Monday, April 30, 2012

You could get lost without the right Travel Agency

When the American economy was at its lowest point during the recent recession, the travel agency business was among the many industries feeling the effects. As the age of DIY ( do it yourself)  internet bookings had hit a climax, and people had less money to spend leisurely, the hit was obvious. Now that the economy is rebuilding, and people are financially wiser, everyone is looking to make the right financial decisions. This includes finding the best deals on everything, including travel reservations.

One aspect people forget about when searching for the cheapest fares, is that when you book through a good travel agency, you can often stay within your budget and then receive so much more. This is the greatest advantage of a company like Lorraine Travel. When you arrive at your destination, you will not be treated like just another patron, but you’ll be perceived differently. Special privileges are a huge benefit, and they’ll often just flow in. Free meals, resort and spa credits, as well as room upgrades are just some of the ways a fine luxury hotel will reward you for booking through the right travel agency provided it has connections.

Nearly a decade after the age-old convenience of travel agents was seemingly about to become almost extinct due to cheap flights and hotel reservations on the internet, statistics indicate that the travel agency business is making a comeback. The internet has gotten absurdly overwhelming, and crowded with sites barking about cheap fares and more. With so many travel sites claiming to have the best deals, sorting through all of them to essentially end up with no real savings becomes frustrating. Worst case scenario happens when these sites bring up the same rates the hotels themselves offer. Another source of frustration are the review sites. Initially developed to serve as a resource, they’ve also become inundated with mixed reviews that contradict each other, and not offering a clear view of the property, even with an overload of pretty pictures. And what of specific needs? How can a website really accommodate your particular, individual situation? In simple terms, they can’t. In comes the travel agency, where a knowledgeable, experienced travel professional can answer all of your questions and lead you in the right direction, meet your specific needs, and leave you feeling confident and positive with your decision.

Surely at some point in the past decade you have tried your luck with booking online through a discount website. The whole process of sorting through numerous websites, filling out the forms, then submitting them for rates is really time consuming. It’s not so simple anymore. Rates change on a dime, at every given minute. How can you really be sure it’s the best deal? Something better may appear at any moment! Personal details get lost in the search, and without truly knowing what to expect, there’s a level a mystery involved with booking online. Having an actual person, who is experienced, can make a world of difference. A well connected  travel agent acts as the middleman, and is trusted by both entities at each end of the transaction. The best agencies have connections that make all the difference in your vacations.

Lorraine Travel, which owns, has built an impressive empire, and is now one of the largest private travel management companies in the state of Florida. In business since 1948, they have weathered many storms to come out on top, with numerous corporate, government, and individual clients who return for the same insider knowledge and know-how. This is a tech-savvy company that has agents entirely on top of the business of travel. For instance, this same level of industry leadership is a testament to their ‘Preferred Partnership’ with the Four Seasons brand. This is just one measure that distinguishes them from the rest of travel booking sites, and gives their customers an upper hand when it comes to their reservations.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Riviera Maya Hotels

One of the most magnificent areas which the Caribbean Sea encompasses, is the Riviera Maya. While the whole area is driven by tourism, the feeling is more authentically Mexican, and not anything  like the "spring break" party towns of Cancun & Cozumel.

The Riviera Maya is well known for its more refined range of  luxury accommodations. What you will discover in abundance are plenty of exquisite hotels on the water, massive luxury resorts (including one that falls into the AAA Five Diamond status), boutique digs, villas, and more fresh, fine dining than you’ll possibly be able to comprehend.

While all of Mexico presents magnificent sites, natural wonders, and tropical beauty, the Riviera Maya is set apart because of the unique natural diversity and history. Of course you can definitely get your fill of expected aquatic pursuits like scuba diving, snorkeling, and yacht charters in the Caribbean. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, which is the 2nd largest in the world, begins in this area and stretches along the whole length of the Riviera Maya into Guatamala. This reef is also known as the Belize Barrier Reef, and it is teeming with incredible life forms, and should not be missed on a visit. Archaeology is another one of the biggest tourist attractions, with many people coming just for the experience of exploring the Mayan ruins and historical sites. Run by the Instituto Nacional de Archeological, tours in Tulum which is on the coast, as well as further in land at the sites Chichen Itza and Coba are among the most popular in Mexico. Other sites of interest are the ecoparks, Xcaret and Xel-Ha, which hold smaller-scale ruins, and specialize in activities like swimming with dolphins.

