Monday, October 8, 2012

Incredibly Edible Istanbul

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and known for it's beautiful landscapes and it's up and coming posh appearance.  Listed as the tenth most popular city to visit, this growing urban area is attracting tourists with it's cultural and historical surroundings, amazing food and exciting vibe.  With seven million visitors in 2010 alone, Istanbul welcomes you to it's ancient yet modern metropolitan streets. 

With a location that has so much to offer and draws such a vast number of people every year, it really isn't any surprise that Istanbul is overflowing with food choices.  Visitors to this stunning city can wander through it's eclectic cobblestone streets and feast their eyes on cafes, meyhanes and restaurants.  Located on the waterfront or on the charming sidewalks, these establishments offer menu selections from unassuming to the positively extravagant.  Come to Istanbul hungry and be ready to consume some fantastic cuisine. 

When traveling to Turkey you must visit a meyhane, a traditional restaurant that serves alcoholic drinks along with a multi-course meal.  Some say it is similar to a tavern or tapas style restaurant, but in Istanbul it is a place tourists definitely want to check out.  Although initially the guests might find the mayhanes overwhelming, the festive atmosphere is inviting.  The band of violin, lyre, and clarinet players called fasil play traditional Turkish music and famous songs from the 50's and 60's.  With the similarity of a karaoke bar, these cheeky bands invite diners to sing and dance to the boisterous music.  Great native food and drink mixed with a carnival type ambiance will guarantee you an unforgettable night. 

The city of Istanbul is traditional in many ways, yet it also exhibits chic and contemporary characteristics.  If you are in the mood for fashionable and sophisticated dining, Istanbul will not disappoint.  Upscale interiors, beautiful menus and world class chefs make these exclusive restaurants a true pleasure.  Try the cultural favorites like Arnuvat cigeric or a classic caramelized sea bass.  Sample the Turkish raki or wine and sip your drink taking in the fresh surroundings.  This urban area will prove that style flourishes in more ways than one in Istanbul. 

When looking for a great place to eat in this vibrant locale, don't forget to look at our incredible hotels.  At WhatAHotel! we offer fine hotels and resorts that will impress with state of the art facilities, amazing amenities and scrumptious on-site restaurants and lounges.  Overlooking the dining options in the hotels will result in missing some of the most mouth-watering creations Istanbul has to offer.  Four Seasons Istanbul, Bosphorus has Aqua, a restaurant that specialized in Mediterranean dishes with Italian and Turkish specialties.  Four Seasons Istanbul, Sultanahmet is home to Seasons restaurant that offers fresh air and sunshine along with a menu that is crafted by 25 chefs.  Come visit any of our 6 Istanbul hotels  and see what their on-site lounges and restaurants can offer.

Let's not overlook the unpretentious areas of Istanbul when thinking about food.  Because the cuisine of the area is technically simple, don't hesitate delving into the market and bazaar areas to find something divine to eat.  See lamb roasting horizontally on a spit and rest assured your meat will be juicy and delicious.  Tempt yourself with a kabob of lamb and some flaky white lavash. Find proof that an appetizing meal can be had sitting in a fine dining hall or on a plastic chair in a small eatery. 

Demure or exotic, Istanbul proves that it has everything and more when it comes to food.  Nourish your stomach and your soul in incredible Istanbul

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