Friday, November 30, 2012

Beautiful and Historic Prague

Prague, Czech Republic
The Czech Republic is centrally located in Europe and is home to the always lovely city of Prague.  This capital city is steeped in culture and tradition that creates an amazing destination for vacationers.  Come to Prague to get a taste of the allure and heritage that can be found in this charming European hub.
Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel
Prague showcases an assortment of architectural styles from Art Nouveau, Baroque, Renaissance, Cubist, Gothic, Neo-Classical and Modern, making it a fantastic place to visit to experience some pristine architectural creations.  Because WWII did less damage to Prague than many of the other large European cities, it is home to some remarkable landmarks.  Prague Castle is a great first stop as it houses St. Vitus Cathedral as well as the Czech Crown Jewels.  Take a tour of the city to see the sites or go out on your own, just make sure you stop to see the Charles Bridge, the Lennon Wall, Old Town Square, the Old Jewish Cemetery and at least one of the national museums.  Sightseeing alone can take up your entire vacation if you aren't careful, so plan accordingly and enjoy the structural elements in Prague.  

Like many cities in Europe, Prague displays a plethora of dining choices that will ignite your appetite.  All ethnic styles and menu selections can be found here, from Asian to Seafood to some Czech favorites.  This city plays host to celebrity chefs and restaurants that love to showoff their many awards.  Don't forget that several times a year Prague celebrates with food festivals that promise to make your mouth water.  Budget friendly or expensive upscale establishments can be found in Prague and all of these restaurants aim to please.  Ask the locals or your concierge and discover an unforgettable dining experience.
Hotel de Paris
The architectural tour won't end when you check into your hotel.  The Best Hotels in Prague are lovely collections of architectural history as well.  Four Seasons Hotel Prague is nestled in the fairytale old town area and beautifully blends the traditional style with modern conveniences.  Dine in style at one of the 3 fantastic restaurants that tout their culinary expertise.  Arrange for a massage or another divine treatment at the Four Seasons Spa and achieve tranquility and relaxation.  Check out the Art Deco feel of the Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel.  Recently restored to its former glory, the interior is classic and posh with inviting rooms and impressive public areas.  Dine at one of the acclaimed on-site restaurants or take a cooking class taught by the head chef and learn how to create delicious dishes while sipping robust wine.  Another example of the many architectural stylings showcased in the hotels around the city is the Art Nouveau style that is gracefully displayed in the features of the Hotel de Paris.  This enchanting hotel is still owned and run by the very same family that built it back in 1904.  The hand painted interior is just as splendid as the stunning exterior.  Delight in the French and Czech cuisine at the one of the hotel restaurants and burn off those extra calories in the wellness and spa center.  Luxury and convenience can be found at any of the Best Hotels in Prague.  Stay in any of the trendy hotels that are offered by WhatAHotel! and receive exclusive complimentary perks by booking with us.  Appeal can be found in the not just this exquisite city but in the hotels and resorts that call this urban area home. 
Four Seasons Hotel Prague
The Czech Republic is home to a rich culture and some amazing landmarks.  Tourists can stroll through the cobblestone streets and take in marvelous surroundings or sit in a street side cafe and sip a tasty cappuccino.  Prague has historic features just waiting to be uncovered by its curious guests.  Fall in love with the radiant and fascinating Prague.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Abu Dhabi Chic

Abu Dhabi
The sand is scorching and the sun can be relentless, however rising up in the middle of the desert is what can only be described as an oasis.  For years Dubai has claimed the top spot in trendy travel when heading to the United Arab Emirates.  Today a new iconic skyline is being built, and is giving U.A.E's favorite city a run for its money.  Travel to Abu Dhabi where new hotels and resorts are being built and luxury and elegance are guaranteed.
The Middle East is known as an exotic vacation destination and is fast becoming a locale for the jet set all over the world.  With Dubai making a name for itself it's not surprising that Abu Dhabi is vying for some of the attention, some of the travelers and some of the tourism dollars.  Architects and hoteliers are heading here to erect impressive museums, contemporary structures and extravagant hotels.  Because Abu Dhabi is home to almost all of the countries oil, it's only fair that it stakes some of the claim on the country's glamour. 

Emirates Palace
Abu Dhabi is such an opulent destination, and because of this the hotels that are going up are just as fabulous as the city that surrounds them.  Grand resorts and hotels sit amongst the eloquent and lush grounds.  Some don a contemporary facade while others display a majestic regal appearance.  Emirates Palace is an enchanting resort that will make you feel like you are  part of the royal family.  Technology and comfort can be found whether you book one of the 302 Grand rooms or one of the 92 sumptuous suites.  Taste the exotic flavors offered at the mouth-watering restaurants or rejuvenate your spirit at The Anatara Spa.  Emirates Palace strives to make you feel as distinguished as the city itself.  If you are searching for luxury in a more modern setting, check in at Rocco Forte Abu Dhabi and experience gleaming colorful glass and the stylish and authentic design of this new hotel.  Fabulous service and unbridled amenities can be found here as well as the promise of top of the line facilities.  Discover a true culinary experience at one of the distinctive restaurants or find balance at the Mizan Spa.  A definite appeal can be found at all of the Best Hotels in Abu Dhabi and by booking with WhatAHotel! you will receive exclusive complimentary perks that make us stand out from other online travel sites.  Book your trip to the United Arab Emirates and get ready to live the good life.
Rocco Forte Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi is home to boutique shopping, an intriguing culture, a multitude of marvelous restaurants and many thrilling activities.  Travel to Abu Dhabi will be anything but boring.  Stay at one of the Best Hotels in Abu Dhabi and discover a lavish lifestyle.  Abu Dhabi, it may not be the most famous city in U.A.E, but it is fast becoming a favorite.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mesmerizing Mauritius