Also unique are the many freshwater caves and sinkholes, better known as cenotes that can be found here. Cave exploration and diving are especially popular, as are kayak tours through these areas as well as the surrounding mangrove swamps. The wildlife is abundant, and it is not uncommon to spot crocodile, alligator, fish, wetland birds, and numerous different butterfly species.

If the Riviera Maya is beckoning you, and you’re looking for the most spectacular spots to stay, look no further. Here are the finest places along the Yucatan coast, where not only will you be guaranteed that they are the very best Riviera Maya resorts, but you’ll also receive the best prices and Exclusive Complimentary Perks by booking across our site!

Where to Stay:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Four Season Baku

Baku is delightfully rich in oil, and it’s growth has happened at a very fast pace. While the 12th century Old City lures in visitors in awe of the museums, mosques, and relics, the modern White City is Baku’s modern counterpart. A haven of modern design, with many of the world’s top architectural firms having a stake in its creation. While the Old City is really the territory of pedestrians, as it truly does not accommodate vehicles, the White City is the total opposite. A sparkling new, underground subway is in construction, and will provide the area with very fast public transportation. Baku is a land of contrasts, and converging cultures. It offers history and a look into the future, and it is both energetic as well as tranquil. You will find excellent dining and high-end shopping, as well as the gorgeous sites of the Caucasus Mountains and the Caspian Sea. 

Opening in mid-2012, solidifying Baku’s placement among the world’s top travel destinations, the Four Seasons Hotel Baku will offer guests a hotel steeped in fine luxury. Reservations are being accepted for dates beginning June 15, and as with all Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, you can expect Exclusive Complimentary Perks when booked through us. Modern with classical detailing, the hotel boasts the city’s most spacious guestrooms. While the entire hotel caters to international business travelers, no amenity is spared. 171 rooms, of which 27 are suites, and 2 are exquisite Presidential Suites. Nearly every room has a balcony that opens to Caspian Sea, or Old City views. The Presidential Suites offer the most exclusive measures possible, with private elevator access and a private security office. Several terraces, as well as personal spas and fitness rooms add to the secluded luxuries you will not find anywhere else in Baku.

The hotel was designed in the Beaux-Arts-style, with a serious abundance of opulence. It features uncompromised luxury at every turn, and retains an elegant intimacy. Lavish details can be found everywhere, from the exterior architecture to the design of the interior rooms. The penthouse spa promises to be to most luxurious in all of Baku, and features signature treatments developed exclusively using traditional Turkish and Persian therapies. As is customary with all Four Seasons locations, a deep-seated commitment to health and well being is the foundation of this spa. One of the most advanced treatments is the application of Ghassoul mud. In line with local tradition, you can also enjoy use of the gorgeous Turkish-style hammams. These spacious, lavish steam rooms with whirlpools are separate for men and women. The hotel’s heated pool is one the showpieces of the entire hotel. Built into a two-storey atrium, with a ceiling of vaulted glass, it can be enjoyed no matter what the elements bring, under the sun or stars. The hotel’s lounge, Bentley’s, features casual sophistication and the city’s largest selection of grand whiskey and fine cigars. It feels like a club, and invites the city’s hipsters to savor in style until 1am, daily. One of it’s many standout features is the awe-striking walk-in humidor, inviting you to a glass of wine.

Baku is a world-class destination, offering visitors a taste of both the East and the West. As the capitol city of the nation of Azerbaijan, it’s prime location on the Caspian Sea is breathtaking. It borders both Europe and Asia, and sits north of the Middle East, giving it a worldly and unique disposition. Baku has a population of 2 million, half of which is under the age of 30. The energy is electrifying, and this cosmopolitan city is known for it’s wild nightlife. And while the party scene is what brings in many visitors, plenty of others are drawn into the rich culture where shopping, dining, and the arts are flourishing. There is so much eye candy it can seem overwhelming to take it all in. Adding to the charm, this city that dates to the 12th century is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cartagena Sex Scandal

Partying in Colombia is storied, to say the least. With it’s warm, balmy climate, an exotic location far away from the stiffness of D.C., and plenty of very attractive locals, the scene was set for revelry this past weekend. During the sixth Summit of the Americas, the D.C. crew really let it ALL hang out! While Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton was photographed downing a beer and shaking what her mama gave her in a nightclub, the real showstoppers were the Secret Service members, who made worldwide headlines for throwing all caution to the wind, hiring local prostitutes. The reason the story even came to light is because one of the prostitutes said she was not paid. Let’s just hope the Agents were classy enough to take their ladies for hire to a proper hotel, like the Sofitel Cartagena Santa Clara. The last thing they’d need marring their reputations in a scenario like this would be to have stayed at some dive.

