Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Shop in Stylish Mexico City

It's always remarkable how style is constantly changing.  Every season new trends emerge that delight our senses.  The trendy imprints from other cultures or countries inspire us, our decor and our clothing.  The perfect Pashmina from India or a delectable pair of Italian leather shoes can make a grown woman cry.  Recently the vivid colors and inspirational indigenous textiles have excited the fashion world and catapulted Mexico City into a chic shopping location.

This capital city emanates from the main square called Zocalo.  Mexico City began as an Aztec city and now presents itself as a modern urban area.  Scattered with trendy neighborhoods, commercial and business areas, shanty towns and historical sites, this capital city invites tourists to experience a big city vibe with stunning hotels, magnificent restaurants and some fabulous shopping. 

If you are searching for high-end boutiques then look no further then Avendia Presidente Masaryk.  Quickly becoming the "Rodeo Drive of Mexico City", this area is where Armani and Cartier sit alongside Tiffany.  Stroll along the most valued street in Mexico and shop your day away.  This street is also home to some amazing restaurants that will not only put a dent in your hunger but also your wallet.  Expensive taste and stunning surroundings will make your shopping experience unforgettable.

If the perfect souvenir is what you are in search of, make a stop at the Bazar Sabado.  Housed in a historic stone mansion, this market is where you will find local ware sold by some of the higher end merchants.  Here you can shop for jewelry, pottery and other Mexican goods.  In the center of the market you can find a quaint restaurant.  This open air establishment will give you the chance to sit and ponder your purchases while filling your stomach.  Grab that great deal on a fabulous find and go home happy.

Lagunilla is the largest market located in Mexico City.  Separated into three sections, one for clothing, one for furniture and one for food items, this market is rowdy and exciting.  Visit on a Sunday and see the area in full swing.  Stroll through the aisles and grab up some excellent goods.  After visiting Lagunilla, venture toward Mercado Insurgentes.  This location has over 200 stalls overflowing with silver, Mexican arts and crafts and gold jewelry.  You can also find traditional Mexican clothing for an exceptional price.  Open daily; this market will insure you leave Mexico City with some unbelievable treasures.

For some art and culture mixed with your shopping, check out Mercado la Ciudadela or Sullivan Park.  Mercado la Ciudadela is a market area that exhibits artwork, ironwork and paintings along with other authentic crafts.  With hundreds of stalls located here, you will surely find the perfect piece to take home.  Sullivan Park is located near Mercado la Ciudadela and hosts the Jardin del Arte, and an open air art show.  Find the ideal sculpture or oil painting while ambling through this lovely area.

There is no doubt that this truly impressive capital city will inspire you to see the magnificent sites, dine at the scrumptious restaurants, or relax in the Best Hotels in Mexico City.  Just make sure that you pack an extra bag, because before you end your trip you will shop.  Visit Mexico City and become enchanted with their elegant boutiques and their traditional markets.  Shop chic in Mexico City.

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