Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Awesome Aspen

Aspen, Colorado
Ski season has begun and as you read this people are searching for the perfect ski city to ensure a pristine and epic ski adventure.  One of the most elite yet still attainable places to travel to is Aspen, Colorado.  This chic ski community is full of posh boutiques, elegant restaurants and luxurious hotels.  A place where it isn't uncommon to have a celebrity sighting while strolling through the quaint village.  But just because Aspen attracts the rich and the famous does not mean it isn't for everyone.  Head to Aspen and discover that there is plenty to do and see no matter what your age or financial status. 
The Little Nell
If anything, this city exudes class and is why
Aspen is easily considered a trendy destination.  There is the distinct possibility that you will actually see your favorite movie star, either heading into town for a bite to eat or catching a ride on the chair lift to tempt fate on one of the stunning, albeit dangerous mountain slopes.  Because of the regularity of celebrity and wealthy tourists vacationing here, Aspen has become a hot spot for shopping, nightclubs and some very exclusive restaurants.  If this is your scene, make sure you pack your fur wrap and your designer jeans and get ready to flash your style.  
If becoming one with the earth is more your thing, Aspen can still be the perfect place for you.  Get ready to head out for a bit of excitement and a break from the everyday.  Even though this city loves the extravagance and indulgence some of its guests desire, there is still a relaxed and laid back community here.  Check in with some of the locals and it won't be hard to find some impressive and untouched powder.  You may have to venture a bit out of the main resort area, but you will not be disappointed.  The outdoors is calling, head to Aspen and find your inner mother nature. 
Hotel Jerome
So we've discussed the charms of Aspen when it comes to the wealthy and the purists, but what about families?  Although it may be difficult to believe, this elegant city is also a fabulous destination for couples with children.  Every morning the ski school classes are filled to the brim with over eager children and ultra enthusiastic instructors ready to teach their pupils the art of winter sports.  Resorts teach, feed and care for even the youngest skier while parents are given a bit of a reprieve to hit the slopes by themselves.  That alone might sound like heaven on earth to parents that are usually closely watched by their loving little ones.  So if you love snow and are ready to pass on that admiration to your young, know that Aspen is ready and willing to fulfill that desire.
St. Regis Resort
If all of the character that Aspen provides makes you ready to plan your next winter vacation, know that at WhatAHotel! we showcase the Best Hotels in Aspen and promise impeccable service and impressive amenities.  Peruse through our fantastic resorts and know that if you book with us, you will receive EXCLUSIVE COMPLIMENTARY PERKS that will absolutely differentiate us from other travel sites.  Hotel Jerome offers an everlasting sophistication that rivals most other boutique hotels.  St. Regis Resort, Aspen has an ideal location with unforgettable quality and service, and last but never least The Little Nell resort is the only ski in/ski out hotel in the city and promises tranquility and superior comfort.  Whatever your choice, be assured that we will offer you top-notch accommodations that will guarantee a sensational get away. 
This exclusive city plays host to celebrity royalty and wealthy upper class citizens, but don't be surprised to find the slopes full of pint sized snow lovers and earthy ski enthusiasts.  Whatever category best suits your spirit, head to Aspen and experience a truly awesome adventure.

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