Thursday, September 27, 2012

Four Seasons Koh Samui

In most cases, a tropical paradise can cater to either the ultra wealthy or the budget minded traveler.  Very rarely will one location blend both types of vacationer with such amazing results.  Koh Samui in Thailand is such a place.  This lush island invites the adventurous to its shores and provides just the right amenities for any type of guest.  Come to Koh Samui where everyone is welcome!

Not twenty years ago, Koh Samui was an underdeveloped island that was visited by extreme backpackers in search of an exciting experience.  Today, this Utopia is a mingling of diverse people and is known for the laid back atmosphere and stunning views.  The east coast of the island is home to engaging beaches, restaurants and stores.  Inland the landscape gets treacherous.  Full of mountainous terrain and awe-inspiring waterfalls, the adventurous find that they can still explore this amazing sanctuary.  Whether looking for lazy days or action adventure, Koh Samui is the place to be. 

Because of the assortment of travelers on this delightful island, there are a plethora of activities to keep its guest entertained.  Spend your day relaxing or going full speed ahead.  The island has tours and daytrips that entice travelers.  Go kayaking through the national park, take an elephant ride or safari ride through the jungle, try out the leisurely guided stroll through the city or even spend the day on the water and fish for a deep sea catch.  Excitement abounds.  If rest sounds a bit more enticing, the many beaches will surely seduce the soul.  While some beaches invite privacy and serenity, others serve up cocktails to those lounging by the crystal clear waters.  Some locations even offer massage, entertainment, shopping and food selection, proving there is clearly something for everyone in Koh Samui. 

Four Seasons resorts are known to be luxurious and exceptional quality, so it is no surprise that the amazing hotel and resort chain has clutched a spot on the hillside in the mystical Gulf of Thailand.  With the seclusion of the hillside and the privacy of the white sandy beaches, Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui offers beautiful rooms with sensational views and some with their own private pool.  Visit the Spa and experience the balance of mind, body and beauty with some old world healing techniques.  Dine in style at the Four Season's two restaurants or at the beach bar.  These establishments use indigenous herbs and produce, and catch fish in the local waters to ensure that the savory food is fresh and delicious.  With other fabulous amenities like the infinity pool, beach sports, a kids club and state of the art fitness club, your stay here will definitely be memorable.  As a Preferred Partner of the Four Seasons Resorts, we offer additional perks to guarantee a perfect vacation. 

Although your stay at the Four Seasons Koh Samui will give you no reason to ever leave the resort, this charming island offers attractions aplenty.  On the northern coast sits the famous Big Buddha shrine.  This well known landmark is the site for several temples, a small shopping plaza selling lucky trinkets and souvenirs, and some traditional food vendors.  The National Marine Park is another fine attraction on Koh Samui.  This park is home to limestone mountains, waterfalls, dense jungles and gorgeous beaches, and is where the most daring visitor will find temptation.  Be sure to see the island mummy, the grandma and grandpa rocks, and the Secret Buddha Garden.  This island also has a snake farm, cabaret shows and an aquarium with tiger show. 

The restaurants located inside of Four Seasons Koh Samui are top-notch and will deliver a magnificent display of mouthwatering selections.  But during your stay you might want to venture out and experience the nightlife.  Koh Samui is full of establishments that will take you to a culinary wonderland.  World class restaurants are located throughout the island, so with a bit of research you can discover the perfect place to feast.   A few fine sites offer dining cliff side or dinner and a show, while others offer dining on the beach with nightly entertainment.  Whatever your selection, know you will relish your evening out. 

Koh Samui invites the masses to its lush shores.  With friendly people, outstanding landmarks and unforgettable views, this tiny island will energize your spirit.

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