As the story goes thus far, twelve Secret Service members, as well as five military personnel had solicited prostitutes. They had gotten to Cartagena several days before President Barack Obama’s arrival, and perhaps their immersion in the lovely Columbian city had gotten the best of them. While prostitution is entirely legal in Columbia, the issue remains that the President’s security could have been breached.

Since 2009, when Tariq and Micheale Salahi crashed the White House’s state dinner, (also making international headlines) the Secret Service has come under question and fire for their sloppy management. While some claim that this most recent scandal in Colombia is the worst the Secret Service has seen, a proper and thorough investigation will determine all of the minute details that are not currently apparent.

Were they actually on duty when they met with the local women? The President was not even in South America at the time; therefore it was not his personal group of Secret Service agents involved in the scandal. Therefore, was his security actually in question? Did the accusing prostitute truly get paid for her services?

Whichever way the outcome turns, it is an embarrassment for the nation to have these kinds of accusations clouding a diplomatic endeavor meant to tackle major world issues such as trade, drug trafficking, and energy. And then again, there is the question of whether any of these headlines really matter, as we are in an age of headline hunger?

D.C. types and prostitute hookups are nothing new, and it’s only an issue when it makes the news. The Secretary of State drinking a beer and dancing late night, after her day’s responsibilities are through? What’s the problem? Do you feel that high-profile people can do whatever they want in their downtime, as long as it’s legal?  "They do very hard work under very stressful circumstances," President Obama said, "and almost invariably, do an outstanding job."

Saint's among the Virgins

The US Virgin Islands are America’s gateway to the Caribbean. St. Thomas and St. John are the quintessential spots in America’s collection of tropical vacation spots, and both provide entirely different opportunities for leisure as well as pleasure. They offer all of the best assets the islands can offer without the need for a passport. White sand beaches, salty air, rainforests, a vibrant atmosphere, and a healthy dose of interesting history: all the makings for a fantastic getaway! Here are the best places to stay should you be in need of an  escape to the US Virgin Islands.

St. John
St. John is an exemplary island of green accommodations and lifestyle. Every effort is made to preserve the island’s abundance of natural wonders. Luxury here is laid-back, yet ever present, and the natural world is protected to every measure. The greatest attractions here are the outdoor adventures that await on land and in the sea. Hiking through the rainforest, scuba diving, and snorkeling are the prime activities on this island. With two thirds of the area reserved as parkland, the environmental preservation here is among the highest standards in the world.

Where to Stay:
This resort is in total harmony with its placement within the Virgin Islands National Park. It blends into its surroundings effortlessly, and is a retreat that welcomes all guests to a world of utter seclusion from the intense pace most people are accustomed to. The signature design and décor emphasize the perfect union with environment, while remaining tastefully understated. Each guestroom features spectacular views, the use of locally sourced materials like native lumber and stone, as well as artisan-crafted furniture. A children’s program offers younger guests even more options for fun, while offering their parents the ability to indulge in rejuvenating pursuits like the Self Centre.

Eloquently placed on 47 acres, at the shore of Great Cruz Bay, this resort offers guests every possible opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous environment and the vast options for recreation. The resort’s villas provide luxurious, private, and elegant accommodations, with stunning ocean views.

St. Thomas
St. Thomas is perhaps the most famous of all the Virgin Islands, with it’s mass commercialization. While you can definitely get the standard tourist experience here, the rich and authentic culture is every present at every turn. The food, music, and the setting are entirely West Indian, and utterly enthralling.

Where to Stay:
In St. Thomas, the ultimate resort is the Ritz-Carlton. Considered one of the best resorts in the Caribbean,  it is at once both immensely intimate and luxurious. The resort sits on a prime piece of land that encompasses 30 acres, and stellar ocean views at the eastern edge of the island. The resort’s gourmet dining, and exceptional level of service make it simply phenomenal! It is simply the perfect point from which to enjoy all of the vast treasures of the Virgin Islands. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hotel Rewards Programs

With so many travel sites on the internet, and quite a few that focus on upscale travel, it can definitely be a daunting task to drill down to the very best. Connoissuers of  luxury hotels want websites that focus only on a line-up of the finest hotels, offering the best deals, the most perks, and  top-notch customer service, offline. When planning for a trip, whether it’s a vacation or for business, who you book with can make all the difference.

