Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Best Hotels San Juan

San Juan, Puerto Rico has many impressive titles to its name.  It is the largest capital city in the Caribbean, the oldest city in the territorial U.S. and one of the most popular cruise ports in the world.  This coastal city draws visitors to its stunning beaches and historic sites not to mention its chic hotels and boutiques.  Overflowing with glamour and intrigue, San Juan has something for everyone.

Travelers embarking to San Juan to explore old world charm should make a point to visit Old San Juan.  Built in 1509 and founded by Juan Ponce de Leon, Old San Juan is a history lover's dream.  This quaint walled city is blooming with colorful architecture and captivating beauty.  It is the site of 4 forts and 2 of the oldest churches in the entire western hemisphere.  While walking the delightful streets of Old San Juan, you can visit museums and monuments or shop and dine at some elegant establishments. 

If luxury is more your thing, Isla Verde and Condado are two neighborhoods that will entice you.  Isla Verde is home to some of Puerto Rico's most exclusive resorts and beaches.  El San Juan Hotel and Casino calls this fashionable neighborhood home.  Located along the impressive Isla Verde beach and surrounded by 15 acres of elaborately landscaped grounds, this hotel and casino invites its guests to bask in the splendor of this unforgettable destination.  InterContinental San Juan Resort and Casino is also situated along the lovely beaches of Isla Verde.  This resort is full of activities to seduce its guests including a full service spa, cozy cafes, a wine bar and restaurants with international cuisine.  Although Isla Verde is breathtaking, don't underestimate the extravagant Condado area.  Condado is considered San Juan's most fashionable neighborhood.  Overflowing with world-famous boutiques, shopping becomes almost spiritual.  Also nestled in this trendy section of town are some of the city's top restaurants.  If indulgence is what you're searching for, Isla Verde and Condado will easily accommodate that desire.

With so many activities to keep you busy during the day in San Juan, relaxing in the evening may sound welcoming.  The nightlife, however, will do it's best to awaken you.  After the sun sets, this town comes alive.  Salsa joints and nightclubs will make your body sway to the music while the sultry lounges and bars offer everything from a romantic atmosphere to pulse pounding parties.  If you aren't in the mood to dance than you can also test your luck at the many casinos that call San Juan home.  Whether you dance or gamble the night away, San Juan's nightlife will invade your soul. 

San Juan, Puerto Rico fills the desire of a Caribbean destination with the ease of U.S. travel.  Check out our collection of best hotels in San Juan and find your passion in this remarkable and vibrant city. 

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