Friday, October 12, 2012

Life is Better on the Beach in Anguilla

Tucked away in the northern part of the Caribbean sits a little island with a big heart.  Travel here and get a glimpse of the exquisite white sandy beaches that hug this low key island.  Experience the spectacular beaches and you will come to understand that in Anguilla life revolves around its amazing shoreline. 

The stunning landscape captivates you from the moment you set eyes on Anguilla.  You can't help but notice that the tiny island is encircled by beaches and warmed by the sun shining down from the heavens.  Anguilla calls to your soul and dares you to find a single fault in this tropical paradise.  Pack your swimsuit and start your adventure in Anguilla, where an ideal oasis meets the edge of the crystal clear Caribbean Sea. 

When traveling to an island retreat you will no doubt be interested in water activities.  Whether it's as simple as lounging by the sea or actually taking to the water and exploring the vast depths, you will easily be pleased with all that is offered in Anguilla.  Book an excursion to go fishing, snorkeling or scuba diving and enjoy your day on the water.  If you're not sure you are up for such excitement, try a day cruise or sunset cruise and tour the Caribbean from the safety of a boat.  With 33 beaches to choose from you are guaranteed a spectacular time. 

An eclectic offering of markets and boutiques on Anguilla will tempt shoppers to spend.  This tropical destination offers everything from fine jewelry to local artisan treasures.  Check out the classic resort wear or some colorful beach attire and experience the diversity offered by the island stores.  Peek in a few souvenir shops or stroll through an art gallery and regard some creative regional work.  There is something for everyone here, so take home a bit of Anguilla. 

You may have heard this island is about the beaches, but when traveling, tourists also want to experience the local cuisine and dine in style.  Thankfully Anguilla has it all figured out.  This island escape has realized that food and drink can be experienced either in a restaurant or on the sand.  The brilliant beach bars that are sprinkled throughout the island offer tourists the chance to quench their thirst and not have to leave the water's edge.  Whether dressed in casual chic or a swimsuit and flip flops, the beach bars welcome you.  Some restaurants on the island also offer beach dining.  The restaurant scene on Anguilla is trendy and electric, boasting entrees with flavors from around the world and capturing an Anguillian twist.  Dining here will absolutely impress.  Dress up or dress down and introduce yourself to an impeccable meal in a flawless setting.

Travelers looking for the Best Hotels in Anguilla will find a variety of options that will help them rest and relax.  Find luxury and world-class dining at the Viceroy Anguilla Resort and Residences.  They are privately situated near Barnes Bay and Meads Bay and promise splendor.  Discover the romantic setting of  Cap Juluca.  This fine resort captures the beauty of the Caribbean and the serenity of the island.  CuisinArt Golf Resort entices golf enthusiasts everywhere by offering the only golf course on the island.  Tee off in paradise.  Stay at any of the fabulous resorts offered at WhatAHotel! and experience true bliss.

Embrace the friendly island of Anguilla and discover a decadent culture and history that will inspire the spirit.   Life is indeed better on the beaches of Anguilla. 

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