Friday, May 4, 2012

The biggest star that will light up New York

This week it was announced that the currently under construction, One World Trade Center is officially the tallest building in NYC. Towering 1,271 feet above the city streets, it is a domineering presence of honor and achievement. While it is still another two years out from completion, the steel columns that were just put into place gave it a whopping 21 feet on the Empire State Building’s observation deck. While it does not surpass Chicago’s Willis Tower in actual structural height, if you include the 408-foot tall antenna that will be placed on the skyscraper’s roof it will then officially be America’s tallest building.

As thousands have visited New York since 9/11, you can bet once the construction is complete at One World Trade Center, visitors will be flocking in to pay homage to the site, and marvel in the strength it has taken to overcome the devastation that once occurred. The site has always been world famous, and long before the attacks, tourists came in droves. Even since the attacks, the area still draws crowds who come to see the site of where two skyscrapers once stood. On the tenth anniversary, the National September 11 Memorial opened, and it really is a must for anyone visiting New York City. Furthering the remembrance, the Memorial Museum will open this year in September.

Even under construction, and obviously when it is complete, One World Trade Center will be the star of New York City. If you are planning a trip, or happen to find yourself in NYC, keep in mind how exciting Lower Manhattan is. Cool neighborhoods, excellent world class dining, and great shopping; ranging from high-end designer boutiques to amazing vintage, and unique street market finds, can be found in excess. There is an abundance of eye-candy everywhere, and it is a little less touristy then Midtown. As for five-star hotels, downtown has many! Here are the best hotels in New York City:

Since the attacks on September 11, 2001, the Ground Zero sight has been a somber tourist attraction. Before the tragedy, it was always a go-to spot for tourists to check out, but ever since the tragedy it has held an even greater significance. Millions of people who’ve passed through the city have felt a deep inclination to pay their respects, and say prayers upon visiting the site. The original World Trade Center stood as a marvel of accomplishment and power in the New York City skyline. No matter where in the city you found yourself, you could use the Towers as a compass to track where you were. In the absence of the towers, a decade later, the feeling is awe-inspiring to have rebuilt in their place, exemplifying to the world, that this isn’t a city that can be brought down. One World Trade Center now owns Lower Manhattan’s skyline, and proudly stands as the city’s tallest building. 

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