amalfi Coast, Le Sirenuse is adored the world over as one of the finest places to stay. Consistently awarded for it’s level of quality and excellent service, it is at once a marvel of Italian elegance and modern luxury. Historically, Positano was a port town that dates back to the medieval era, and thankfully through the centuries, it has lost none of it’s charm. Le Sirenuse opens for the season on April 6.

A discussion of Italy’s brilliant coastline would be lonesome if it were not for a mention of the island of Capri, even if it is off the mainland. When visiting, there is no better hotel to feel entirely one with the surroundings than at the Capri Palace Hotel & Spa. It is located in Capri’s most desirable, and exclusive area on the island, Anacapri. The views are some of Italy’s finest, as they look over the stunning Bay of Naples, and the neighboring islands Procida and Ischia. This hotel holds the elegance of ancient Italian trademarks, with architectural details such as columns, strategically placed arches, and massive vaulted ceilings; it literally is a palace. Known to take exceptional care of their guests’ every whim, the hotel has available for excursions two exquisite yachts, and will happily arrange helicopter airport transfers. The opening for season will be on April 4.

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