Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day 2012

It's Election Day in the United States and citizens all over the country are heading to their polling place to cast their ballot.  With long lines and determined voters, this amazing country is exercising their right to vote.  Although precincts and states may have a certain race that is capturing the attention of their people, the entire country is looking toward the national election to see who will be the next President of the United States.  Do we re-elect President Obama or appoint a new leader, Mitt Romney?  At the end of the day, we may or may not know who our next president will be, but if you cast your ballot today your voice was heard. 
President Obama was able to vote early in his hometown of Chicago last month and today he stays in this magnificent city and reaches out to the swing states via radio and television interviews.  Meanwhile Mitt Romney cast his ballot in Bedford, Mass this morning and then will head to Ohio and Pennsylvania for some last minute campaigning.  When all is said and done, the candidates will end up at their chosen destinations to watch the results trickle in as the polls close.  Obama will be holding his election night festivities in Chicago, and Romney will be holding his celebration in Boston.  With these two cities being in the limelight tonight, it is no surprise that both locations are overflowing with media, supporters and campaign volunteers.  Take a look at what both Chicago and Boston have to offer and you can decide if the candidate and the town are both winners. 
Chicago, Illinois
Chicago is a big city with Midwestern hospitality.  Known as the windy city, this trendy metro area is nestled by Lake Michigan and offers up a city life mixed with lakeside living.  Full of art, culture and world-class hotels and restaurants, people travel here for both business and pleasure but easily become captivated by the energy this stunning city exudes.  Head to Michigan Avenue and shop til you drop at some high-end boutiques as well as well-known chain stores.  Take some time at Navy Pier where abundant activities await regardless of the time of year.  Finally, don't hesitate to work up an appetite, as Chicago is well-known for not only its unforgettable pizza, but some pretty delicious and impressive restaurants.  Stay at one of the Best Hotels in Chicago and your trip will be complete perfection.  The excitement of the election may be electrifying the city today, but whenever you travel to Chicago, the spirit is always captivating.   
Boston, Massachusetts
Boston is a historic city and no doubt this election brings a feeling of exuberance and quite possibly a feeling of nostalgia to its people.  Because Boston is a patriotic locale with a past steeped in this country's creation, the people of the metro and surrounding areas have a sense of pride and duty.  Travel here and be ready to visit landmarks that you read about in your days studying American history in school.  Stroll through the same city streets that were once occupied by some of the country's greatest leaders, or visit the famous bar where "everybody knows your name."  The food is amazing,  the people are friendly and the hotels are luxurious.  Book a room in one of the Best Hotels in Boston and get ready to experience true sophistication.  Head to Boston and see the pride and honor the city exhibits all year round.
As the candidates make their plea to the last minute voters, make sure you go out and do your civic duty.  As the polls close, take a look at Chicago and Boston and watch how both represent their candidates and their people.  Vote America, and let the government hear your voice. 

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