Monday, April 9, 2012

Best Caribbean Resort for Honeymooners

Saint Lucia’s heavenly Jade Mountain resort is the ultimate honeymoon escape. So romantic, and perfect for intimacy, Brides Magazine has recently titled Jade Mountain as the number one resort in all of the Caribbean for honeymoons. It is also, by no coincidence, that it is one of only a few Caribbean resorts to have achieved AAA 5 Diamond status. Are you thinking about where to have your own honeymoon or romantic vacation? There may be nowhere as spectacularly gorgeous, or as idyllically dreamy as Jade Mountain, and reserving your stay through out site can make it even more incredible with the inclusion of our Exclusive Complimentary Perks.

Architect, Nick Troubetzkoy, who sought to showcase Saint Lucia’s vast beauty in the most innovative, and intriguing way possible, designed the resort. The resort’s organic architecture style works in perfect harmony with the natural elements, as it was built to honor the surrounding mountains, the Pitons. Troubetzkoy, and his wife Karolin are also the owners, and they have overseen every minute nuance of the resort. The attention to detail has been executed masterfully, and truly lends the purest elegance to every space. When guests enter, they are amazed at their surroundings, and when they leave, they are revitalized, and exhilarated. Most feel they have just experienced the most extraordinary vacation of their lives!

The sprawling rooms, known as sanctuaries are so spectacular that you can literally spend the majority of your vacation inside and not miss a thing. Your meals can be delivered, your spa treatments can be done there, and you can request a variety of different specialized luxury services too. The resort’s 24 sanctuaries were built with stunning private infinity pools, from which you can enjoy all of the scenery with a prime view, as they give the impression of melting into the environment. The pools are some of the resort’s finest details, and all feature custom glass mosaic tiled bottoms, each with it’s own unique design, gazing out onto the vast glory of mountains and sea. For a honeymoon, vow renewal vacation, or any other occasion that calls for intimacy and a gorgeous setting, this resort is truly one of a kind! From every vantage point, views of the majestic Pitons are displayed. Every facet of the architecture was made to accommodate the incredible natural surroundings. Open walls that overlook the ocean and mountains give them impression of total isolation. This feature is known as the ‘open 4th wall,’ and gives the most uncompromised views, yet utter privacy.

Of all the best Caribbean resorts, this exquisite resort was brought to the attention of millions of primetime viewers, when it was featured on ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ series. The final proposal was orchestrated beneath a canopy of stars, on the Celestial Terrace. The scene left both viewers, as well as the chosen bachelorette astonished by the overwhelming beauty and opulent ambiance. While this fairy tale may have come from TV, this is exactly the kind of passion Jade Mountain was founded on, and that it’s owners hope to bestow onto every guest.

Jade Mountain: an ultra-luxurious resort at the doorstep of the Pitons World Heritage Site, where you can be immersed in this beauty, while enjoying the graceful hospitality Saint Lucia is famous for. It’s combination of rare perfection and blissful beauty is really hard to put into words; you just have to experience it! Your honeymoon spent here will create memories that will last throughout your lifetime. Brides Magazine hasn’t exaggerated a bit; it really is that magical!

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