Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post Election Travel Destination

To most Americans, the best thing about Election Day is simply that the election is finally over.  No more TV, newspaper or radio ads inundating us with he said she said innuendos.  Whether Republican or Democrat, at the end of the day we are all Americans.  As a proud citizen we have rights, and one of those fabulous rights might just be the right to remain mobile, the ability to head out on a journey and see the world.  Okay, so that isn't technically a right, but it is a desire.  At WhatAHotel! we are ready to help you select your next vacation destination, away from the stress and requirements of everyday life.  Get ready to pack your bags America, we're going on a trip!
So now that the political ads are over, where should you go?  Possibly somewhere warm with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and a frozen cocktail.  Take a peak at the Best Hotels in the Caribbean.  Short flight time but perfect weather make any of our top-notch hotels a perfect selection.  On the right hand side of the screen we showcase regional specials at some of the most luxurious hotels in the area.  Maybe check out Four Seasons Nevis where the warm waters will entice and delight.  As a Four Seasons Preferred Partner we share a commitment with Four Seasons to provide unparalleled service and accommodations.  This partnership combined with the already unbelievable exclusive special for the hotel will make this trip a true treasure.
Paris, France
If sun and sand aren't what you had in mind, what about a bit of culture and history wrapped up with sophistication and glamour?  Check out the Best Hotels in Europe and find a destination that will take your breath away.  Again Four Season invites our guests to experience a plethora of regional perks, from Dublin to Prague.  Visit the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel Canary Wharf and experience the electricity of being in the center of London's east end.  If London isn't calling, maybe look into Italy, Hungary, Spain or France.  All of these amazing cities are overflowing with charm.  Cobblestone streets, ancient cathedrals and art that you have only read about.  Europe is rich in history but also full of modern style.  Chic restaurants, posh boutiques and lively nightclubs are scattered all over this amazing continent.  Come to Europe and venture upon unrivaled adventures. 
Hong Kong
Still searching for an idea that gets your blood pumping?  Look at Asia and the Pacific for some truly remarkable travel destinations.  The Best hotels in China, Japan or even Tahiti are ready and waiting to welcome you.  Experience a proud culture, extraordinary food and sites and sounds unlike anything you may have seen before.  Four Seasons Bora Bora is offering up exclusive specials and Bora Bora will never disappoint.  The lovely island awaits.  Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou is yet another spectacular hotel that will invite complete gratification.  This picturesque location is tranquil and intimate yet also exudes modern convenience.  Head to the South Pacific or a hip exciting city in Asia and prepare to be pampered.
Last night your candidate might have won or lost, but hopefully now that the political ads are over your mind will be free to think, imagine and envision something other than party lines or political mishaps.  At WhatAHotel! we promote exceptional hotels and resorts that will promise your stay will be forever captured in your mind. 

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