Mauritius, Africa
As the cooler temps start to set in for most of the continental US, dreams of warm weather and azure blue waters tempt travelers to search out the ultimate vacation destination.  Pristine beaches, friendly locals and unforgettable adventure is what is on the agenda, and search no further than Mauritius, Africa.  This island nation is situated off the coast of Africa near Madagascar, so warm weather and the perfect climate are guaranteed.  Head to Mauritius and discover some of the best  ways to spend your vacation days.
When planning an African vacation, safari might be the first thing that pops into your mind.  Mauritius, however, is an island paradise where activities include sun and sand, not safari.  Deep sea fishing is a favorite for tourists, being a great way to spend some time on the gorgeous ocean while also taking in the views of lovely island that surround it.  Another surprising activity is golf, which is quite popular on this island paradise.  Several hotels have fabulous 18 hole courses that will help you improve your game, or try out the unique course offered by the One and Only Le Touessrok Golf Course where the links are located on their very own island.  If fishing and golf don't fall on the list of must do vacation excursions, try your hand at shopping in Grand Bay.  This tourist favorite is home to stores for shopping, restaurants for dining and some fun nightclubs to be sure to make your night electric.  Nature tours, water sports, or lounging by the ocean are all certain to make this trip instantly legendary.
Four Seasons Mauritius
At WhatAHotel! we strive to help make the ultimate vacation even more amazing by offering up extraordinary perks and benefits on already phenomenal hotels and resorts.  With a small island like Mauritius you may think that your selection of hotels would be limited, but that is simply not the case.  We provide the Best Hotels in Mauritius promising your accommodations will absolutely be impressive.  Stay at the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius and see why we tout our preferred partner status with all Four Season Resorts worldwide.  Four Seasons strives to create a guest friendly stay where the service and amenities are remarkable.  In Mauritius, Four Seasons provides a hotel with stunning views, the Ernie El's golf course, an on-site spa situated over the beautiful waters and let's not forget some mouthwatering restaurants.  Stay at Four Seasons or any of the Superb hotels in Mauritius and experience true luxury.
Temple in Mauritius
During your time in Mauritius, rent a car and tour the island to capture a different perspective of the culture that encompasses the area.  The Triolet Shivala is a popular village on the island and is home to the island's largest Hindu temple.  Pereybère is another remarkable location.  This is the largest public beach, but also draws crowds because of the shops, restaurants and the pubs in the area.  Take a hike to The Labourdonnais Orchards where you can find exotic flowers and trees with such a sweet scent that will surely entice your soul.  History buffs will enjoy a trip to HiBalaclava Ruins where you can discover the remnants of the old estate walls that once stood there and learn a bit about the islands beginning.  Mauritius offers up thrilling and inspiring activities that will absolutely ensure a bit of your heart will remain here when you leave. 
Four Seasons Mauritius Restaurant
Your flight to Mauritius might not be quick, but once you land here you will become passionate about your destination.  The people and the culture will draw you in and capture your spirit.  Start planning your trip to one of Africa's loveliest islands, Mauritius, and be ready to fall in love.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cape Grace is Cape Town Fabulous

Cape Grace
Traveling to some places is considered a dream come true, and Cape Town, South Africa is one such place.  Located in southern Africa, this truly beautiful and romantic setting promises views of the mountains and of the crystal waters of the Atlantic.  Table Mountain is found here and is by far the most famous sight to see and with one look travelers discover why.  This mountain is absolutely gorgeous, rising out of the middle of the city and surrounded by fluffy clouds.  Table Mountain also divides the city into specific areas that include public gardens, forests,  vineyards and impressive homes.  Situated in this lovely city is another notable landmark, Cape Grace Hotel.  Considered by some as one of the world's most legendary hotels, WhatAHotel! offers up exclusive deals to make this prime spot even more amazing.  Head to Cape Town and enjoy what just might be the trip of a lifetime.
Cape Grace is a boutique hotel and displays a creative environment that starts with its interior design and continues into its sophisticated restaurants.  With views of the iconic Table Mountain and situated in the city's waterfront district, warmth and hospitality can be found at the stylish Cape Grace.  World Class luxury awaits in South Africa.
Interior of Cape Grace
Upon arrival to Cape Grace, you immediately recognize the uniqueness of this waterfront hotel.  Comfort and drama envelope the interior.  Hand painted fabrics, interesting antiques and Cape Town artifacts can be found here and bring character to the environment.  Hand made metalwork, magnificent woodwork, contemporary glass and leather all mesh perfectly to create a very chic appearance.  Cape Grace has also utilized local artisans to create masterpieces that reflect the city that surrounds the hotel.  Modern amenities and old world charm, traditional stripes mixed with pretty florals all help to establish the ultimate look and feel.  Combine the lush interiors with the fantastic views and prepare to fall in love.  One step into Cape Grace and you will immediately understand why this location is world renowned. 
One very memorable service at Cape Grace is the ceremony of afternoon tea held daily in what the hotel calls the Library.  This comfortable and classy room serves up several different types of tea and some mouthwatering menu items.  Have a meal or a light snack and enjoy this time honored ritual.  Another option that will not disappoint is the Signal Restaurant.  With a number of impressive awards and recognitions, this restaurants offers up local fare and flavors and a menu that will deliver tempting dishes.  Visiting Cape Town should always include a tour of a winery or at least a tasting of some local wines.  Cape Grace makes this easy by offering a wine bar.  The Bascule Whisky, Wine and Cocktail Bar exhibits a sliver of the excitement found in urban area that envelopes the hotel.  Enjoy breakfast, a coffee break, or possibly a light lunch during the day.  However when night falls the bar turns into a glamorous space full of the socialites in the area and connoisseurs of fine drink.  Whisky tasting or wine tasting, The Bascule gives you the ultimate setting with the ultimate menu to absolutely enjoy your evening.
View of Cape Grace
When traveling to such an exceptional hotel, some spa time should definitely be on the itinerary.  Cape Grace offers up another winner, The Spa at Cape Grace.  Located on the top floor of the hotel providing stunning views of the city, mountains and water, this spa is truly marvelous.  Therapies and treatments will help relax guests and promise tranquility and pampering.  The treatments offered here are inspired by the South African people, the flora of the area and the remedies found in the heritage of the people.  Relieve your stress in this truly lovely spa. 
With so many amazing amenities, Cape Grace makes it difficult to even want to leave long enough to explore the amazing city that encompasses the hotel grounds.  Known as one of the best hotels in the world, book your stay with WhatAHotel! and receive additional benefits and perks that will ensure your trip will be fantastic.  Cape Town, South Africa is home to a true gem.  Excellence and elegance await at The Cape Grace Hotel.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Traditons

