Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You can see "beyond" from here!!

As many people know, there are landmarks throughout the United States that garner worldwide attention. The experience of seeing these landmarks is breathtaking at a minimum, and is usually a reason for repeat visits. These American travel hot spots are located at various points in the country, each with its own distinct characteristics and 5-star luxury hotels to surround it.

Throughout the nation, visitors can experience many world-renowned monuments. The Empire State Building stands on Fifth Avenue in New York City at an astounding 1,453 feet, 8.56 inches. This is a very recognizable site for tourists because of its massive size. Its two observatories provide stunning panoramas all around. In a similar way the Statue of Liberty stands tall as a mark of patriotism for all Americans. This gift from the French provides a symbol of America’s diversity and various backgrounds. Tourists can book tours to see this landmark from many different angles, be it from cruise tours or from the crown of Lady Liberty herself. We have a marvelous lineup of our top hotels in New York, which is only a click away.

As you travel south, you can discover another nationally-known landmark, the Washington Monument in downtown Washington D.C., tucked in between the United States Capitol Building and the White House. Whether visitors wish to observe views of the Monument from National Mall or take in the magnificent panoramic scene from atop the Monument, they will be treated to a spectacular experience regardless. While visiting either of the previously mentioned patriotic locations1, one has many choices for a luxury hotel at which to stay during the visit. Our best hotels in Washington D.C. are ready for your visit, so please click on the link to choose your hotel.

The United States has many landmarks throughout the country, and one of the least talked about but most impressive can be found right in the center of the nation, where you encounter the thrilling Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. Standing in the heart of the city at 630 feet, the Arch honors Thomas Jefferson and his role in the western expansion of the United States. As high as the arch looks from the bottom, the ride visitors take to its top makes it seem enormous. On a personal trip last year, I was able to ride the 5-seat capsule to the high point of the Arch. When I arrived at the top, I got out of the capsule and saw the observatory platform. From the observatory I was able to see downtown St. Louis, as well as an aerial view of the entire Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. When standing on the sides of the platform, I could feel like the Arch was ever-so-slightly rocking from side to side. This experience made for some great stories and I would encourage anyone to visit. The Four Seasons St. Louis is also a popular hotel in the central United States, as there is a location close to the Gateway Arch.

Last but definitely not least is the Southernmost Point in the 48 contiguous United States, located in Key West, Florida. Here is a large marker that displays this location, as well as the distance (approximately 90 miles) to Cuba from that point. There is no charge to visit, and tourists can experience some fantastic photo opportunities with the spectacular ocean views. While visiting the Southernmost Point, situated only a few minutes from downtown Key West and many of the city’s attractions, stay at a luxurious hotel, the Casa Marina Resort by Waldorf Astoria.

 In conclusion, there are many landmarks in the United States that people should visit. Not only do these landmarks provide great sightseeing and photo ops, but there also are many luxury hotels that are located near each landmark. So the only question is, “Which one will you visit first?”

 1 Both locations are currently closed but are scheduled to reopen soon.

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