Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Outrageous Oktoberfest

Each year as September comes to a close and October creeps into view, Munich is hopping with visitors from all over the world in search of a festival that rivals all festivals, Oktoberfest.  Beginning 179 years ago as a wedding reception of the royal family, today this festival, also called Beer Fest, is known world wide.  Come to Munich, Germany and appreciate an amber brew.

Oktoberfest is in full swing!  For 2012 the opening day was kicked off by the mayor officially declaring the festivities open.  He then taps the first barrel of beer and wishes everyone well.  During the first few days thousands of guests from Germany and all over the world attended the party.  One million liters of beer was sold, 9 oxen were purchased and 2 parades were held.  Pretty impressive for the world's largest fair.

After opening weekend, the fair is in full swing for 16-17 days, all depending on when the first Sunday in October falls.  This event may seem adult oriented, but it is visited by many families that love the music, costumes, the Ferris wheel and other fair-type rides, the food and the all around merriment.  Recently Oktoberfest even instituted what they call "quiet Oktoberfest" where the music is soft and the festivities are family friendly.  This gives the older visitors or the very young visitors a chance to appreciate the revelry without experiencing some possible adult entertainment.  So go before 6:00 pm and enjoy a great time in a happy setting.  After 6:00 the music gets loud and the craziness begins.  Decide which Oktoberfest you want to experience and let the adventure begin.

The beer tents are obviously one of the very famous destinations for anyone coming to enjoy the bash. This year 14 tents are available to choose from.  Not actually tents at all, these buildings are situated throughout the festival and each one has unique offerings.  Some only sell food and beer while others offer food, beer and activities.  Interesting choices, like pig's knuckles, can be found in one of the tents.  But if that seems a little too "unique" try one of the locations with more common food items.  Visit the Feisinger's Kas-und Weinstub'n for some fabulous cheese or Cafe' Mohrenkopf for bakery selections.  Cafe Kaiserschmarrn is called the pastry lover's paradise providing delicious treats and desserts.    Eat, drink and be merry in Munich!

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Munich is in the middle of all of the hoopla of Oktoberfest.  Come and enjoy the brew, brats and boisterous bash that is Oktoberfest!

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