After clearing out the last of the Thanksgiving decorations, it's time to search for the holiday decor and those dreaded, always tangled, twinkle lights.  This time of year the night skies are filled with bright and colorful lights that bring a festive feel to the air.  Everywhere you look you can find either the simple and elegant white lights or the garish explosion of color from the over the top exhibitions.  Both are beautiful in their own way and promise to capture the hearts of the young and the old.  In your town there is sure to be that one home or that one location that promises an epic light show, but all over the states there are locations that outdo anything you've ever seen.  Visit some of the best places to see holiday lights and illuminate your holiday spirit. 
Four Seasons New York
For as long as I can remember, New York City seems to capture the true meaning of Christmas.  We get that twinge of nostalgia from those classic black and white movies we still watch today.  They show off the department store window displays that people would huddle around to capture a glimpse of their beauty, the hotels were dressed to impress and the downtown buildings adorned with only the most lovely decorations.  This big city seems to soften somewhat once the lights go up and the garland is strung.  Still today, people travel the globe to visit Rockefeller Center and the enormous tree that is lit each year.  Dressed in thousands of lights and the always glamorous Swarovski Crystal star, the tree symbolizes the beginning of the wonderful season.  New York City lines it's streets with seasonal lights and decor that promise a memorable trip.  Stay at one of the Best Hotels in NYC and discover the seasons magic.
Walt Disney, Orlando
Every child knows that the most magical place on Earth is in fact Disney World.   When the weather is scorching and the farthest thing from most peoples mind is Christmas, Disney World begins it's planning process.  In the middle of November, the crews start to hang the lights, more then 200,000 on Cinderella's Castle alone.  Millions of colorful lights are perfectly placed to make the most magical place on Earth that much more magical.  Dancing lights can be found in the Hollywood Studio section, where the lights seem to dance to the music being played.  As if that weren't breathtaking enough, each show is capped off with a dusting of fluffy white "snow".  Head to  Orlando, Florida and stay in the Best Hotels in Orlando to experience this fantastic display. 
Another fine spot to take in the impressive light displays is the Magnificent Mile in stunning Chicago, Illinois.  More then half a century these gorgeous lights have adorned this stretch of street to kick off the holiday season.  More than a million lights can be found dressing the trees that line the street.  Along with the trees, the shops and businesses located here also dress up their storefronts to create a seasonal feel.  Add a little of the quite common lake effect snow and you have the ideal holiday scene.  Stay at one of the Best Hotels in Chicago and capture some true Christmas cheer. 
Newport Beach Boat Parade
If you are looking for a white Christmas, you will most likely NOT find that in Newport Beach, California.  Here the days are sunny and the weather warm.  Instead of Santa being seen on a sleigh, he can be found waving from a passing yacht at the Christmas Boat Parade.  This annual holiday tradition has been going on for over 100 years and draws over a million spectators.  Five nights of the water being lit up from the twinkle light adorned boats.  Every boat shape and size can be found fully glitzed out in color.  Even the bayside homes and businesses join in the festivities and create a truly lovely parade backdrop.  Head to Newport Beach and you will enjoy the holidays in the sand and surf.  Stay at one of the Best Hotels in Newport Beach and have a amazing Christmas vacation. 
Each and every year people traipse through their basements and attics in search of their boxed up holiday decor.  Even though decorating can be quite overwhelming, the lights somehow shine bright enough to bring hope and beauty to almost everything around.  Create a new family tradition and travel to one of the country's best holiday light displays.  At WhatAHotel! we hope to help you create memories that will last a lifetime.  Happy Holidays Everyone!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Adventure and Luxury in Bermuda

