Thursday, October 18, 2012

A New York City Love Affair

New York City Skyline
The New York City skyline is both intimidating and welcoming.  Buildings tower over the hustle and bustle that reverberates through the city streets.  Residents express their undying love for this larger than life city while tourists flock to the busy streets in an attempt to capture the true NYC spirit.  All year long this amazing urban area offers something spectacular to its people, but when the cool chill of autumn starts to creep into the city, the landscape seems to pulsate with color.  Fall in love with fall in New York City. 

Central Park
There is no doubt that you will get caught up in the electric vibe that is felt throughout this chic city.  When the weather starts to cool and the summer vacation crowd has dispersed, the savvy travelers head to The Big Apple, knowing that the tourist traffic has lessened.  This gives outsiders the ability to mingle closely with New Yorkers and truly experience this great destination and all that it has to offer.  Walk or take a carriage ride through Central Park and see the trees showing off by colorfully changing their leaves from green to reds, oranges and yellows.  Visit Time Square with its awe-inspiring activity and perhaps purchase tickets to a Broadway show from the vendors that line the streets.  Strolling along the sidewalks and taking in the various sites scattered all around, visiting the many museums and galleries and possibly getting a jump start on Christmas shopping on 5th Avenue, you will quickly understand why this spectacular city never sleeps.  New York City offers the excitement that inspires its people and its visitors. 
New York City has always portrayed itself as a sophisticated metropolitan area.  The rich and famous strive to make this urban oasis their own personal sanctuary, while the everyday people work hard to call this city their home.  All cultures and nationalities converge here looking for their dreams to be fulfilled.  This magical city has made a commitment to remain fabulous, not to mention chic, and utilizes its feisty residents to help preserve this promise.  Businessmen, designers, artists, athletes etc. put their hearts and souls into keeping this city great.  Because of this the people that inhabit this metropolis are an element of what makes New York a brilliant destination.

The Plaza

Hotels in The Big Apple are almost as famous as the city itself.  They make up a large part of the image of this city and have been seen in movies, written about in books and gossiped about in the entertainment magazines.  These posh buildings create an ambiance of class and refinement.  From the moment a patron steps into a luxurious lobby, the New York hospitality industry works at impressing it's guests with awe-inspiring interiors, supremely helpful and courteous employees and first-class amenities.  The restaurants located inside the hotels are extravagant and showcase tempting meals designed by world renowned chefs.  Spa's are lush and offer guests a relaxing and refreshing way to unwind.  Take a look at all of the Best Hotels in New York and find accommodations that will leave you feeling like a VIP.  At WhatAHotel! we understand that your trip to this unforgettable city will be special, so we display unique offers at some of the most exclusive hotels.  Note the City Specials area on the right side of our web page of fabulous New York City hotels and get ready to be inspired.  This list shows exclusive perks like a complimentary night, credits to the onsite spa, or other extras that will ensure your stay is as spectacular as this engaging locale.   
Four Seasons New York
When the colors of fall start to creep into this historic city and the wind brings with it a chill, the warmth of New York's personality still radiates through the flashy cosmopolitan streets.  Book a room or suite in one of the Best Hotels in New York City and come to understand what so many already know; New York is a world-class city.  Rekindle your love of everything great in New York City. 

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