Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trip Reviews

When it comes to advertising, nothing can beat word of mouth. Do you ever peruse through reviews of companies, or products before you buy something, or sign up for something? As a company, doesn’t it say something if clients are boasting about  how impressed they are with ones services?  If you are looking for information on a company, do you ever scope out they're posting on their Facebook page or to see what their customers are saying? Testimonials are worth their weight in gold, and for companies conducting business on the internet, they can really mean the world.

Most people don’t want to be the first to buy something, or to try something. There are all the what-if's to be concerned about. Testimonials let the customer know that there is written proof from other clients who came away from the experience or the transaction with good results. When it comes to staying in the world's best five-star hotels , those who are looking for luxury still want to best values and the most bang for their buck. is all about delivering excellent valuesby giving their guests exclusive complimentary perks that give their clients and advantage over clients who may ave booked the same five star hotel elsewhere. And from the things our clients have to say, you'd know it right off the bat.

As far as referrals and reviews in the world of travel go, sites such as Trip Advisor are essential to a travel business these days. It is always a nice a gesture, and so wonderful for us to stumble upon a client’s referral, in which they detail how satisfied they were with our service on an important booking. To our clientele, we are known and relied upon for delivering top notch values at the most luxurious five-star hotels throughout the world. Past clients are always delighted with  exclusive compliemntary  perks they received just for placing a booking with us, plus they value how our firmly established relationships with these hoteliers gives them what we call "an insider's access" because of the star treatment they receive when in residence, having been booked by WhataHotel!

Plenty of our clients find that staying in the loop even after their trips have ended by “Liking” us on Facebook proves highly beneficial. Keeping in touch is always nice, and on our Facebook page, you can communicate with likeminded people who have also used our excellent services with great results. Got a quick question, or just want to leave a quick piece of feedback, then our Facebook page is a great place to do so.

Personally, I love to talk and I love to write, so for me, giving feedback is something I always do. When I buy something online, I usually will write a review - good or bad. I feel if others can benefit from my experience, then it takes only a couple of minutes to pass on my impressions. Booking a vacation is no different, and in today’s landscape, it can almost be daunting to many who are planning a trip online. It doesn’t seem so personal anymore with all the clicking around one does to snag what they hope will be the best deal. Wouldn’t you take someone’s word if they felt happy and satisfied, recommending a particular company? I definitely would consider their experiences espeically now that most sites automatically do their very best to show genuine revews because who could you really ever have all the  insight on everthing with all that's out there for just about any trip of any kind?

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