Pink Sand Beaches in Bermuda
Bermuda has long been known as a fabulous vacation destination for finicky golfers in search of prime courses and exceptional weather or honeymooners looking for pristine beaches and some romantic settings.  However in recent years this lush tropical paradise has welcomed adventure seekers and families to its beautiful shores promising an amazing stay.  Welcome to Bermuda, the island full of intrigue, adventure and luxury.
Cambridge Beaches
What to do while in Bermuda may cause you a bit of a dilemma.  With so many options and excursions, narrowing it down to a few activities can prove to be difficult.  Of course you'll want to spend some time on the famous pink sand beaches, and quite possibly take in some scuba diving or snorkeling and tour the crystal clear waters that surround this impressive island, but make sure you take some time to see what else Bermuda has to offer.  Military forts, historic churches and homes, a sweet smelling perfumery and the Royal Naval Dockyard can all be found here.  Explore the caves, nature preserves or try out the land and water sports.  We dare you to find yourself with any extra time because adventure awaits in Bermuda.
Elbow Beach
Bermuda has long been known as a luxurious vacation destination, so it is not surprising that the hotels and resorts here are impeccable and extraordinary.  Cambridge Beaches is an exclusive cottage community resort situated on a private 30 acre peninsula.  Perfect for couples or families, this posh colony provides every amenity you could possibly desire from savory meals to relaxing spa treatments.  Elbow Beach is another amazing resort that reminds many of the French Riviera.  This pretty yellow hotel welcomes guests with every indulgence required for an excellent vacation.  Fairmont Southampton is another amazing location located on 100 acres of perfectly landscaped grounds.  Golf, a free-form pool, private beach and unforgettable amenities give this hotel an inspiring leg up on the competition.  At WhatAHotel! we offer the Best Hotels in Bermuda along with Exclusive Perks and Benefits that will ensure your trip will be absolutely remarkable.  Make sure you check out our Specials located at the right hand side of the Best Hotels in Bermuda page and take advantage of some fabulous deals. 
Fairmont Southampton
Where to eat is at the top of most tourists "need to know" lists when traveling and Bermuda will definitely not disappoint.  Every type of dining style can be found here from hole-in-the-wall to trendy high-end restaurants, and the food is amazing no matter which establishment you chose.  Fresh fish and seafood are obviously prevalent on most menus and promise an appetizing meal.  Many other flavors from around the globe can be found from Italian to Japanese, but try a bit of the local flavor to provide the true island experience.  Delight your tastebuds in Bermuda.
If you are looking for the perfect island vacation destination, Bermuda just might be the place.  Known for its friendly people, beautiful surroundings and chic resorts and boutiques, this tropical oasis is calling to you.  Answer the call and get ready to indulge in breathtaking Bermuda. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Get-Away

Downtown Curacao
Most people spend Thanksgiving with family and friends, celebrating and being thankful for what the year has brought them.  Others however, look forward to getting away from the hustle and bustle that the holiday can bring.  Check out a few great escapes and decide if it's time to forgo the turkey and start a new tradition.  WhatAHotel! offers up some unforgettable locations and fantastic accommodations that will make you quite happy with your decision. 
Paris, France
Who doesn't love the idea of traveling to Paris, so why not travel for the holidays and experience the off-season in this spectacular city.  Less crowds means a more relaxing vacation.  Take a look at the Best Hotels in Paris and chose something fabulous.  Four Seasons Paris, George V is such a place offering up exquisite views, stunning suites and mouth-watering dining options.  Book now, pack your bags and be in Paris for Thanksgiving. 
Maybe you are looking at spending this extended weekend playing a round of golf.  See what The Hyatt Regency Curacao Golf Resort has to offer.  Upscale amenities and service with an 18-hole Pete Dye designed championship golf course.  If that sounds too good to be true, maybe spend a few hours in the 4,500 square foot full service spa.  Dine in style, lounge on the beach or take in some golf in an amazing setting.  Any way you look at it, you can't go wrong starting the busy holiday season in spectacular Curacao.
Snowmass, Colorado
If sun and sightseeing haven't caught your eye, maybe you want to start the season by hitting the slopes.  Snowmass Village in Colorado will absolutely rise to the occasion.  The Viceroy Hotels and Resorts provides its guests with sophistication and some spectacular views.  This ski in/ski out resort is perfect for couples and families, so no matter who you want to spend your vacation with, Viceroy can accommodate you.  The lovely hotel provides everything you could ever require during a ski vacation, and is only a short drive from Aspen.  Spend Thanksgiving in the powder in Colorado.
Savannah, Georgia
In search of a traditional and classic location that will take you away from it all but still put you into the Christmas spirit?  Try lovely historic Savannah, Georgia.  Discover the true meaning of Southern hospitality and charm during your stay and take in the historic landmark district all decked out with yuletide cheer.  Stroll down the streets and take in the beauty of these old homes that seem to be lost in the Victorian age.  During your time in Savannah, stay at the contemporary Andaz. located downtown.  Be pampered by all of the new amenities in this urban chic hotel yet surrounded by the historic past of this glorious city.  Old meets new in Savannah.
Whether you decide to stay home and enjoy the kick off to the holiday season or head out to enjoy something different but every bit as exciting, know that WhatAHotel! offers Exclusive Benefits that make us stand out against other online travel companies.  Enjoy your holiday your way!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Ultimate Christmas Vacation

