Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Best Hotels in Santiago, Chile

Santiago is located in South America, surrounded by the Andes Mountains.  Founded in 1541 by the Spanish, this charming city is the capital of Chile.  Although not a coastal town, Santiago still draws many visitors to its beautiful streets every year.  Stay in the best hotels in Santiago and discover the panoramic view of the Andes, explore the captivating city streets, or venture outside of the metro area and see all Chile has to offer.  Your adventure is waiting in Santiago.

With over 5 million people calling Santiago home, it is easy to see why this city is so diverse.  The Chilean people have many ethnicities and by exploring just a few of the urban areas or neighborhoods, you begin to get a feel for what all of the different cultures and backgrounds bring to this impressive city. 

Republica/Dieciocho is an area that was once home to the wealthiest inhabitants of Santiago.  At the end of the 19th century this area was in its prime.  Influenced by the European culture, the streets are lined with gorgeous mansions and breathtaking palaces.  While these mansions and palaces were once majestic private residences, they are now home to foundations and institutions.  During your time perusing this neighborhood, make sure you visit the Riding Club.  It was once the hottest spot in town and was known for its well connected and affluent patrons. 

Brasil was another wealthy neighborhood in the early 20th century.  Not quite as rich as the Republica, this region was home to many luxurious homes and buildings.  Slowly the people of this area started moving out of town to a more quiet setting and Brasil sadly deteriorated.  Today however it is in the midst of a rebirth.  Artists and Craftsmen started revitalizing the area in the early 1990s, making the old homes and buildings vibrant once again.  Visit Brasil now and experience an almost bohemian feel with funky shops and restaurants. 

La Moneda is the city's civic center.  Home to the Presidential Palace, government buildings and The University of Chile, this area of town is busy during the week with businessmen and students.  This civic center is also where you will find the financial district, towering buildings, heavy traffic and large crowds of people.  Not far from La Moneda is City's Center.  This pedestrian only passageway is recently remodeled.  While in City Center, visit the Metropolitan Cathedral or the Museum of National History. 

Providencia and Las Condes are neighborhoods that are fantastic to tour.  With their many places to shop and eat, this area is busy, energetic and sophisticated.  Spend the day shopping at in the many boutiques or in one of the country's two largest shopping malls.  After a busy day exploring, find a quaint restaurant and dine on the trendy sidewalks.  The neighborhood is also very close to the Andes and its magnificent ski resorts. 

With so much to see and do in Santiago, finding the perfect hotel is imperative.  We give you the ability to choose a hotel that best fits your needs as a traveler. Santiago Chile, with picturesque landscapes and bustling city streets, entices every traveler.  Stay in the best hotels in Santiago and feel the city's vibe. 

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