Thursday, October 11, 2012

Best Hotels and More in Geneva

Located where the Rhone River triumphantly flows from Lake Geneva, this European City literally beckons the sophisticated traveler to its stylish streets.  From trendy shops to elegant hotels, Geneva defines what it means to be a cosmopolitan city.  Bordered by France, this urban area blends the exuberance of the French lifestyle with the more reserved culture of Switzerland.  Come to Geneva, Switzerland and experience the best of everything. 

Geneva is situated at the base of the Alps and the Jura Mountains and boasts an exquisite view that will leave you breathless.  The Rhone River shoots through the city dividing it into two sections, the Left Bank and the Right Bank.  The left side is the older section where Geneva showcases its artistic and cultural personality.  Home to the city's university, many historic landmarks and a 12th century cathedral, this region longs to mimic the Parisian way of life with the quaint cafes and charming city streets.

The Right Bank is the newer section of the city and is very different from the other half of this metropolitan area.  Home to the sprawling European seat of the United Nations and many grand 19th century hotels, Geneva seems to have two completely different identities.  Travel through the streets lined with immense buildings and catch a glimpse of the lush parks that are scattered throughout the area.  The nuances of the sides offer a charm that creates a very unique feel.

This chic city offers its residents and guests the very best of everything.  During your time in Geneva, book your stay at one of the Best Hotels of Geneva and experience excellence.  Choose a side and check into your dream hotel.  Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues is located on the Right Bank and has been a landmark since the early 1800's.  Known for its impressive service and hotel offerings, this Four Seasons is sure to please.  Swissotel Metropole Geneva is situated on the left side and offers fabulous amenities and service along with an ideal location.  Take a look at WhatAHotel! and know whichever location you chose, you will be staying at a first-class hotel with an unparalleled reputation.

A vacation to any European country will no doubt lead you to a savory menu with tempting food selections.  Geneva takes this very seriously and offers up some appealing choices when it comes to dining.  Remarkable bistros mingle with opulent restaurants and provide a mixture of culinary styles from all over the world.  Because Geneva is surrounded by France, Italy, Germany and Austria, restaurants are full of choices inspired by the city's neighbors as well.  Experience a variety of delicious entrees and taste the flavor of Geneva.

Although the thought of only eating and sleeping while in this extraordinary city doesn't seem like a terrible idea, you might want to venture our for a bit of sightseeing.  With so much to offer, you will no doubt find numerous ways to spend your day.  On Saturday you could check out the flea market on Plaine de Plainpalais and grab some serious bargains, or take a trip to Rue du Rhone to experience luxurious shopping in high-end boutiques.  Trek through Old Town and see St. Peter's Cathedral or any of the other historical landmarks.  Geneva offers up so much culture and character it will leave you speechless. 

The best in shopping and dining and maybe the best culture and views are all found in this phenomenal Swiss city .  Geneva thrills us with an unsurpassed personality and proves that this city is truly The Best.

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