Vienna, Austria
It's Thanksgiving this week in America, a time when we eat and shop way more than we should.  This wonderful holiday reminds us to look around and be thankful for our many blessings.  As the week comes to a close and the turkey and cranberry sauce are almost gone, we look toward the next holiday and are eager to start the Yuletide Season.  While some plan travels that will take them closer to family and friends, others look to spend their holiday with loved ones in new and wonderful places.  This week, WhatAHotel thanks you for your business and offers up a few ideas on how to spend your upcoming holiday.  Plan a trip to one of these fabulous destinations and we are sure you will be merry and bright.
Taos, New Mexico is a desert town some would consider remote, but during the holiday season it transforms into a magical wonderland.  The cultural traditions of the area create a rich atmosphere full of twinkling lights and ceremony.  El Monte Sagrado is the perfect place to stay while you're in Taos.  Situated on the town square, this resort and spa showcases jolly articles from around the world throughout the hotel.  Book early to ensure you get a room with a fireplace and enjoy the comfortable and cozy surroundings. 
San Miguel De Allende
San Miguel De Allende is a hot spot in Mexico capturing the attention of travelers all year round, but Christmas time in this Mexican city is absolutely electric.  Fireworks, parades around town, live music and plenty of food and drink make this destination fun and festive.  Casa De Sierra Nevada is the hotel of choice when traveling to San Miguel De Allende, the hotel rooms are located inside six historic mansions with outdoors corridors, courtyards and gardens that help take advantage of the warm December weather.  Inside the rooms you can find lovely tiled bathrooms, wood burning fireplaces, beautiful classic architectural features and local artwork.  Staying here will guarantee to make your season joyful. 
Key West, Florida  offers up warm weather and appealing charm during the month of  December.  Palm trees are trimmed for the celebration and the historic waterfront creates an aura of festivity.  Get the feeling of nostalgia while taking a tour of the local inns that catapult us back in time with quaint interiors and lovely holiday decor.  Casa Marina Resort, Key West is a Waldorf Astoria hotel and promises to provide you an exemplary stay during your holiday in Key West.  Contemporary luxury with a laid back feel will ensure you might just relax for once during the Christmas holiday.
Chicago, Illinois
Chicago, Illinois is in the heart of the United States and completely embraces the holiday spirit.  The Magnificent Mile boasts thousands of twinkling lights while Navy Pier plays host to Winterfest with a holiday themed indoor ice rink and amusement park.  Catch the German twist on the holiday with the Christkindlmarkt, a outdoor fest with crafts, markets and not to mention beer and sausages.  During your time in the Windy City, stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Chicago and experience amazing service, amenities and lovely views of the festive city.  As a Four Seasons Preferred Partner, we provide Exclusive Complimentary Perks that will seem like a Christmas present in itself.  Visit Chicago and you may just experience a winter wonderland. 
There is something charming about an old fashioned Christmas and you can find just that in Vienna, Austria.  Home to three outdoor Christkindlmarkts, this traditional city provides hours of entertainment for you and your family.  These festivals are especially beautiful at night.  The outdoor markets sell crafts and ornaments along with finger foods and spiced mulled wine.  Although the nighttime does present the most lovely surroundings, visit during the day and listen to the angelic sounds of the Vienna Boys' Choir.  The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna is the ultimate historic hotel that will help create lasting Christmas memories.  Located within walking distance to most landmarks, it is the perfect location to spread some yuletide cheer.
Key West, Florida
As the holiday season approaches, look to WhatAHotel! to help you book a truly magical and memorable trip.  Tis the season to be jolly, so be jolly in a fabulous place that commits to create a fantastic holiday experience.  Treat yourself and the ones you love to the ultimate Christmas present, time spent together.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Marvelous Moscow

The Kremlin
So many capital cities are intriguing and captivating.  Moscow is such a place, and can seem overwhelming but also quite appealing.  Beautiful architecture that is inspiring, a culture that is deep seeded in the Russian people, sophisticated restaurants and glorious hotels all can be found in the stunning city of Moscow.  Travel to the nearly new city and experience unimaginable.
St. Basil
Famous landmarks can be found all over the world.  One look at certain buildings or monuments and people immediately know where the picture was taken.  This is very much the case for Moscow.  St. Basil's Cathedral is so well known that most know it is located in Russia, but probably have no idea the name of the building.  The gorgeous and colorful holy site is unlike anything in Russia's architectural past yet still has become an iconic landmark that is immediately recognizable.  St. Basil's is located in Red Square, another impressive site in Moscow.  Take some time to visit the Kremlin, the monument to Peter the Great and State Tretyakov Gallery, a perfect place to visit and admire some great historic Russian art.  With such a tumultuous history, Moscow is overflowing with must-see sites that are truly remarkable. 

Dining in Moscow literally presents something for everyone.  Simple dining establishments offer up value priced meals that still awaken the palate.  But if you are looking for an over the top experience, Moscow will not disappoint.  Some restaurants provide a themed atmosphere that can only be considers outrageous, but still create delicious and delightful meals.  With the majority of the people that live in Moscow eating out on a regular basis, there is never a shortage of places to feed your hunger.  Come hungry to Moscow and enjoy the experience.  

