Thursday, March 22, 2012

Top Hotel Suites

Would it comes as a surprise to know that all four of the most expensive hotel suites in the United States America happen to be in New York City? Not at all for this is a city that is known to be expensive in general because it's so amazing in general. So here are the priciest, yet most alluring Hotel suites in the USA that we can confidently say are simply the best of the best when it comes to select suites at the best hotels New York, has to offer right now!

$35,000 A Night
What more could you expect from the brilliant mind of Ty Warner, than an equally brilliant take on savoring Manhattan? His creative genius set forth an unprecedented way to display the city to guests who are willing to indulge. With design details like pearl-inlay walls, and fabrics of Thai silk, woven with 22-carat gold, your stay will give you a very different view of Manhattan. Cathedral ceilings that soar to 25 feet, with floor to ceiling windows, glass balconies, nine rooms, and the absolute finest, 360 degree views of New York City all within a single, stunning penthouse. Does anything more need to be said?

The Royal Plaza Suite, The Plaza Hotel, New York City
$30,000 A Night
With the kind of opulence you generally only read about, you’d really have to see this suite to believe it. It’s legendary reputation heralds an equally legendary amount of detail within the suite itself. The décor is museum-worthy, and upon entering it would seem you are surrounded by history, in the era of Louis XV’s royal court, which is what inspired every aspect of the design. The 4,490 square foot suite carries an impressive array of period antiques, and the decadent aura that came along with everything "Louis XV," but don’t let that fool you. Every possible modern, technological amenity awaits you, including an advanced gourmet kitchen equipped with a personal chef. And then there are the magnificent views overlooking Central Park and Fifth Avenue, a personal library, and frivolous yet marvelous detailing like the 24-carat golden faucets in all three bathrooms! So, if you’ve got money to burn, and a desire to feel like royalty, this is the place to do it!

The President Suite, The St. Regis, New York
$22,000 A Night
A luxurious, and intimate retreat, you’d never feel the commotion that awaits outside of the hotel when you stay in the Presidential Suite of the St. Regis New York. With views gazing onto Fifth Avenue, you can enjoy the sites of the city without ever leaving this elegant sanctuary! The antique fireplace and gorgeous walnut-appointed library invite quiet relaxation and calmness. Every whim will be attended to by the attention of the suite’s 24-hour-a-day, English-trained butlers. 

The Presidential Suite, Mandarin Oriental New York
$18,000 A Night
On the 53rd floor, this suite is simply impeccable. The décor features modern styling, with exquisite Oriental details such as authentic hand-woven rugs and silk paneled walls. Every lavish detail offers a treat for the senses, and the panoramic views of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline are utterly breathtaking. To further intoxicate the senses, no technological detail was spared, and the entire suite is fitted fully with Bang & Olufsen entertainment equipment. This suite offers indulgence of the highest order! 

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