Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Four Seasons Carmelo

Uruguay may very well be South America’s best kept secret. While foreigners flock to neighboring Brazil and Argentina, South Americans know that Uruguay really has the best beaches, the best meat, the best wine, and the most secure government. One of Uruguay’s most scenic and picturesque towns, Carmelo is the embodiment of enchantment. Situated in the region of the Rio de la Plata, the town is easily accessible by ferry from Buenos Aires across the river, or a 3-hour drive from the capital Montevideo. This is unspoiled South America at it’s ultimate finest.

The climate is temperate, and sunny all year long, making it prime grape-growing territory. While Argentinean wine is widely revered across the world, Uruguayan wine is considered by some to be even better. Speaking of which, it would be sacrilege to travel here and not embark on a tour of the local wineries. The countryside of Carmelo leaves little to be desired. The pace is extremely slow, and if you are looking for peace, this is the place to be. It is gorgeous, scenic, and induces a state of intense relaxation onto all who come. While you can get your adrenaline rushing with activities like horseback riding, canoeing, polo, biking and fishing, most people come here to be enveloped in the calmness. The world-class golf is amazing in this setting, with an 18-hole, par-72 course and plenty of luxurious amenities. A sunset cruise along the Rio Parana, where you can tour the delta islands as you casually drink a beer is a wonderful way to end your day.

Internationally recognized as the best resort in all of Uruguay, The Four Seasons Resort Carmelo is nestled into the landscape of eucalyptus and pine forest, lush green plains, and rolling hills. Sitting directly on the Rio de la Plata’s banks, the views of being immersed in nature are sublime. The resort allows swift access to all of the area’s exciting outdoor attractions. The resort was designed to accommodate the surrounding nature in every possible way. This connection to the natural world is evident in all of Carmelo, and it was imperative that the resort hold an authentic Uruguayan feel. In customary Four Seasons tradition, every aspect of the resort is locally inspired; from the décor to the architecture, which features stunning large windows and open-beamed ceilings throughout. Every bungalow and suite was designed with beautiful furnished terraces, meant to encourage guests to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Bungalows take this concept up a notch, with serene outdoor showers and private gardens. You can expect to see many local treasures displayed throughout the resort as well, in touches like the art done in the local weaving tradition, and the hand made rugs.

The symbol of the area locally is the gaucho, the South American counterpart to the North American cowboy. Fitting, because the wilderness is alive and well here, beautifully preserved and waiting to be explored. Carmelo is adventurous and unhurried, culturally rich and absolutely authentic. Whether you come on an excursion from Buenos Aires, or to spend an entire leisurely week, why not do it with the Exclusive Complimentary Perks that only come from booking through

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