Ritz Carlton, Moscow
Extravagance is apparent in the hotels found in this striking city.  You can find locations with historic addresses and beautifully inspired old world design or go modern and streamline with the sleek new hotels that are anything but cold.  WhatAHotel! provides the Best Hotels in Moscow and helps you discover the unique and vibrant accommodations that are located in this urban area.  Ritz Carlton Moscow is one amazing option that provides superb service and amenities.  This premier hotel is near the Red Square and the Kremlin making it a great location to see the sites.  Equipped with a soothing spa, ESPA, that promotes healing, well being and relaxation.  The modern spa offers the latest in scientific advancements combined with a highly trained staff.  Stay here and be sure to visit the wineroom for a classically inspired meal or the O2 Lounge for a chic and contemporary experience.  Ritz Carlton Moscow provides the ultimate selection in food and drink.  Feel regal while you stay at here and know that WhatAHotel! provides its customers with exclusive perks and benefits that other online companies can not offer.  Stay at one of our Moscow hotels and realize true refinement and sophistication. 
Russia is the combination of tradition and culture combined with modern design and style.  Moscow promotes the beauty of its past but shows off its future.  Cosmopolitan meets old world in Marvelous Moscow.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The American Riviera - Santa Barbara

Four Seasons Resort, The Biltmore
The French Riviera is a breathtaking place that is well known all over the world as a dream vacation spot.  Portofino, Italy is a dazzling destination and considered to be the Italian Riviera, but what some people may not know is that in the U.S., we too have a spectacular city with a stretch of beach that is so lovely it is referred to as the American Riviera.  Travel to Santa Barbara, California and discover this alluring city and all of its charming attractions. 

Tucked away between the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean and the impressive Santa Ynez Mountains sits Santa Barbara.  This almost perfect city is blessed with sunny skies and mild temperatures most of the year.  With such a fabulous location comes fantastic resorts and hotels.  WhatAHotel! offers exclusive benefits and perks that make us an easy choice when it comes to internet travel companies.  Visit us online and select from the Best Hotels in Santa Barbara to ensure a spectacular vacation. 

Interior of the Four Seasons Biltmore
One of the impressive hotels we feature is the Four Seasons Resort, The Biltmore located beachfront in stunning Santa Barbara.  This resort is Spanish colonial style and houses gorgeous and luxurious suites.  If more privacy is required, take a peak at the Ty Warner cottage and get ready to be impressed.  This 2,000 square foot cottage features all of the amenities of home combined with the exceptional Four Seasons service and quality.  Lounge on your private patio and overlook the lush jasmine scented gardens or relax in front of the large living room fireplace after a long day at the beach.  This cottage is truly magical.  If you are looking to completely unwind, book one of the restorative and botanical spa treatments at the on-site spa.  The beautiful treatment rooms provide privacy and tranquility, or have the spa come to you and experience a massage in the seclusion and comfort of your own suite.  Enjoy some time splashing in the ocean waves along the expanse of beach located just steps away from the hotel or take a dip in one of the two magnificent resort pools.  After a busy day in the sun, you are bound to be hungry.  Four Seasons offers up innovative menus at all of their trendy and inviting restaurants and lounges.  Try their California cuisine with an Italian twist featuring fresh seafood and locally grown produce.  Make sure you relish the flavor of the local wines or sip something amazing from a vineyard located in another part of the world.  Either way these sophisticated dining establishments will guarantee to please even the most distinguished guests.  Remember when you make your travel reservations at a Four Seasons Hotel with WhatAHotel! you are booking with a Four Seasons Preferred Partner.  This partnership is by invitation only because both companies share a mutual commitment to experiences of exceptional quality.  Santa Barbara Four Seasons brings the Riviera stateside.
Downtown Santa Barbara
The French Riviera is quite likely on most people's bucket lists.  The amazing area promises an exotic destination with incredible possibilities.  Chic Santa Barbara seems to offer much of the same things; wine and recreation, art, culture, shopping and not to mention delectable restaurants and serene spas.  This phenomenal location tempts travelers to sit back and stay awhile.  There is so much to see and do in California's remarkable Santa Barbara.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Perfect Portofino

When you think of a small Italian fishing village a few things may come to mind; quaint buildings, rustic boats bobbing in the water and friendly people strolling through the cobblestone streets.  This is exactly what you will find in this picturesque Italian town.  But along with these somewhat cliche assumptions you will also discover boutique shops, extravagant restaurants, the jet set travelers and yachts bigger than some homes.  Portofino has been the destination for the rich and famous since the end of the 19th century, and still today it plays host to some impressive people.  But with the wealth and sophistication also comes tradition and old world charm.  Travel to Portofino and catch a glimpse of a chic and dreamy Italian seaside getaway.

Hotel Splendido
When heading to such a trendy locale you'll definitely want to stay in a stylish hotel.  It really doesn't get much better than the Hotel Splendido and Hotel Mare.  Considered one of the most exclusive hotels in Portofino, the Splendido is nestled on the hillside overlooking the breathtaking bay.  This impressive location offers impeccable service and amenities combined with a laid back feel.  This informal atmosphere offers outdoor dining with magical views and a relaxing pool that will wash away your worries.  The Splendido Mare is a recent extension of the Hotel Splendido but is located in the heart of this fairytale city.  It's location provides perfect access to shopping, restaurants and a vibrant nightlife.  Most of the gorgeous rooms showcase an unforgettable view of the harbor and the Castle of San Giogio.  The Splendido Mare is just a 5 minute walk to the main hotel so the amenities located in both locations are easily accessed no matter where you stay.   WhatAHotel! presents this extraordinary resort and offers up additional exclusive benefits and perks that will make us stand out from other travel sites.  So book with us and stay in a hotel that makes you feel like royalty.  Fine dining and guaranteed opulence are offered up at Hotel Splendido and Splendido Mare.  Check out WhatAHotel! and check in at Hotel Splendido.

