Thursday, April 19, 2012

Saint's among the Virgins

The US Virgin Islands are America’s gateway to the Caribbean. St. Thomas and St. John are the quintessential spots in America’s collection of tropical vacation spots, and both provide entirely different opportunities for leisure as well as pleasure. They offer all of the best assets the islands can offer without the need for a passport. White sand beaches, salty air, rainforests, a vibrant atmosphere, and a healthy dose of interesting history: all the makings for a fantastic getaway! Here are the best places to stay should you be in need of an  escape to the US Virgin Islands.

St. John
St. John is an exemplary island of green accommodations and lifestyle. Every effort is made to preserve the island’s abundance of natural wonders. Luxury here is laid-back, yet ever present, and the natural world is protected to every measure. The greatest attractions here are the outdoor adventures that await on land and in the sea. Hiking through the rainforest, scuba diving, and snorkeling are the prime activities on this island. With two thirds of the area reserved as parkland, the environmental preservation here is among the highest standards in the world.

Where to Stay:
This resort is in total harmony with its placement within the Virgin Islands National Park. It blends into its surroundings effortlessly, and is a retreat that welcomes all guests to a world of utter seclusion from the intense pace most people are accustomed to. The signature design and décor emphasize the perfect union with environment, while remaining tastefully understated. Each guestroom features spectacular views, the use of locally sourced materials like native lumber and stone, as well as artisan-crafted furniture. A children’s program offers younger guests even more options for fun, while offering their parents the ability to indulge in rejuvenating pursuits like the Self Centre.

Eloquently placed on 47 acres, at the shore of Great Cruz Bay, this resort offers guests every possible opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous environment and the vast options for recreation. The resort’s villas provide luxurious, private, and elegant accommodations, with stunning ocean views.

St. Thomas
St. Thomas is perhaps the most famous of all the Virgin Islands, with it’s mass commercialization. While you can definitely get the standard tourist experience here, the rich and authentic culture is every present at every turn. The food, music, and the setting are entirely West Indian, and utterly enthralling.

Where to Stay:
In St. Thomas, the ultimate resort is the Ritz-Carlton. Considered one of the best resorts in the Caribbean,  it is at once both immensely intimate and luxurious. The resort sits on a prime piece of land that encompasses 30 acres, and stellar ocean views at the eastern edge of the island. The resort’s gourmet dining, and exceptional level of service make it simply phenomenal! It is simply the perfect point from which to enjoy all of the vast treasures of the Virgin Islands. 

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