Monday, November 5, 2012

Majestic Milan

Milan, Italy
Who doesn't want to travel to Italy?  The country is full of history, culture, art, fashion, food and romance.  Pretty much something for everyone.  Milan is a truly beautiful location, one of Italy's most chic cities, and one of Europe's most elite.  Home to the famous Last Supper painting, La Scala Opera House, a sophisticated fashion and shopping community and an electric cultural setting, Milan beckons the trendy traveler and promises a magical vacation destination.  Come to Majestic Milan and experience Italy's finest.
When you talk about traveling to Milan, you have to talk about shopping.  Milan is a fashion lovers dream destination where the style savvy can find gorgeous clothing, shoes and accessories.  Boutiques feel right at home here, so make sure you plan for at least a day of retail therapy.  The area around via della Spiga, called Quadrilatero d'Oro is a must see for exclusive finds in this posh city.  Corso Buenos Aires is where you go if looking for chain type stores, and markets are located around the city's canals.  Bring your spending money and possibly your "Gold Card" and get ready to immerse yourself in the fashionable Milan.
Italian food is often considered comfort food.  Rich, creamy and bursting with flavor, people come to Italy ready to be enveloped in the savory dishes and delicious wines of the region.  Is it any wonder that the restaurants in Milan are just as "favoloso" as the city itself?  Dine in any of the upscale restaurants run by famous chefs and enjoy creative dishes that will guarantee true ecstasy, or visit one of the quaint cafes that line the historic city streets and enjoy traditional Italian fare.  Either way you will be sure to have fantastic food that will be unforgettable.  Because Italy is also just as well-known for it's wine as it's food, be sure to enjoy a robust Cabernet or Chianti.  From pizza to penne all'arrabbiata to pesce a scabecciu, know that your meal will be anything but ordinary in Milan.

Four Seasons Hotel
Europe is rich in history and culture and Milan is not different.  Dating back to the 6th century BC, Milan has evolved but has not forgotten it's roots.  With a destination that is steeped in so much history, it is easy to find landmarks and historical sites that will leave you reeling.  There are a number of stunning cathedrals and churches to visit as well as art museums featuring priceless masterpieces.    Santa Maria della Grazie is home to Da Vinci's Last Supper and with a reservation you can spend some time taking in the lovely fresco that survived a bombing in 1943.  Spend some time asking around for the best places to visit, the lovely people of the city are thrilled to give you advice on what and where to visit.  Castles, parks and monuments are waiting to capture your interest in this authentic old city.

Uptown Palace
In a metro area as elegant as Milan, there are obviously a number of luxurious hotels available for tourists.  At WhatAHotel! we help create a selection of hotels that will offer you a glimpse of sophistication, style and modern amenities.  Check in at Four Seasons Hotel Milano and stay in a historical yet couture establishment.  This dazzling hotel was a 15th century convent and has been transformed into a serene and dashing location.  Experience old world style mixed with impressive and plush furnishings.  Dine in the award winning restaurants housed inside this grand hotel, or soak away stress at the sleek spa retreat.  If you are looking for ultra modern accommodations, check in at Uptown Palace in the heart of Milan.  This contemporary hotel offers style and warmth in everything they do.  The distinguished rooms and restaurants promise splendor and excellence,  nothing at Uptown Palace is anything less than perfection.  Visit any of the Best Hotels in Milan and be ready to step into a swank hotel with gratifying service and amenities.
Tourists flock to Italy to see the sites, experience the culture and definitely to devour the food.  With so many outstanding urban areas and rural retreats, deciding on one location is difficult.  Milan promises to show you the world, all wrapped up in the perfect package.  Spectacular architectural elements meshed with legendary sights and sounds will make this destination positively memorable.  Visit Milan and become entranced by it's beauty and grace. 

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