If the mere thought of Italian food makes your mouth water than get ready to indulge.  With wealth comes the expectation of divine food and gorgeous restaurants.  Portofino promises exquisite dining throughout this alluring village.  The smell of fresh basil drifts through the streets and calls to shoppers to sit and dine.  Tempt yourself with rich cream sauces, fresh fish or some delicious breads and cheeses.  Look around and find a hole in the wall cafe or a stunning high end restaurant and realize you won't leave hungry at either location.  Dine inside and experience candle light and beautiful interiors or dine alfresco and enjoy the warm air and lovely views.  Portofino will delight your taste buds with fabulous foods and wines.

Shopping is always a high priority when traveling.  People love to peruse the shops and boutiques and bring home something wonderful from their travels.  High end lines are housed here and offer up some elegant and fashionable shopping.  Louis Vuitton and Armani have lovely stores in Portofino, but you can also find local shops that sell pottery, beach wear and other regional goods.  If you adore fashion and the latest styles and trends, Portofino promises to provide the perfect setting to shop to your hearts content.
Spend your days laying by the pool and taking in the warm sea breeze, or walk leisurely through the old city streets.  Visit the ancient castles, churches, parks and other local landmarks and get to really know the city of Portofino.  Fall in love with the city that so many others before you have lost their heart to.  Discover the old world charm that is beautifully meshed with modern chic here in Portofino, Italy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Awesome Aspen

Aspen, Colorado
Ski season has begun and as you read this people are searching for the perfect ski city to ensure a pristine and epic ski adventure.  One of the most elite yet still attainable places to travel to is Aspen, Colorado.  This chic ski community is full of posh boutiques, elegant restaurants and luxurious hotels.  A place where it isn't uncommon to have a celebrity sighting while strolling through the quaint village.  But just because Aspen attracts the rich and the famous does not mean it isn't for everyone.  Head to Aspen and discover that there is plenty to do and see no matter what your age or financial status. 
The Little Nell
If anything, this city exudes class and is why
Aspen is easily considered a trendy destination.  There is the distinct possibility that you will actually see your favorite movie star, either heading into town for a bite to eat or catching a ride on the chair lift to tempt fate on one of the stunning, albeit dangerous mountain slopes.  Because of the regularity of celebrity and wealthy tourists vacationing here, Aspen has become a hot spot for shopping, nightclubs and some very exclusive restaurants.  If this is your scene, make sure you pack your fur wrap and your designer jeans and get ready to flash your style.  
If becoming one with the earth is more your thing, Aspen can still be the perfect place for you.  Get ready to head out for a bit of excitement and a break from the everyday.  Even though this city loves the extravagance and indulgence some of its guests desire, there is still a relaxed and laid back community here.  Check in with some of the locals and it won't be hard to find some impressive and untouched powder.  You may have to venture a bit out of the main resort area, but you will not be disappointed.  The outdoors is calling, head to Aspen and find your inner mother nature. 
Hotel Jerome
So we've discussed the charms of Aspen when it comes to the wealthy and the purists, but what about families?  Although it may be difficult to believe, this elegant city is also a fabulous destination for couples with children.  Every morning the ski school classes are filled to the brim with over eager children and ultra enthusiastic instructors ready to teach their pupils the art of winter sports.  Resorts teach, feed and care for even the youngest skier while parents are given a bit of a reprieve to hit the slopes by themselves.  That alone might sound like heaven on earth to parents that are usually closely watched by their loving little ones.  So if you love snow and are ready to pass on that admiration to your young, know that Aspen is ready and willing to fulfill that desire.
St. Regis Resort
If all of the character that Aspen provides makes you ready to plan your next winter vacation, know that at WhatAHotel! we showcase the Best Hotels in Aspen and promise impeccable service and impressive amenities.  Peruse through our fantastic resorts and know that if you book with us, you will receive EXCLUSIVE COMPLIMENTARY PERKS that will absolutely differentiate us from other travel sites.  Hotel Jerome offers an everlasting sophistication that rivals most other boutique hotels.  St. Regis Resort, Aspen has an ideal location with unforgettable quality and service, and last but never least The Little Nell resort is the only ski in/ski out hotel in the city and promises tranquility and superior comfort.  Whatever your choice, be assured that we will offer you top-notch accommodations that will guarantee a sensational get away. 
This exclusive city plays host to celebrity royalty and wealthy upper class citizens, but don't be surprised to find the slopes full of pint sized snow lovers and earthy ski enthusiasts.  Whatever category best suits your spirit, head to Aspen and experience a truly awesome adventure.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Book Now or Never

It may be hard to believe, but the winter holiday season is upon us.  If you are planning on traveling out of town or out of the country this year, you had better start planning.  The travel industry is declaring that sales have already doubled from last years numbers, giving travel experts the idea that it's going to be a busy season.    Although this is great news for the U.S. economy, travelers need to think ahead.  Book your flights and/or hotel room now because delays could mean paying exorbitant prices, or even worse, getting stuck at home.

