Thursday, November 29, 2012

Abu Dhabi Chic

Abu Dhabi
The sand is scorching and the sun can be relentless, however rising up in the middle of the desert is what can only be described as an oasis.  For years Dubai has claimed the top spot in trendy travel when heading to the United Arab Emirates.  Today a new iconic skyline is being built, and is giving U.A.E's favorite city a run for its money.  Travel to Abu Dhabi where new hotels and resorts are being built and luxury and elegance are guaranteed.
The Middle East is known as an exotic vacation destination and is fast becoming a locale for the jet set all over the world.  With Dubai making a name for itself it's not surprising that Abu Dhabi is vying for some of the attention, some of the travelers and some of the tourism dollars.  Architects and hoteliers are heading here to erect impressive museums, contemporary structures and extravagant hotels.  Because Abu Dhabi is home to almost all of the countries oil, it's only fair that it stakes some of the claim on the country's glamour. 

Emirates Palace
Abu Dhabi is such an opulent destination, and because of this the hotels that are going up are just as fabulous as the city that surrounds them.  Grand resorts and hotels sit amongst the eloquent and lush grounds.  Some don a contemporary facade while others display a majestic regal appearance.  Emirates Palace is an enchanting resort that will make you feel like you are  part of the royal family.  Technology and comfort can be found whether you book one of the 302 Grand rooms or one of the 92 sumptuous suites.  Taste the exotic flavors offered at the mouth-watering restaurants or rejuvenate your spirit at The Anatara Spa.  Emirates Palace strives to make you feel as distinguished as the city itself.  If you are searching for luxury in a more modern setting, check in at Rocco Forte Abu Dhabi and experience gleaming colorful glass and the stylish and authentic design of this new hotel.  Fabulous service and unbridled amenities can be found here as well as the promise of top of the line facilities.  Discover a true culinary experience at one of the distinctive restaurants or find balance at the Mizan Spa.  A definite appeal can be found at all of the Best Hotels in Abu Dhabi and by booking with WhatAHotel! you will receive exclusive complimentary perks that make us stand out from other online travel sites.  Book your trip to the United Arab Emirates and get ready to live the good life.
Rocco Forte Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi is home to boutique shopping, an intriguing culture, a multitude of marvelous restaurants and many thrilling activities.  Travel to Abu Dhabi will be anything but boring.  Stay at one of the Best Hotels in Abu Dhabi and discover a lavish lifestyle.  Abu Dhabi, it may not be the most famous city in U.A.E, but it is fast becoming a favorite.

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