Friday, October 5, 2012

We're looking for good people

Many people love planning vacations, looking for the perfect place to jet off to and spend some time either relaxing or venturing out on an amazing adventure.  If this is something you love to do, how would you like to spend your day planning that unforgettable vacation, learning about new places to stay or old places to explore.  What about helping a corporate client book a travel incentive trip for their sales force?  Or maybe helping a soon to be married couple book a luxurious honeymoon that will guarantee the start of a wonderful life together?  At Lorraine Travel, we are in search of new talent that want to share their love of travel with others by providing them exceptional service with a professional and knowledgeable touch. 

Maybe you're an experienced travel agent already and are looking for a new agency that will give you a competitive edge. Possibly you are a stay-at-home mom that is looking for part-time work, or working at job where you need to supplement your current income.

Whatever the case might be, consider joining forces with with, Lorraine Travel (which owns WhataHotel!).  
Lorraine Travel, founded in 1948 has it's own pedigree but as a member of the Signature Travel Network, it is positioned as a top agency with the best cruise lines, tour operators, hotels,and airlines. Our alliances allow our employees and outside, independent travel consultants to provide clients a wide variety of unique privileges that will help them build & strengthen customer loyalty. 

Have you always loved reading about travel or planning your next get-away?  If you love the idea of your work life being linked to the wonderful world around us, why wait another minute.  Contact us at Lorraine Travel and take the first step toward a fabulous career in travel.

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