One caveat that is common among luxury travel providers is their "membership" requirement  or point-accrual condition. Some "rewards programs" require members to reach a certain level of "spend" before they get privileges. American Express, for instance, only offers the best to Platinum and Centurion card members only. So, if you don’t fall into that slot, find someplace else to book from. Other sites will have you in some sort of point scheme that measures your access to benefits based on your points. So while the hotels are certainly alluring, why bother reserving with a site that has conditions based on your status?

WhataHotel! is different. There is no membership required. No points one has earn in order to qualify. It only offers the finest properties, most of which grant its clients Exclusive Complimentary Perks. A full-service travel company that has been in business for well over half a century has its back. This brings it things like ‘Preferred Partner’ status with Four Seasons; a designation that provides any guest who books with WhataHotel! an edge with complimentary room upgrades, free breakfast daily and more at any Four Seasons Hotel in the world.

Based on double occupancy, and at least a 2-night reservation, most of  the properties in WhataHotel! offer its reserved guests perks worth as much as $450 per stay! A VIP welcome is generally standard, and it is likely you will be given the best room available within the room catgeory booked or upgraded to. Full American breakfast daily for two is a given and some additional bucks are thrown in for a Spa treatment or towards incidentals. One feature that many guests appreciate is the availability of early check-in and late check-out witnout charge too. features a collection of approximately 850 luxury properties in more than 420 different destinations across the globe, spanning 6 continents. Most of the connections come from the Signature Travel Network it is a member of . The range of accommodations runs the gamut from distinct luxury hotels in major cities, to country lodges, boutique hotels, large and small-scale resorts, and spas. The collection is comprised of landmark brands, famous for their internationally renowned high standards, such as the Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Rosewood, Mandarin Oriental, Peninsula, Orient-Express, Aman, Shangri-La, Oberoi, Rocco Forte, St. Regis, Dorchester, Park Hyatt, Six Senses, One & Only, Preferred, Fairmont, Sofitel, W, Taj, and Waldorf Astoria. Not just exclusive to the major brands, the collection also extends to an array of single hotel properties such as the Hotel Plaza Athenee in New York, Le Sirenuse on Italy’s glamorous Amalfi Coast, The Bellagio in Las Vegas, and Claridge’s in London, among many others.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Best Caribbean Resort for Honeymooners

Saint Lucia’s heavenly Jade Mountain resort is the ultimate honeymoon escape. So romantic, and perfect for intimacy, Brides Magazine has recently titled Jade Mountain as the number one resort in all of the Caribbean for honeymoons. It is also, by no coincidence, that it is one of only a few Caribbean resorts to have achieved AAA 5 Diamond status. Are you thinking about where to have your own honeymoon or romantic vacation? There may be nowhere as spectacularly gorgeous, or as idyllically dreamy as Jade Mountain, and reserving your stay through out site can make it even more incredible with the inclusion of our Exclusive Complimentary Perks.

Architect, Nick Troubetzkoy, who sought to showcase Saint Lucia’s vast beauty in the most innovative, and intriguing way possible, designed the resort. The resort’s organic architecture style works in perfect harmony with the natural elements, as it was built to honor the surrounding mountains, the Pitons. Troubetzkoy, and his wife Karolin are also the owners, and they have overseen every minute nuance of the resort. The attention to detail has been executed masterfully, and truly lends the purest elegance to every space. When guests enter, they are amazed at their surroundings, and when they leave, they are revitalized, and exhilarated. Most feel they have just experienced the most extraordinary vacation of their lives!

The sprawling rooms, known as sanctuaries are so spectacular that you can literally spend the majority of your vacation inside and not miss a thing. Your meals can be delivered, your spa treatments can be done there, and you can request a variety of different specialized luxury services too. The resort’s 24 sanctuaries were built with stunning private infinity pools, from which you can enjoy all of the scenery with a prime view, as they give the impression of melting into the environment. The pools are some of the resort’s finest details, and all feature custom glass mosaic tiled bottoms, each with it’s own unique design, gazing out onto the vast glory of mountains and sea. For a honeymoon, vow renewal vacation, or any other occasion that calls for intimacy and a gorgeous setting, this resort is truly one of a kind! From every vantage point, views of the majestic Pitons are displayed. Every facet of the architecture was made to accommodate the incredible natural surroundings. Open walls that overlook the ocean and mountains give them impression of total isolation. This feature is known as the ‘open 4th wall,’ and gives the most uncompromised views, yet utter privacy.

