Friday, May 11, 2012

Follow the footsteps of Agent 007

One of the most famous international pop icons ever is the ubiquitous Bond… James Bond. Our favorite secret agent, mastermind spy, jet-setting traveler who happens to lead the most interesting life imaginable. The fantasy series that began in the literary context, takes hold of our fascination with secretive undertakings, ridiculously gorgeous women, and the kind of daily life most people can only dream about. Over the years, his exploits have inspired many to travel in his fictional footsteps, from the shores of Jamaica, where the novels were penned, to London where he “lives,” and some venture as far as the Thai islands, specifically James Bond Island in the quest. While we cannot all live his exhilaratingly dangerous lifestyle, we can certainly visit. Here’s how to travel like the legend himself, just make sure no matter what, you are ready for a mission, or anything precarious, at a moment’s notice! Keeping in line with the agent’s good taste, you will love all the extra, Exclusive Complimentary Perks that come with staying at any of these fine hotels when you book your reservations through our site.

Phuket, Thailand and James Bond Island
Long before Phuket was the hotspot it is today, “The Man with the Golden Gun” introduced Western audiences to the beauty that lies in the waters outside of Thailand. While the movie is actually shot in Ko Tapu, which has been nicknamed “James Bond Island” the commercialism can be avoided with a stay in Phuket, at the exclusive Trisara resort. Plan a day excursion to Bond instead!

Where the hero calls “home.” You must stay at The Ritz London, as it holds it’s own special place in Bond history. In 1963’s “From Russia With love” it was featured briefly.

Monte-Carlo, Monaco
Casinos go hand-in-hand with James Bond, and Le Casino de Monte-Carlo has had a pivotal role in his adventures. The essence of glamour is obvious, and formal attire is required to enter the building. Stay at the Hotel Hermitage so you can really indulge in the essence of the “Belle Epoque.”

Istanbul, Turkey
“From Russia with Love” offered some amazing vistas of Turkey’s ancient sites. The Byzantine architecture is stunning, and the film prominently featured the site Hagia Sophia. Where to stay: The Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul, Bosphorus for the grand surroundings, uncompromised luxury, and exceptional service.

Ticino, Switzerland
James was raised partially in Switzerland, as his mother was Swiss. Ian Fleming, the author behind James Bond studied briefly there, to. In Ticino, not only can you visit a special Bond locale, you can also recreate the infamous opening scene bungee jump from “GoldenEye.” Stay at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues.

The Bahamas
In “Casino Royale” Bond spent some time in Paradise Island, playing card games with a henchman. Gamble big at The Cove Atlantis in Paradise Island, for a similar rush of excitement! While you can relax 007-style on the gorgeous beaches during the day, be prepared to party all night long!

Adrenaline and glamour is a Hollywood pastime! The most important aspect to traveling like James Bond is to do it with a whole lot of style. It doesn’t matter where you are going as long as you make it look really good while you do it. A tuxedo is essential, as is the appropriate luxury vehicle (preferably a Bentley or Aston Martin). A Swiss timepiece will only enhance your precision. And when the day is done, make sure you are sipping an extremely well-made, cold, shaken-not-stirred martini (Vesper, of course). 

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