Monday, April 30, 2012

You could get lost without the right Travel Agency

When the American economy was at its lowest point during the recent recession, the travel agency business was among the many industries feeling the effects. As the age of DIY ( do it yourself)  internet bookings had hit a climax, and people had less money to spend leisurely, the hit was obvious. Now that the economy is rebuilding, and people are financially wiser, everyone is looking to make the right financial decisions. This includes finding the best deals on everything, including travel reservations.

One aspect people forget about when searching for the cheapest fares, is that when you book through a good travel agency, you can often stay within your budget and then receive so much more. This is the greatest advantage of a company like Lorraine Travel. When you arrive at your destination, you will not be treated like just another patron, but you’ll be perceived differently. Special privileges are a huge benefit, and they’ll often just flow in. Free meals, resort and spa credits, as well as room upgrades are just some of the ways a fine luxury hotel will reward you for booking through the right travel agency provided it has connections.

Nearly a decade after the age-old convenience of travel agents was seemingly about to become almost extinct due to cheap flights and hotel reservations on the internet, statistics indicate that the travel agency business is making a comeback. The internet has gotten absurdly overwhelming, and crowded with sites barking about cheap fares and more. With so many travel sites claiming to have the best deals, sorting through all of them to essentially end up with no real savings becomes frustrating. Worst case scenario happens when these sites bring up the same rates the hotels themselves offer. Another source of frustration are the review sites. Initially developed to serve as a resource, they’ve also become inundated with mixed reviews that contradict each other, and not offering a clear view of the property, even with an overload of pretty pictures. And what of specific needs? How can a website really accommodate your particular, individual situation? In simple terms, they can’t. In comes the travel agency, where a knowledgeable, experienced travel professional can answer all of your questions and lead you in the right direction, meet your specific needs, and leave you feeling confident and positive with your decision.

Surely at some point in the past decade you have tried your luck with booking online through a discount website. The whole process of sorting through numerous websites, filling out the forms, then submitting them for rates is really time consuming. It’s not so simple anymore. Rates change on a dime, at every given minute. How can you really be sure it’s the best deal? Something better may appear at any moment! Personal details get lost in the search, and without truly knowing what to expect, there’s a level a mystery involved with booking online. Having an actual person, who is experienced, can make a world of difference. A well connected  travel agent acts as the middleman, and is trusted by both entities at each end of the transaction. The best agencies have connections that make all the difference in your vacations.

Lorraine Travel, which owns, has built an impressive empire, and is now one of the largest private travel management companies in the state of Florida. In business since 1948, they have weathered many storms to come out on top, with numerous corporate, government, and individual clients who return for the same insider knowledge and know-how. This is a tech-savvy company that has agents entirely on top of the business of travel. For instance, this same level of industry leadership is a testament to their ‘Preferred Partnership’ with the Four Seasons brand. This is just one measure that distinguishes them from the rest of travel booking sites, and gives their customers an upper hand when it comes to their reservations.

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