Of all the best Caribbean resorts, this exquisite resort was brought to the attention of millions of primetime viewers, when it was featured on ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ series. The final proposal was orchestrated beneath a canopy of stars, on the Celestial Terrace. The scene left both viewers, as well as the chosen bachelorette astonished by the overwhelming beauty and opulent ambiance. While this fairy tale may have come from TV, this is exactly the kind of passion Jade Mountain was founded on, and that it’s owners hope to bestow onto every guest.

Jade Mountain: an ultra-luxurious resort at the doorstep of the Pitons World Heritage Site, where you can be immersed in this beauty, while enjoying the graceful hospitality Saint Lucia is famous for. It’s combination of rare perfection and blissful beauty is really hard to put into words; you just have to experience it! Your honeymoon spent here will create memories that will last throughout your lifetime. Brides Magazine hasn’t exaggerated a bit; it really is that magical!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Marlins Park Hotels

Much hype has been surrounding the makeover the Miami Marlins have made before the start of the new Major League Baseball season. New colors and uniforms, new logo, a new manager and a beautiful new stadium. It’s pretty awesome to finally have a place of their own, rather than roughing it with the Dolphins as they did for the past two decades! If you plan to visit one ballpark this year, may it be Miami. It’s pretty amazing the effort that went into this place, and if you have a taste for luxury then this is ultimately the most luxurious way to take in a game. Between the game and the Park, everything about baseball in Miami is going to be an experience. Forget uncomfortable bleachers, plain brick walls, and nothing to see but the game. Of course, baseball is the main attraction, but Marlins Park is a statement of architecture and all around culture in Miami. Art adorns the entire building, from replicas of fine works, to portraits of baseball’s greats like Jackie Robinson and Hank Aaron. Miami’s art deco heritage was a key design aspect in how Jeffrey Loria, the Marlin’s owner, wanted the structure to look. Rather than recreate a storied stadium, he wanted something modern and unique, and for it to be a reflection of Miami. Known for it’s extreme temperatures and torrential rains that peak during the height of the baseball season, the stadium has a retractable roof to keep the climate comfortable when the outdoors are anything but.

And you can forget the strict menu of popcorn, hotdogs, and fountain sodas here too. Miami’s distinct blending of cultures creates an exciting culinary scene, and at this stadium you can really try a little of everything this city has to offer. Cuban sandwiches, sushi, flatbreads, and cool variations of “candy corn” are some of the mainstays. Opening night will feature South Florida’s famed stone crabs, which will only be in season through May 15, for just a little more of a gourmet touch!

Booking a within driving distance of the new Marlins Park across our site takes advantage of our privileged relationships we have with the world’s greatest hoteliers, and gets you Exclusive Complimentary Perks for doing so. In line with all of the amazing culture, Miami’s luxury hotels will make your trip entirely sublime. Marlins Park is located in the center of everything, so if you want to stay in downtown, South Beach, or away from it all in Sunny Isles, you’ve got plenty of options. Some of the best hotels in Miami are the Four Seasons Hotel Miami, Acqualina Resort & Spa, the Mandarin Oriental, and the W South Beach. If you’re thinking about hitting Miami for some baseball, let us help you plan the perfect getaway!

Staying in Scottsdale

All who visit Scottsdale, Arizona will agree that it is one of America’s most alluring destinations. Staying at the Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale is simply perfection. Whether you are traveling as a couple for a romantic getaway, or as a family to enjoy the Arizona outdoors, the Four Seasons will tailor your vacation idyllically.

The Four Seasons Scottsdale at Troon North is one of Arizona’s premier, and most incredible places to stay while visiting. Among the best hotels in Scottsdale, it can easily top the list. It was built into the foothills of Pinnacle Peak, and the sights alone from the resort are mesmerizing. Towering saguaro cactus, and rock formations create a distinctive landscape that can be enjoyed from the view of your private balcony. Spending an evening beneath the stars, with a desert picnic is just one way to enjoy the majestic outdoors here. The Concierge will happily plan tours of Sedona’s red rocks, the magnificent mission-style architecture in Tuscon, and the in incredible cultural scene of Prescott. In the desert, and close to town, there is no better way to experience all Arizona can offer than in Scottsdale. The resort curates guided hiking tours on Pinnacle Peak, and hosts complimentary stargazing on Friday nights. Sounds amazing?

