Monday, November 12, 2012

Book Now or Never

It may be hard to believe, but the winter holiday season is upon us.  If you are planning on traveling out of town or out of the country this year, you had better start planning.  The travel industry is declaring that sales have already doubled from last years numbers, giving travel experts the idea that it's going to be a busy season.    Although this is great news for the U.S. economy, travelers need to think ahead.  Book your flights and/or hotel room now because delays could mean paying exorbitant prices, or even worse, getting stuck at home.

New York City Rockefeller Center
Christmas and New Years Eve fall on a Tuesday this year, giving travelers 11 days of prime travel time, last year there were only 9 days.  With this additional time to get away, customers are looking to go further or stay longer once they arrive.  This opens up the possibility for hotels and airlines to take advantage of the situation and entice tourists to spend their holidays with them.  At WhatAHotel! we can book your trip and offer incentives and perks that other online travel agencies can not propose.  New York is the top destination in the United States this year, and we can offer up some fabulous finds in the Big Apple.  Check out the Best Hotels in New York and find some exclusive and complimentary perks that will ensure a magical holiday get-away.  Even though hurricane Sandy plundered the city, most sites are back up and running giving people hope that New York will be ready for the holiday season.  Just remember to book now, because some hotels are already sold out and others are getting close.  If a destination holiday is more what you had in mind, Cancun, Mexico is the hot locale.  Hotel room bookings are on the increase in this area, which means the rates go up too.  Don't worry though, WhatAHotel! is ready to help you find that perfect Cancun hotel for your tropical holiday.  The Best Hotels in Cancun will showcase amazing amenities, luxurious rooms and suites and exceptional service.  Check out the exclusive extras we provide and treat yourself to a restful, relaxing and exotic holiday.

Holiday in Cancun
Hotels are not the only part of the travel industry seeing impressive sales.  The airlines are already showing record demand which means price increases.  If you still haven't booked your flight for Thanksgiving, get ready to spend a little bit more to be able to enjoy Aunt Mable's cranberry sauce.  The airline industry didn't increase the quantity of flights or seats from last year but the number of bookings has gone up.  So, if you can find a flight to your desired destination, it most likely will not be cheap.  The tickets for Christmas aren't quite as pricey yet, but if you wait too long the trends are showing that the cost for your Christmas ticket will also be sizable.  Book now and save a bit of cash.
Even though you are still consuming the Halloween candy, time has not stood still.  Get a plan together for your holiday travel and book now.  WhatAHotel! wants to make sure your holiday stay is full of excitement and everlasting memories.  

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