Friday, October 26, 2012

Lizard Island, Australian Luxury

Great Barrier Reef
The world is full of magnificent natural wonders that attract and entice travelers.  Perhaps one of the most beautiful locations showcasing Earth's beauty is the Great Barrier Reef.  Located on the northeastern coast of Australia, this crystal clear water is home to absolutely gorgeous coral and colorful wildlife.  Come "down under" and experience the organic beauty of Lizard Island and The Great Barrier Reef.
The country of Australia is captivating.  Its cities are overflowing with friendly people and an impressive culture, but venture out of the main city center and feast your eyes on something truly extraordinary.  The Great Barrier Reef is expansive, so large it is visible from outer space.  The reef has abundant plant and animal life.  The baleen whale, giant clams, the leatherback turtles as well as over 400 other species, all find refuge in this amazing habitat.  Get your snorkel ready or grab your wet suit and jump into the pure waters that mingle with the reef.  Keep an eye out for sharks and dive below the surface into an abyss of true beauty. 
Lizard Island, Australia
When heading to Australia, you want to find a resort that is as amazing as the reef itself.  With a number of islands and hotels vying for your attention, take a peek at what Lizard Island has to offer and be prepared to be impressed.  This private island presents some amazing amenities and awe-inspiring views.  Referred to as "your island" because of the feeling of perfect isolation, all of the beaches are private and secluded allowing guests to experience complete relaxation.  Winner of the 2012 Gourmet magazine travel award, there is no doubt you will experience excellence.  The food and restaurants on Lizard Island are remarkable.  Dine in high style and taste culinary genius at any of the wonderful hotel establishments or go it alone and order up a romantic, private picnic.  If seclusion doesn't relax you enough, try heading to the tranquil spa and get ready to be pampered.  The Azure Spa welcomes its guest and provides services inspired by nature.  At WhatAHotel! we offer alluring hotels and resorts that will delight travelers and Lizard Island is absolutely dazzling.  Stay here or at any of the Best Hotels in Australia and have a magnificent get-away.
With so many intoxicating things to see and do while in Australia, why not head to the coast and see the sights in the Great Barrier Reef.  Greatness awaits in Australia.

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