Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Passionate Barbados

If you are searching for a spot where life is utterly sweet, look no further than Barbados.  Its culture and people are passionate about living a full life and experiencing complete bliss.  This tropical paradise features blue waters, warm beaches, lush greenery and a climate that is almost too good to be true.  Begin your discovery of Barbados and uncover an island with so much to offer. 
The people of Barbados seem to have figured out the meaning of life.  These lovely islanders realize that the journey is about living and every day is a true blessing.  You can see their enthusiasm in their smiles and in the way they welcome tourists to their island home.  You can taste their passion in the food they create and feel their intensity in the music they play.  It is quite possible that the Barbadian people have found perfection on this small Caribbean island. 
The beaches of Barbados are simply magnificent with 70 miles of sand that is available for travelers looking for rest and relaxation.  But don't worry if adventure is on your mind, the waters are full of excitement and this locale will truly inspire.  Each side of the island offers a beach with a different personality.  The west coast is calm and beckons visitors to lounge in the sun with a rum punch in their hand.  The east shoreline is decorated with stunning coral features and heart pounding waves.  Surfing here is considered one of the best locations in the world.  The southern side is pristine and proudly displays its reef protected waters.  This lovely area is the prime spot to grab your snorkel and go scout for colorful fish.  If that isn't tempting enough, venture to the southeast coast and take in the awe-inspiring cliffs and the pink sandy beach.  Boredom will not be a part of the equation on the Barbadian beaches. 
Sandy Lane Resort
The cuisine in Barbados is as tempting as the island itself.  The culture combines African, Caribbean, West Indies and European influences to their unique menus.  Fresh fish and seafood are obviously a commonly used ingredient in most dishes because of the easy access.  Expect entrees with tuna, shark, salmon, and kingfish, as well as shrimp, lobster and crab.  Flying fish, which is the national symbol of Barbados, is also quite commonplace in many of the fabulous establishments.  Check out the beachside restaurants for the ultimate in natural ambiance and you will no doubt savor some fantastic food with a phenomenal view. 
Fairmont Royal Pavilion
The hotels and resorts that are located on this beautiful oasis are luxurious and stunning.  WhatAHotel! presents you with the Best Hotels in Barbados and promises pure gratification.  Each resort we detail has exquisite accommodations, unrivaled amenities and exemplary service.  Sandy Lane serves up an elegant environment, a deluxe spa and a beautifully maintained 18-hole golf course.  This classic resort welcomes distinguished travelers with impeccable taste.   The Fairmont Royal Pavilion boasts a majestic beachfront with an enchanting old world plantation feel.  This posh resort presents guests with lavish amenities and thrilling cuisine.  Stay at one of the Best Hotels in Barbados and you may just find the true meaning of life. 
Barbados has an enticing nightlife, excellent shopping and awesome landmarks.  These traits mixed with the creative cuisine, superb hotels and palm lined beaches help to make Barbados a sensational vacation destination.  The people of this tropical paradise truly know how to live a rich and fulfilling life.  Maybe during your stay you too can discover a real passion for life. 

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