Monday, September 24, 2012

Fantastic Farm-to-Table Hotel Restaurants

Farm-to-Table dining has become all the rage in some of the most sophisticated restaurants around the world.  This locally grown way of eating seems chic and trendy, but look closer and it's easy to see that many people are interested in knowing exactly where their food originated from.  Simply putting "farm to table" into your search engine and you are given a plethora of results.  With this type of cooking becoming so popular, it really isn't any wonder that many restaurants are venturing to locally grown food.  Hotel restaurants are not any different; the chef's having a desire to bring the best to their patrons, and right now the best means locally grown.  Explore some of the top hotels that tout their farm-to-table menus and do their best to impress. 

Amankora Resort in Bhutan is a great example of this latest phenomenon.  Bringing a new chef from New York, Amankora Resort has sent him out to travel this Himalayan Kingdom.  His job is to taste and learn all about the unique foods of Bhutan.  By meeting the people of Bhutan, he absorbs their culinary style and becomes familiar with how to use their local foods to his advantage.  Experience the national dish, ema datse, or try the wild mushrooms or red rice. 

So maybe eating locally sounds simple when speaking of a non-commercialized country like Bhutan, but more popular tourist destinations have also latched on to this way of cooking.  Parallel 37, located inside of the Ritz Carlton San Francisco, is a perfect example.  Even their lobby has wood that was found and transported from the city's countryside to add an urban edge.  Local herbs are added to not only the food but also to the cocktails.  Using seasonal fruits and vegetables from the community, the menu embodies the San Francisco Bay area. 

Venture out to the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean, and see how Four Seasons Resort Nevis applies the locally grown and sustained concept.  They invite their guests to dine from the "Catch and Cook" program.  The resort guests meet with local fisherman and pick out the fresh catch of the day, anything from dorade, wahoo or big-eye red snapper.  They then have the kitchen cook up their selection for dinner.  If that isn't adventurous enough, guests can dive for Caribbean spiny lobster and take pride in digesting their catch.  Four Seasons Nevis also has guided tours where their guests can take a hike to forage for the ingredients to make passion fruit wine, sorrel water.  They can also pick from the large selection of local coconuts.  Adventure and aperitif awaits in Nevis.

The famous landmark, The Balmoral in Edinburgh, Scotland, offers farm-to-table options on its fabulous menu.  The hotel's restaurant Number One has established its reputation of creating fine food all year round from Scotland's seasonal produce.  The menu is full of Scottish fare, but every fall the restaurant's chefs venture outside of the kitchen.  They take groups to the countryside to forage for mushrooms; they then stop for a picnic lunch where the chefs cook up the meal featuring local venison and the newly foraged mushrooms.  Takeout boxes are provided so that the guests can bring some of their lunch back with them at the end of the hike. 

Shopping for local produce and meats is something that many families have started doing to ensure that their food is fresh and healthy.  With this trend moving from home kitchens to commercial kitchens, check out your local restaurants and see if they offer this benefit.  Fresh is best when it comes to our food, check out these hotels and others offered at WhataHotel! and get a taste for farm-to-table fresh.

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