Thursday, September 13, 2012

Best Hotels in St. Barts

In the Caribbean Sea sits a peaceful and perfect little sun drenched island called St. Barthelemy.  More commonly referred to as St. Barts or St. Barth, this natural masterpiece is located east of Puerto Rico and is collectively a territory of the Leeward Islands along with Guadeloupe, Martinique and St. Martin.  Although geographically small, this island is generous with charm, luxury and prestige.  Take a look at the best hotels in St. Barts and start planning your private getaway. 

St. Barts is a volcanic island trimmed with stunning beaches and crystal clear waters.  This tropical paradise seems to have just about everything you could want or need for a perfect island vacation.  A true Caribbean gem, it doesn’t have the normal larger than life casinos or the mega hotels that many nearby islands showcase.  This gives St. Barts the feeling of tranquilty and privacy, making it a hot spot for celebrities looking for seclusion.

St. Barts may be small, but it has a number of opulent white sandy beaches.  Visitors can spend their day basking in the sun and then cooling off in the sea.  Because of the impressive coral reefs that surround St. Barts, scuba diving and snorkeling are quite popular.  Surfing, jet skiing and kayaking are just a few of the other watersports that will keep you busy while at the beach.  Want the ultimate in seclusion, charter a yacht at the harbor and drift away the day.  Whether you spend your time in the sand or surf, St. Barts will certainly not disappoint. 

With St. Barts being so prestigious, it’s not surprising that the shopping is exceptional.  Whether you are looking for the high end boutiques or whimsical local shops, St. Barts has it all.  Gustavia, the island’s capital, has the largest selection of shops on the island.  Plan to spend some time shopping but also sightseeing in the charming capital city.  St-Jean is another location to check out if you are a shopping enthusiast.  Labeled as less touristy then Gustavia, St-Jean’s shops seem more intimate.  Don’t forget to check out some of the fabulous St. Barts hotels, as they too have some amazing onsite boutiques and stores. Since St. Barts offers duty free shopping, you might feel the need to shop till you drop. 

One of the best things about traveling to St. Barts is the food, it is simply impeccable.  This island has a passion for fine dining with a French and Creole twist.  The restaurants here are some of the Caribbean’s finest and go out of their way to present fabulous meals.  Scattered around the island and inside many of the resorts, finding a place to dine is easy.  Make sure you bring your appetite with you when traveling to this tropical food haven. 

After shopping and eating, you might need to spend some time relaxing.  With our offering of the best hotels in St.Barts, chose a fabulous resort to relax and unwind.  With amazing amenities and services, tranquil onsite spas and some of the most gorgeous views, this selection of hotels will make your trip unforgettable. 

With its intimate environment, almost perfect climate and friendly islanders, St. Barts is a delightful destination.  Chose from one of our Best Hotels and start relaxing!!

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