Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bora Bora Best Hotels

Out in the middle of the South Pacific sits a little island that is trying to figure out its destiny.  Is it the most romantic island in the world or the most beautiful island in the world?  Bora Bora, part of French Polynesia (Tahiti), is an island that is unique in so many ways.  Sitting in the middle of the ocean yet surrounded by a lagoon, this tiny mass of land captures the hearts of all that visit this stunning tropical paradise. 

Under an hour flight from Tahiti, this location started out as a volcano.  The main island of Bora Bora is rugged due to its explosive start and is surrounded by coral reefs.  The legendary blue lagoon that circles the island exhibits indescribable beauty.  Mt. Otemanu stands tall overlooking the lush tropical valleys and picturesque white sandy beaches.  Intermixed in all of this beauty are some of the most amazing hotels and resorts.  Thatched roofs and bungalows that sit over the turquoise waters make these hotels truly spectacular. 

With such an inviting lagoon surrounding Bora Bora, water sports are everywhere.  Spending the day snorkeling in the coral reefs, swimmers will surely see some giant manta rays and colorful tropical fish that call the reef their home.  Strap on a scuba tank and take a dive a bit deeper to check out the amazing underwater world.  If sitting on the water instead of swimming in it sounds more appealing, outrigger canoes, wave runners, jet skis, and Boston Whalers are available for the day.  Try out paddle boarding in this fabulous lagoon and explore the waters in a unique way. End the day with a sunset cruise aboard a catamaran sailboat and inundate yourself with romance. 

Just because the waters bordering Bora Bora are legendary doesn't mean you shouldn't spend some time on land.  Go off road and hike or 4x4 through the terrain to check out the unforgettable sites.  The local guides will accompany you and make sure that you experience all of the wonders of the area.   See how the island played a role in WW II with the leftover U.S. naval guns and then trek trough the overgrown forest trails.  On land and on the water Bora Bora is breathtaking. 

Don't worry if the land and water adventures are not your thing.  With some of the best hotels in Bora Bora, spas and restaurants are easy to find and enjoy.  All of our resorts offer amazing pools and restaurants with delectable dishes.  With the restaurants on the island offering fabulous food and impressive views, you may experience sensory overload.  Top notch spas can also be found in many hotels, so you can book a treatment and experience pampering and relaxation.  Just because Bora Bora is remote doesn't mean you can't shop.  This vacation destination is home to a number of high end boutiques and unique stores.  Make sure you look for some local art or Tahitian pearls.  Other local favorites are perfumes, oils and handcrafted wood wares.

It's fitting that this island originated as a volcano, because still today it explodes with beauty, romance and adventure.   

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