Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Perfectly Painted San Francisco

Famous for its ideal climate, rolling landscape, spectacular views and some pretty incredible architectural landmarks, San Francisco, California is a top destination for travelers all around the world.  Every year thousands flock to this picturesque city to see the sites, taste the divine food and wine and enjoy the California vibe.  While taking in this brilliant city, visit the famous "Painted Ladies" of San Francisco and be enchanted by their history, beauty and grace. 

Beginning in the late 1800's and extending to the early 1900's, San Francisco was a thriving metropolis and with the economic success came the rise of these grand Victorian and Edwardian homes.  After a devastating earthquake in 1906 that spurred fires throughout the area, many of these breathtaking homes were destroyed.  Today the most famous of the homes are "The Six Sisters"; a group of six homes that still stand looking as proud and well kept as the day they were built. 

The definition of "Painted Ladies" refers to a home that is painted in 3 or more colors to enhance its architectural elements.  Reds, yellows, browns, and oranges shout at people passing by to bask in their loud and colorful beauty.  These San Francisco homes have become so well known, that this phenomena has spread rapidly throughout the United States.  Cities everywhere are rehabbing their aged statuesque Victorians into extravagant homes that beg to be added to any notable historical record.  Although the "Six Sisters" are by far the most famous of the "Painted Ladies", you will find many other gorgeous mansions around the city that are sure to impress.  They may not have the colorful facade of the legendary six, but they are lovely in their own right. 

When touring the illustrious homes, you can stroll through the neighborhood streets of Alamo Square.  This handsome community seems to take us back to another time.  The exterior elements of the homes are so embellished and colorful that they seem to capture and retain your attention.  The old homes are situated near the captivating Alamo Square Park. Although it is only the size of four city blocks, it sits on the top of a hill delivering a view that is unforgettable.  It showcases the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge and a remarkable outline of the city skyline.  Pick a day that is fog free and take in this resplendent city.

Touring the delightful city of San Francisco and seeing everything from the impressive sky-scrapers to the Golden Gate Bridge will no doubt be awe-inspiring.  Just make sure you take some time to see the charming Victorian homes called "The Painted Ladies".  The history and allure of these significant homes will make your trip absolutely unforgettable.  Stay in the Best Hotels in San Francisco to truly enjoy your amazing vacation. 

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