Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cape Grace is Cape Town Fabulous

Cape Grace
Traveling to some places is considered a dream come true, and Cape Town, South Africa is one such place.  Located in southern Africa, this truly beautiful and romantic setting promises views of the mountains and of the crystal waters of the Atlantic.  Table Mountain is found here and is by far the most famous sight to see and with one look travelers discover why.  This mountain is absolutely gorgeous, rising out of the middle of the city and surrounded by fluffy clouds.  Table Mountain also divides the city into specific areas that include public gardens, forests,  vineyards and impressive homes.  Situated in this lovely city is another notable landmark, Cape Grace Hotel.  Considered by some as one of the world's most legendary hotels, WhatAHotel! offers up exclusive deals to make this prime spot even more amazing.  Head to Cape Town and enjoy what just might be the trip of a lifetime.
Cape Grace is a boutique hotel and displays a creative environment that starts with its interior design and continues into its sophisticated restaurants.  With views of the iconic Table Mountain and situated in the city's waterfront district, warmth and hospitality can be found at the stylish Cape Grace.  World Class luxury awaits in South Africa.
Interior of Cape Grace
Upon arrival to Cape Grace, you immediately recognize the uniqueness of this waterfront hotel.  Comfort and drama envelope the interior.  Hand painted fabrics, interesting antiques and Cape Town artifacts can be found here and bring character to the environment.  Hand made metalwork, magnificent woodwork, contemporary glass and leather all mesh perfectly to create a very chic appearance.  Cape Grace has also utilized local artisans to create masterpieces that reflect the city that surrounds the hotel.  Modern amenities and old world charm, traditional stripes mixed with pretty florals all help to establish the ultimate look and feel.  Combine the lush interiors with the fantastic views and prepare to fall in love.  One step into Cape Grace and you will immediately understand why this location is world renowned. 
One very memorable service at Cape Grace is the ceremony of afternoon tea held daily in what the hotel calls the Library.  This comfortable and classy room serves up several different types of tea and some mouthwatering menu items.  Have a meal or a light snack and enjoy this time honored ritual.  Another option that will not disappoint is the Signal Restaurant.  With a number of impressive awards and recognitions, this restaurants offers up local fare and flavors and a menu that will deliver tempting dishes.  Visiting Cape Town should always include a tour of a winery or at least a tasting of some local wines.  Cape Grace makes this easy by offering a wine bar.  The Bascule Whisky, Wine and Cocktail Bar exhibits a sliver of the excitement found in urban area that envelopes the hotel.  Enjoy breakfast, a coffee break, or possibly a light lunch during the day.  However when night falls the bar turns into a glamorous space full of the socialites in the area and connoisseurs of fine drink.  Whisky tasting or wine tasting, The Bascule gives you the ultimate setting with the ultimate menu to absolutely enjoy your evening.
View of Cape Grace
When traveling to such an exceptional hotel, some spa time should definitely be on the itinerary.  Cape Grace offers up another winner, The Spa at Cape Grace.  Located on the top floor of the hotel providing stunning views of the city, mountains and water, this spa is truly marvelous.  Therapies and treatments will help relax guests and promise tranquility and pampering.  The treatments offered here are inspired by the South African people, the flora of the area and the remedies found in the heritage of the people.  Relieve your stress in this truly lovely spa. 
With so many amazing amenities, Cape Grace makes it difficult to even want to leave long enough to explore the amazing city that encompasses the hotel grounds.  Known as one of the best hotels in the world, book your stay with WhatAHotel! and receive additional benefits and perks that will ensure your trip will be fantastic.  Cape Town, South Africa is home to a true gem.  Excellence and elegance await at The Cape Grace Hotel.

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