New York City Rockefeller Center
Christmas and New Years Eve fall on a Tuesday this year, giving travelers 11 days of prime travel time, last year there were only 9 days.  With this additional time to get away, customers are looking to go further or stay longer once they arrive.  This opens up the possibility for hotels and airlines to take advantage of the situation and entice tourists to spend their holidays with them.  At WhatAHotel! we can book your trip and offer incentives and perks that other online travel agencies can not propose.  New York is the top destination in the United States this year, and we can offer up some fabulous finds in the Big Apple.  Check out the Best Hotels in New York and find some exclusive and complimentary perks that will ensure a magical holiday get-away.  Even though hurricane Sandy plundered the city, most sites are back up and running giving people hope that New York will be ready for the holiday season.  Just remember to book now, because some hotels are already sold out and others are getting close.  If a destination holiday is more what you had in mind, Cancun, Mexico is the hot locale.  Hotel room bookings are on the increase in this area, which means the rates go up too.  Don't worry though, WhatAHotel! is ready to help you find that perfect Cancun hotel for your tropical holiday.  The Best Hotels in Cancun will showcase amazing amenities, luxurious rooms and suites and exceptional service.  Check out the exclusive extras we provide and treat yourself to a restful, relaxing and exotic holiday.

Holiday in Cancun
Hotels are not the only part of the travel industry seeing impressive sales.  The airlines are already showing record demand which means price increases.  If you still haven't booked your flight for Thanksgiving, get ready to spend a little bit more to be able to enjoy Aunt Mable's cranberry sauce.  The airline industry didn't increase the quantity of flights or seats from last year but the number of bookings has gone up.  So, if you can find a flight to your desired destination, it most likely will not be cheap.  The tickets for Christmas aren't quite as pricey yet, but if you wait too long the trends are showing that the cost for your Christmas ticket will also be sizable.  Book now and save a bit of cash.
Even though you are still consuming the Halloween candy, time has not stood still.  Get a plan together for your holiday travel and book now.  WhatAHotel! wants to make sure your holiday stay is full of excitement and everlasting memories.  

Friday, November 9, 2012

Argentina's Wine Country

Mendoza, Argentina

In recent years, Argentina has begun to make a name for itself in the wine community.  The old favorites, France, Germany, Spain and the U.S. are still top producers, but South America is bringing to the table a number of fabulous and substantial wines that are quickly becoming a favorite among many wine enthusiasts.  The center of this craze is the city of Mendoza.  Known as Argentina's wine country, it also plays a significant roll in tourism.  The ancient European settlers may have introduced the art of winemaking to the Argentinian people, but today they are truly making it their own. 
Vineyard in Mendoza Region
The grapes of the area are unique and help to create a signature taste for the wine of the region.  Torrontes, Semillon, Syrah, Tempranillo are all popular types, but Argentina's signature grape is Malbec.  Heading here you may want to familiarize yourself with the famed grapes, or you can come ready to taste and learn, either way you won't be disappointed.  Once you arrive you will find that Mendoza is home to more than a thousand wineries.  Most welcome tourists to get up close and personal with the wine making process and love to share their secrets, philosophies and a even a glass of wine.  With most tours being free of charge, the winery owners hope that you will spend your money on some wine to bring home to share with your friends.  Tasting rooms can be found in the city where you can relish the lovely bouquet and learn the subtle or obvious differences of the Argentinian wines.
Although wine is the major draw for Mendoza, the city does find many adventure seekers heading to this thrilling city to experience some heart-pounding excitement.  Here you can find world-class hiking, biking, and fishing, as well as rafting, skiing and horseback riding.  With so much activity offered within a short drive from the downtown area, it is easy to see why travelers seeking stimulating excursions would find Mendoza attractive.  Go hiking one day and stroll through a vineyard the next, inspiration for action packed days and wine filled nights can be found in Mendoza.
Park Hyatt Mendoza
The sophistication of the wine is matched only by the elegance of the Park Hyatt Mendoza Hotel.  This 19th century Spanish colonial has been restored to showcase an alluring interior and an enchanting exterior.  Nestled in the heart of the metro area, Park Hyatt is the perfect distance to the airport, vineyards and ski resorts.  Select a room with an unforgettable view of the Andes and get ready to relax.  Head to the Kuau Club and Spa to find the perfect spot to rest and improve your personal well-being.  Because Mendoza's culture is so richly steeped in wine and grapes, the spa menu displays several treatments that have incorporated this regional specialty.  Once you're relaxed, head to the on-site casino and try your luck at one of the 22 gaming tables.  When hunger strikes, this resort is ready to feed your soul.  Divine restaurants and lounges are located on the premises and promise delectable meals paired with, of course, some fantastic wine.  Book your stay at Park Hyatt Mendoza through WhatAHotel! and receive complimentary perks that will set us apart from the other online travel sites.  Rest assured that your stay in Mendoza will be remarkable.
Mendoza is the center of the wine universe in Argentina, and the wine that is produced in this area is absolutely amazing.  People can have an infatuation with wine and travelers love to journey to a destination where it is created and admired.  As somebody once said, "Life is too short to drink bad wine."  Come to Mendoza, Argentina and be prepared to taste some unbelievable vino!