Thursday, November 8, 2012

Magnificent Myanmar

Myanmar is an exotic and politically charged area of the world.  Located near China and Thailand, this country has spent decades being sanctioned and shunned by U.S. officials due to it's military rule and disregard for democracy.  Recently however, Myanmar has worked hard to reform their savage ways.  Even last year secretary of state Hilary Clinton visited the intriguing country, starting up the relations between the U.S. and Myanmar.  Now that our elections are over, our soon to be two-term president is planning a trip to this embattled country.  Plans for President Obama to head out and meet with reformist leaders in hopes that this country can once again welcome American trade and tourists.  This is an exciting time for the people of Myanmar, the economy is struggling and if tourists can start to feel comfortable heading here, then there is a good chance the influx of money from travelers will help the tormented economic situation.  Take a look at Yangon, Myanmar and be enticed by its beauty, elegance and style. 
Great Dragon Pagoda
Yangon used to be the capital of the country, but lost that title in 2005.  It is still a business hub and welcomes international travelers on a daily basis.  The downtown area is well known for it's lush city streets and interesting historic architecture.  Although somewhat dilapidated, these buildings still hold character and cultural significance to the city in which they reside.  Take time to visit the Shwedagon Pagoda also known as the Great Dragon Pagoda.  This gilded structure is a sacred Buddhist pagoda and home to many Burmese relics.  Another awe-inspiring destination is Karaweik-Palace on Kandawgyi Lake.  This "barge" is a stunning building housing conference rooms and a buffet style restaurant.  Its unique setting makes it a definite must-see.  Memorials, museums and parks all call Yangon home, so make a plan to stroll the streets or take a guided tour around town.  You will not be disappointed by the captivating sites in magnificent Yangon.
The Governor's Residence
When heading to Yangon in Myanmar, The Governor's Residence is the place you want to stay.  This striking 1920's mansion is made up of teak and is simply elegant.  Surrounding the hotel are lotus ponds, gorgeous gardens and a divine swimming pool.  Enjoy your afternoon tea in style at one of the garden verandas.  Although this destination may seem secluded and quiet, it is still close to many of the local attractions.  Head to the restaurant, bar or lounge and enjoy a blend of Asian and European inspired dishes.  Sip wine and relax either inside in the majestic surroundings and sophisticated decor or outdoors on the tranquil patio.  Massage treatments, cooking demonstrations as well as excursions and tours will keep you busy during your time in Myanmar.  Journey to the alluring city of Yangon and enjoy the hospitality and graciousness of the staff at The Governor's Residence.  Remember to book with WhatAHotel! as we offer our guests something remarkable, EXCLUSIVE COMPLIMENTARY PERKS.   This helps to differentiate us from our competitors and provides an outstanding service to our customers.  The Governor's Residence and WhatAHotel! are the perfect pair to help create an unforgettable experience in Yangon. 
This spectacular city may have struggled in the past, but its fabulous people and beautiful landscape will seduce travelers.  Come to Yangon and see some exceptional sites, meet some remarkable people and stay in an enduring hotel.

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