Monday, October 15, 2012

Magnificent Madrid

Madrid is centrally located in Spain and promises scorching summers and bone chilling winters.  Even with the inhospitable climate, Madrid still influences its natives and foreigners alike.  Every year this capital city welcomes visitors to its diverse streets and captures their hearts with its culture and pizzazz.  Come to Madrid and prepare to be amazed.

Madrid, Spain is not located near the shoreline, nor is it situated near a stunning lake or mountain range, but still it holds a charm and allure all its own.  Old Madrid interacts perfectly with the modern Madrid and promises to be a favorite of the European capitals among travelers.  The electric vibe of the city is non-stop and even early in the morning the metro areas are pulsing with excitement.  Boutiques are filled with high-end fashion and the restaurants are featuring the finest in cuisine, promising that this city has it all.  Come encounter the best of Madrid.

Discovering all of the great things that this unique capital has to offer should start with selecting a terrific hotel.  Staying in one of the Best Hotels in Madrid will not only add to the excellence of the city, but ensure your trip will be spectacular.  Book with WhatAHotel! and know that whichever hotel you choose it will be a quality location with impeccable services and amenities.  Whether you stay in the contemporary luxury of Hotel Villa Magna or the historic and opulent De Las Letras Hotel and Restaurante, know that your accommodations will be superb and unforgettable.  Stay in the finest hotels in Madrid and realize perfection.

Spain offers amazing food and wine and visitors of Madrid no doubt want to sample all that the city has to offer.  From the exclusive restaurants that display a culinary masterpiece to the simple but flavorful stew created with love at a street cafe, guests will enjoy an unbelievable meal.  While exploring the city make sure you find at least one tapas restaurant, known for serving a variety of Spanish favorites in snack size portions (dishes can be warm or cold).  This famous way of eating may have originated in Spain but is now become quite popular worldwide.  Savor the taste of tapas or other fine Spanish dishes alongside some robust Spanish wines and awaken your palette.  Relish the essence of Madrid!

Madrid has many landmarks and monuments of historic significance that are worth a visit during your time in Spain.  Take a tour of the largest royal palace in Western Europe situated in the lovely Plaza de Oriente Square.  Full of marvelous works of art and stories of the Spanish Royal Family, this site will inspire.  The Madrid Cathedral is another impressive site, featuring Madrid's largest church.  The Prado museum as well as The Reina Sofia exhibit priceless works of art that you won't want to miss.  The past connects with modern times in this fabulous old world city. 

Just mention the word shopping in Madrid and watch the excitement flash into the eyes of citizens and tourists alike.  This city is full of fashion, design and decor that are truly remarkable.  Shop for traditional crafts like ceramics and leather goods or even wine and cheese at some of the family-run shops located around town.  Gran Via, Plaza Mayor and Puerta de Sol are the large shopping malls in Madrid that sells international clothing brands and accessories.  Visit the Salamanca neighborhood where the upscale designer boutiques call to the affluent shopper with elegant and trendy styles.  Home decor or modern furnishings are also quite popular in this urban area, as well as chic clothing, shoes and stunning jewelry.  Shop to your heart's content in cosmopolitan Madrid.

Tour Spain and find fabulous people, delicious food and wines and a vibrant culture.  Tour Madrid and come to the capital of it all.  Experience the richness of life and style in magnificent Madrid.

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