As Scottsdale is known for it’s overwhelming presence in the arts, this is carried throughout every detail in the resort. The accommodations are gorgeous adobe casitas, created in the local tradition of true Southwest design incorporated directly into the landscape. Mexican textiles are blended with Eastern Suzani, and many of the furnishings are custom-made by Mexican craftsmen. Authentic Huichol Indian art can be found through much of the resort. There are 210 expansive guestrooms, of which 22 are spectacular suites. Every effort was made to accommodate the stunning desert views into the architecture. The suites offer exceptional privacy, private plunge pools, outdoor fireplaces, and garden showers; can you imagine a more luxurious way to enjoy the desert? Using the talents and skills of local craftspeople and artisans lends a beautiful, cultural uniqueness, allowing guests to experience the local essence even from the resort.

Set into the Sonoran Desert, the city of Scottsdale, Arizona is an exciting place to vacation. The desert landscape offers plenty of outdoor adventures, and the city itself is vibrantly luxurious. This is one of America’s finest places to experience the simple brilliance of the sunset! Enjoy golfing at the renowned Weiskopf & Moorish golf courses by day, and when the sun sets, savor world-class cuisine. Scottsdale is home to many local restaurants and fantastic nightlife; including the regular Thursday night ArtWalk that features more than 100 galleries, displaying every possible medium created locally. While the area’s rich heritage is thoroughly embraced, Scottsdale is an entirely modern, cosmopolitan city. Great golf, great food, and great art are what this destination is all about.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hotels for the Stars

It’s no big secret that celebrities love being lavished in five star hotels, but there is more to it than just the elegant aura. The exclusivity means extreme privacy, it means that unique needs can be met, it means that no matter what frivolous whim comes up, it can be done. The following are the best hotels for seeing stars, and you can bet they are among the best hotels in the world.

The Four Seasons Hotels are revered throughout the world for their incomparable attention to detail. No other hotelier gets it quite so right, and that reason alone makes the name “Four Seasons” synonymous with glamorous types. As a hotel chain known for their ability to take very good care of their guests, they understand what stars are looking for. Celebrities especially appreciate the essence of total privacy, no matter where they are traveling. While many other hotels are great for celebs who want to be on display, here they can dine, lay out poolside, and simply enjoy their stay in the luxury of flying beneath the radar.

One obvious spot you can guarantee at almost any given time to see celebrities is The Beverly Hills Hotel & Bungalows. The Pink Palace, as it’s otherwise known, has been in existence even before the town of Beverly Hills was founded. Presidents, Royals, and of course movie stars have made the place legendary. Pretty much anyone worth noting in Hollywood history has stayed here, and the list is very long. Liz Taylor’s father ran the hotel’s lobby art gallery when she was young, and she furthered the legacy by spending one of her honeymoons in a bungalow. Howard Hughes, Clark Gable, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Frank Sinatra, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Halle Berry, and Jennifer Anniston are just a mere handful of the names that can be dropped! And then there are the high-profile scandals, the numerous movies, and celebrity weddings that happened here to further the celebrated status!

The One & Only Palmilla, Mexico is a favorite among famous types. This stunning resort sits on the tip of the Baja peninsula, wrapping around the picturesque oceanfront Punta Palmilla. Only 20 minutes from Cabo San Lucas, it is an excellent distance from the party scene, while still close enough to enjoy it easily. In better times, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher vacationed in total luxurious seclusion here.

In New York, the Soho Grand Hotel is a perennial celeb hotspot. It’s A-List roster of guests includes Reese Witherspoon, George Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kirsten Dunst. The Sundance Resort brings in the rich and famous by the droves for the Sundance Film Festival. The gorgeous ski resort provides ample enjoyment of the arts and nature of the area. In the seaside paradise of South Beach, you can always find celebrities at spots like the Ritz-Carlton South Beach and the Setai.

Want to spend your next vacation like a privileged celebrity? Reserve your stay with us, and you will receive Exclusive Complimentary Perks, which will entitle you to treatment like a star!